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Toledo school board candidate indicted on 6 counts involving kids

Toledo school board candidate indicted on 6 counts involving kids
Richard Brown, 33, a candidate for the Toledo Board of Education, was indicted today on six counts that involve child endangerment and disseminating harmful materials to juveniles.

The Real Agenda of Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Amtrak is offering $100 in free booze to its customers who travel on certain overnight routes, like the Chicago-San Francisco run and the Washington, D.C. to Miami run.



Another Sick Bastard with Pit Bulls

Police Say Man Fed Cats to His Pit Bulls
Thursday, 20-Sep-2007 4:50PM EDT Story from AP
Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press (via ClariNet)

Associated Press/AP Online
LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. - A man captured neighborhood cats and kittens and fed them live to his pit bulls, authorities said Thursday. Tye Hilmo, 21, was charged Thursday with aggravated cruelty to animals.

Finkbeiner: Don't leave your dog in the car PSA

Who Owns You Americans? (great 4 minute clip by George Carlin) - Sadly, so true.


Well worth the 4 minute watch. Sadly, so true. If this doesn't make you angry, you need to wake up.

Dopey food stamp challenge

Of course 3 liberal commissioners can't live within a $21 a week budget...they would not be liberal. That is why they can't do it and why we have such a tax burden in this area. Hey commies, why don't you try to run the commissioners office on $21 a week and save us all money.

13 congressmen subpoenaed in bribery case

By Richard Simon

Los Angeles Times

Rep. Norm Dicks plans to fight his subpoena.

Randy "Duke" Cunningham pleaded guilty in 2005.


Student at a Kerry event is Tasered

Senator's speech in Fla. becomes YouTube fodder

By Sasha Issenberg, Globe Staff | September 19, 2007

WASHINGTON - Senator John F. Kerry thought he was pacifying a potentially volatile situation when he allowed Andrew Meyer to approach the microphone Monday afternoon, even though the time allotted to Kerry's speech at the University of Florida had already run out.

Old OC building

You are constantly hearing on the news channels about the redevelopment on Southwyck, why does the building at 200 N. st. clair sit vacant?

This is the old Owens Corning tower. Does the city not do anything to attract business to that buiding?

Toledo Public School Board Meeting Today

Here is a report of the TPS board meeting today scheduled for 8:00-10:00AM

The meeting began at 8:05 with Steven Steel, Larry Sykes and Darlene Fisher in attendance, with myself, Blade reporter and a TV station in the audience. They took the roll, pledged allegiance to the flag and then the fun began.

A realistic look at the health care crisis

I knew it would happen. I didn

More help advocated to combat foreclosures

More help advocated to combat foreclosures


Chris Myers Hosts Education Forum in Point Place

MEDIA ALERT September 17, 2007

CONTACT: Chris Myers

chris myersforschoolboard.com

Chris Myers Hosts Education Forum in Point Place

Toledo, Ohio. Chris Myers, candidate for Toledo Public Schools Board of Education, announces that he will host an education forum, open to the public, where he will listen to Point Place residents

Voinovich: War taking up funds Findlay needs

FINDLAY - Federal help to prevent future flooding in Findlay and Ottawa is limited because the United States is waging a costly war in Iraq, U.S. Sen. George Voinovich said yesterday.

Breast-feeding mother accuses mall store employee of civil rights violation

Breast-feeding mother accuses mall store employee of civil rights violation
By Scott McKimmy
Toledo Free Press Staff Writer

An employee at PacSun, a women and men's fashions accessories retailer at Westfield Franklin Park Mall, asked a woman who was breast-feeding her child to leave the store, according to the woman.

Rental properties hit by rash of burglaries

Rental properties hit by rash of burglaries
By Scott McKimmy
Toledo Free Press Staff Writer

Mayoral candidate sues Columbus schools

Mayoral candidate sues Columbus schools
Funding unfair to to poor-performing schools, Todd says
Monday, September 17, 2007 3:43 PM

Republican mayoral candidate William M. Todd filed a lawsuit today on behalf of five Columbus school-district residents, charging that the district shortchanges poor-performing schools.

It's Time for Greenspan to Shut up!

Al - find a happy place and stay there. You're no longer the Fed Chairmen, so stop commenting. You're now turning into the Britney Spears of Fed Policy, you're no longer center stage. Deal with it!

The Cretin Hop

Excerpt from Greg Gutfeld's article in the American Spectator:

A progressive is just a mugger who can't afford a weapon.

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