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The Kaptur Cat Fight

By Rep. Kay Granger: Six months into the new Congress and Democrats have accomplished almost nothing for the country and continue to make one bad decision after the other...

Grilling banned in Penn. town-one person didn't like it

The complaints of ONE PERSON caused this to take effect.


I know what you're going to say, well, it's ONLY after 8 PM. When does it get dark during the summer, for God's sake? Ridiculous.

Do you favor a change in the City Council Meeting times?

Leave them as they are.
14% (3 votes)
Have meetings held in the evening.
55% (12 votes)
Have meetings held montly in each district.
32% (7 votes)
Total votes: 22

Woman who questioned Toledo sports spending may get job back

The University of Toledo is offering to rehire a staff member who questioned spending within the school's athletic department. The lawyer for the woman says he's been told that university President Lloyd Jacobs wants to reinstate Suzette Fronk as reported by WDTN/AP News.

Level of stripper fatigue?


Would You Vote For Councilmen Who Support Privatizing City Services

Kroger Free Meat

I went to the Kroger

Recent History of Toledo Democrats Infighting

I went to the Toledo Blade website, and then to Google to see if I could find out anything about the

Hard to believe there are places/people like this...

Just How Prudish Are We Americans?

In an aside from the furor of Toledo's stripper gate but perhaps as a commentary on it, check out this item: a popular German children's book, already published in thirteen countries around the world, will not make it to America's bookstores because it shows naked people.

The American publisher is demanding that several of the book's illustrations showing people in a museum with cartoon-like nude pictures and statues be removed. They are afraid it will offend Americans' sensitivities.

Related books or media from post: 

More city staff to pay share of health coverage

"The requirement affects executive and appointed employees who don't have union representation, ranging from some mayors' assistants who are paid less than $25,000 a year, to directors, who are paid up to $92,500, and Mayor Carty Finkbeiner, who is paid $136,000 a year.

Slowdown rumors swirl trash pickup cycle restarts

"City refuse workers return to West Toledo, the Old South End, and the central city today facing a larger task than usual - collection of two weeks' worth of garbage - prompting concerns of an employee rebellion.

State Democratic Party investigates strippers at golf outing

"Chris Redfern, the head of the state Democratic Party, says he is investigating the Lucas County Democratic Party's stripper scandal and could take action against local party leaders because of it.

Mr. Redfern said he doesn't have the power to dismiss or punish a party chairman.

Saving Energy

Anyone know anything about this house


Irish Baaaadd Fedor Gooooood


Local D surrounded by strippers and advocating for them in Columbus. Maybe the strippers at the fundraiser were Dancers for Democracy showing appreciation.


US mortgage fears spark sell-off

Well, here we go.

"Fears of further problems in the US mortgage industry and the broader economy flared on Tuesday, triggering a sell-off in credit markets as investors sought safe havens."




Do any of you know where I can take my penny's and assorted silver coins and have them exchanged for dollars? I don't want to fill those tubes...too many coins. I here there are places where you can have them sorted in some machine and for a percentage it will count the coins.

Casual Work Day?


This article caught my eye on the opinion page of the Blade today.


I worked in an office where when summer came you could wear shorts if it was out of the

Vote opposes eased coke plant permit

"The audience in Oregon City Council chambers erupted into applause after council unanimously voted on a resolution opposing any modification request made by the proposed FDS Coke Plant to increase emissions from a permit approved in 2004."


Strippergate: Welcome to Cat Country

And it continues:

The new required reading for Toledo is Cat Country by Lao She. BTW the dwarves are the issues that face this area.

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