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Bush Uses Executive Power to Save Agenda as Iraq Erodes Clout

Through veto threats and executive directives, Bush is also attempting to recover Republicans' reputation for fiscal responsibility, lost as they increased federal spending by 32 percent in the first six years of his presidency.

This From East Of The River:



For those of you who don't reside in God's Country I thought you might enjoy this article. :)

Toledo a safe city ???

Article published Monday, August 27, 2007
Toledo a safe place to raise your family

Warner may back Dems' bill on withdrawal

WASHINGTON - GOP Sen. John Warner, who wants U.S. troops to start coming home from Iraq by Christmas, said Sunday he may support Democratic legislation ordering withdrawals if President Bush refuses to set a return timetable soon.

"I'm going to have to evaluate it," Warner said. "I don't say that as a threat, but I say that is an option we all have to consider."

State tries to kill Skill games and is rebuffed

You might have noticed "Skill Games" popping up in taverns and even in skill game parlors around the area. There are several types of games some requiring a moderate level of skill to play and some requiring nothing more than luck and fifty cents. Paybacks for a fifty-cent play can range from a couple of pennies to over a thousand dollars. Some people play them; others do not.

'Blasphemous' balls

Sometimes it makes people wonder, what have learned and what do we know.

The balls showed the Saudi Arabian flag which features the Koranic declaration of faith.

The US military said the idea had been to give something for Afghan children to enjoy and they did not realise it would cause offence.


Misinterpreting the Mideast

There are four main misconceptions that diplomats bring with them to Israel. Primary among them is the idea that solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a prerequisite for stability in the Mideast. The truth is that the region is riven by clashes that have nothing to do with Israel.

Vietnam historians give Bush reason to stay in Iraq

WHEN President George W Bush invoked the memory of Vietnam to justify staying in Iraq, he was drawing on a new wave of revisionist history which maintains that America did not lose the war, but the will to win.

Virginia PAC funnels money to Ohio Republicans for "School Choice"

The showdown between Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and a Virginia-based political action committee she believes illegally funneled $870,000 to Republican supporters of charter schools in Ohio last year was placed on hold for up to five weeks...

The Marines' Perrysburg, Weapons Company is sending approx. 18 to augment another unit and deploy to Iraq.

I hope everyone gets an opportunity to wish these Marines a safe and a "mission accomplished" deployment.
Go get 'em Devil Dogs!

Does anyone find this curious, Larry Dilliin promotes Wood Co. But Funkboner chastises them!!

Regional businesses find homes at Levis Commons

Finkbeiner won't face prosecution over ethics

Finkbeiner won't face prosecution over ethics

From the story:

Lucas County Prosecutor Julia Bates said, "there's going to be no prosecution on that."

Money woes could delay King bridge completion

While work to complete installation of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Bridge's drawspans isn't scheduled to resume until January, the project's financing is on thin ice - again.

Ashford selected illegally? D's may be in hot water

Toledo City Councilman Betty Shultz raised suspicions yesterday about whether a closed gathering that preceded the ouster of Republican Rob Ludeman as council president violated the state open-meetings law.



What is the fastest way to get from Heathedowns Blvd to Levis Commons in Perrysburg?


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Big Mac turns 40! Has its own museum, and other essential news facts about the Big Mac

Don't say that I've never contributed important information to this community. Well, yes, it IS an AP story, but still!
CHICAGO - Normally, a 40-year-old sandwich would be something to be avoided.

Romney: Mass. health plan can be copied

By GLEN JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer Fri Aug 24, 1:06 AM ET

BOSTON - Former Gov. Mitt Romney says other states can replicate Massachusetts' program of universal health care if the federal government creates an environment in which private health insurance can expand.

Major Republican firm lobbying to undermine Maliki


X Marks The Spot-woman told where to smoke in her own garden

No doubt coming soon to a state you choose to reside in:


Woman banned from smoking in own garden
The Local ^ | 23rd August 2007 | Paul O'Mahony

Chris Myers To Host Education Forum in East Toledo

Chris Myers for School Board * Citizens for Myers
1952 Talbot Street * Toledo OH 43613

MEDIA ALERT August 23, 2007

CONTACT: Chris Myers

chris myersforschoolboard.com

Chris Myers Hosts Education Forum in East Toledo

Toledo, Ohio. Chris Myers, candidate for Toledo Public Schools Board of

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