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Sarantou covering his butt with the budget fallout?

"Dollar for dollar, Toledo does a lot with a little"

"I AM chairman of Toledo City Council's Finance Committee, and everywhere I go nowadays, whether it is speaking at a Block Watch, a meeting honoring an individual, or at church, I am approached about the same subject - the budget."


Motel Tax Unconstitutional? Ujvagi Scrambles to Fix It

State Rep. Peter Ujvagi, D-Toledo, said he was told language he created to give Toledo the authority to use a bed tax on hotels and motels to build a multipurpose building downtown was too narrow and potentially unconstitutional so he extended the qualifications to all large counties in Ohio, including Summit and Cuyahoga.


UT Football Academic Problems: UT loses 4 Scholarships


UT penalized by the NCAA for low academic performance, according to the Academic Progress Rate data released today.

No Big Ten teams were penalized. Three teams from Ohio schools were docked: Toledo football, which loses four scholarships; Cincinnati men's basketball, which loses one scholarship; and Cleveland State baseball, which loses 0.84 scholarships.

Local bar owner challenges smoking ban

Thursday, lawmakers begin dishing out fines and citations to those who break the law, but the legal battle against the ban is still heating up.

Delaney's is a North Toledo spot with ashtrays at the bar "smoking permitted" signs on the walls and cigarettes in customers hands.

Bill Delaney says, "It hasn't been an easy situation, but it is well worth it."

'Blade' Of Toledo to Layoff 20 Guild Workers

From Editor and Publisher: NEW YORK Claiming continued losses from the first quarter of 2007, The Blade of Toledo, Ohio is planning to layoff some 20 Newspaper Guild employees across several departments, according to Assistant Managing Editor Luann Sharp.

The latest Harner saga

Just when you thought the roller coaster was done, here is the latest:

William Harner said today he still wants to be Toledo Public School

Harner: If you are on the school board, what would you do?

Work to hire him
44% (21 votes)
Find a new candidate
10% (5 votes)
Hire Foley
33% (16 votes)
Delay a decision until after a new board is elected
6% (3 votes)
I don't know
6% (3 votes)
Total votes: 48

Ford: Time for Sykes to take a break

Toledo Public Schools needs to retool its negotiations with William Harner. We are at the point where the credibility of TPS is clearly on the line. And, as much as I admire the extensive work of Larry Sykes at LMHA, at TPS, at the Metroparks, it is past time for Sykes to take a break and catch up on some peace and quiet.

I know Sykes has the heart of a lion but enough is enough. Larry, you have meant more to the community in your cumulative effort than just about anyone else in the past 25 years. Your served the schools, on the city parks board, Metroparks, minority banking

Toledo Talk web site: what's the deal here?

What's the deal with the ToledoTalk web site?

Senators versus Governors

I came across this column and thought it raised an interesting point in the selection of senators versus governors as presidents.


In case you were wondering

The Hill.com reported that our own Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) said

Toledo woman charged with dognapping


Bizzare: A Toledo woman is behind bars tonight after a threat involving a Chihuahua and a North Toledo bar.
The pooch was dognapped and then had wires and an electronic device strapped to his tiny body, and that is just the beginning of the story.

Jerry Dalton owns Jerry's Pub in North Toledo and a tiny longhaired Chihuahua named Hector.

Dancers for Democracy protest senate bill 16

A storm of controversy is brewing over a proposal to tighten up guidelines for adult clubs and exotic dancers from Toledo are joining the protest.

The group "Dancers for Democracy" was rallying in Columbus this afternoon, among them, Deja Vu dancers from here in Toledo. They are protesting senate bill 16, because they say it will put adult entertainment out of business.

Pilkington Expands in AZ


Pilkington North America Inc. has taken down 203,245 sf of industrial space at Buckeye 75 Distribution Park in the southwest Valley. The Toledo, OH-headquartered company's 10-year lease begins in June.


Ohio Governor Says Deregulation Of Electric Industry Not Working


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Saying the deregulation of Ohio's electric industry has not worked, Gov. Ted Strickland on Tuesday called for a new approach to the system, which seeks to allow competition between suppliers and lower customers' bills.

Congrats to the Toledo Young Republican Club

STEVEN FLAGG disorted truth, Blade, TPS, and Harner

Mr. Flagg should be ashamed of himself for such
one-sidedness and is being a hypocrite.
He faulted a Toledo Blade reporter, Mr. Messina, for
paraphrasing, but after my own academic review of the
source material and the article on Saturday, I found
the highest level of unbiased journalism in the
Saturday morning article to which he referred in an
earlier post.
see it here:

Today, (Tuesday) Mr. Flagg sings the praises of Bob
Stiegel, of the Toledo Journal, for his reporting. But

This is what I call reporting!

In their own words - Bob Stiegel should be commended. I read all the emails as most of you have and this is an accurate reflection of what I read.

E-mails suggest intent to discourage Harner - http://www.thetoledojournal.com/news/Article/Article.asp?NewsID=78349&sID=4

And here is another interesting story -

Hillary drops Rodham



Hillary is dropping the Rodham for her campaign - because she knows that if it was Bill running he could get re elected, but she's just not that popular.

Didnt John Heintz-Kerry do the same thing?

Smoking Dope Can Make You Psychotic (study)

Check it here:


I'm just posting this out of curiosity more than anything else, to see the response.

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