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Barack Obama to Ask Congress for $2 Billion in Tax Payer Money to Fix Illegal Aliens Problem Because He Wouldn’t Enforce the Law

Talk about Cloward and Piven on immigration… Reuters is reporting that Barack Obama will ask Congress for more than $2 billion to deal with the influx of illegal alien children that are flooding our borders. First, he doesn't enforce the law that would stop this mess, now he's demanding that we pay for it!

The flood of illegals coming across our southern border has overwhelmed Border Patrol to the point where they are no longer even attempting to stop the invasion (Yes, that's what it is) of illegal aliens coming into the United States.

could this be the place?


Okay--so this is not an important subject, but I posted a week ago about trying to find out the name of a Toledo-area reception hall (no longer in business) that used to have a gazebo outside with peacocks roaming around.

Someone suggested the name of the hall was Berman's. I think that may be it. Does anyone have memories of where Berman's was? A description of the hall and its surroundings?


Good idea here:

Let the people in this area help. And this time, we butt out!

"The law can't change a man's heart"..Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King

Transcript of speech by Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Dartmouth, May 23, 1962

Tim Walberg: Fossil Fuel Neanderthal


members of the UT board of trustees are the jon stainbrooks of education

Joe Zerbey, president and general manager for The Blade and the chairman of the University of Toledo Board of Trustees, in an article in the newspaper has denied that UT President Lloyd Jacobs was asked to leave. This is the latest chapter in what are the bizarre occurrences of the UT Board and its administration.

1) Jacobs, who reveled in his power at UT, just decides that he's going to accept an unpaid fellowship at the Council on Competitiveness. (As an aside, the CEO of that Council was the UT commencement speaker in May.) In the meantime, Jacobs refuses to talk to the media about this decision. Doesn't seem like the type of reaction you would get from someone who is voluntarily leaving.

2) If this was just a matter of Jacobs bowing out early from his contract, why was a new 13-page agreement needed to define the terms of his departure? Along with the more than $1 million severance package, the contract includes a stipulation that the Board won't speak negatively of Jacobs--and vice versa. The implication is that there is a fear on one or both of the parties' parts that this would be likely to happen. What "goods" do they have on each other--and as a public institution, shouldn't we be allowed to know?

I'm just like you

Of course to come hang out with you will require lots of vehicles, many security people, jet fuel to fly out here, expensive hotel stays, and inconvenience to everyone else. But hey it will look like he's doing something while the GDP falls.

Hi, everyone --
Yesterday, I had lunch with a woman named Rebekah at Matt's Bar in Minneapolis.
Rebekah wrote me a letter earlier this spring telling me about the challenges facing her family. More and more, she told me, she and her husband are working harder and harder just to get by.
So I decided to reply to her letter in person.

Jazz Society, African-American Historical Museum, Toledo-Lucas County Library?


Why haven't any of these groups stepped forward to save this house? It is the boyhood home of Art Tatum perhaps the greatest Jazz pianist to have ever lived. It's at City Park and Woodland

Liberal-Quality Of Life


Here's one small example of what liberals call quality of life. This is the splash pad at Savage Park on Vance St. near Nebraska. These were taken today at 2:50p when the temp was 78 degrees and it was muggy. Sounds like a perfect time to take advantage of a free quality of life service from your friendly neighborhood Democrats. Each year the pools lose money, this is why.

Gun Control through the U.N.

President Obama having made repeated suggestions that he would mandate gun restrictions through Executive Order should state and federal legislatures fail to act.

Justices limit cellphone searches after arrests

In a strong defense of digital age privacy, a unanimous Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that police may not generally search the cellphones of people they arrest without first getting search warrants.


Romanian-American Ex KGB agent explains fake border crisis to Americans who are beginning to wake up

Thought this article by this guy was fascinating. We are watching this unfold before our eyes, and Americans ARE waking up. But maybe a little too slowly:


Public comment invited on Col. James Schoonmaker interior paint and woodwork restoration project

The City of Toledo is making plans for the next phase of restoration for the historic Col. James Schoonmaker which is now part of the “National Museum of the Great Lakes” that opened this spring on the east side of the Maumee River. Grant funding has been secured to paint interior spaces located on three decks of the ship including: the Engine Room, Boiler Room, Fidley, Windless Room, Dunnage Room and Foreword Crews Quarters. Other work includes: restoration of fumed oak paneling, trim work and ceiling beams in select interior spaces previously not available to the public.

Non-Partisan Iraq War Protest this Thursday!

Who: Anti-War Protestors including Ron Johns
What: Iraq War Protest
Where: Intersection of Byrne and Glendale in South Toledo, May use 1515 South Byrne, Toledo, Ohio to locate with a GPS
When: Thursday, June 26th, 4:30pm-6:30pm
Why: See Below

The president is at it again and by the president I do not just mean Obama but the office in general.

Iraq was a problem started by the first Bush and continuing presidents. Poor foreign policy by presidents Democrat and Republican caused blowback overseas which hit home.

I can see clearly now!

I can see clearly now, what is going down with TPS and Clear Channel, WSPD and Fred Lefebvre. A LEVY!!! So tell me what radio station will now promote more taxes for the Toledo taxpayer, by way of a levy to fill the coffers once again of TPS.....Yep, you guessed it! WSPD!!! https://www.toledoblade.com/Education/2014/06/24/Durant-lauds-TPS-succes.... Unholy alliances!

Farm Community rejects bobo's plan to stock their area with illegals

This is a really good example of why Cantor was shellacked and deposed in his primary:


As soon as American citizens saw this "sudden influx" and understood what was being shoved down our throats THIS time - they dumped Cantor. Now, even Dem reps are starting to worry about how this may affect them.

The following was in Limbaugh today, and is rapidly being spread across the internet:


Just Say No

From the Husted letter to Stainbrook- Accordingly, under my authority and for the reasons outlined below, I will not appoint either
Kelly Bensman or Benjamin Roberts to serve on the Lucas County Board of Elections.
As you are keenly aware, for three years my office has found itself in the position of regularly
having to intervene at the Lucas County Board of Elections in order to ensure the proper
administration of elections and board operations. My most recent action resulted in the removal
of board members. In taking this action, I laid a framework for all to work within as we move

Seligman Brothers

Anyone else remember this place on Sylvania Avenue? I heard a couple of callers mention Seligman's on Fred's show this morning and was taken back to that musty, dusty place run by a pair of mild-mannered albino-looking brothers. I remember finding gems in there such as "Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine," the Doors' double-album compilation, and Kraftwerk's "Autobahn" in the early 1970s. Hey, Fred, put "Autobahn" on your bumper-music list, all 22 minutes of it.

Should The Washington Redskins Change Their Name. Why, or Why not.

29% (15 votes)
71% (36 votes)
Total votes: 51

David Kissinger: Secretary of State Wisely Rejects Dysfunctional Nominees

Jon Husted seeks new nominations from the Lucas County Republican Party

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