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Why Do Smokers ALWAYS have to Pay For Other People's Kids???????????

BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!! Why are smokers the ones who always have to pay for the care of other people's kids? (And, how many are illegals? My sister said this CHIPS program is also in Texas, and it pays for the Mexican illegals' kids medical care. She's fuming - said she's smoking generic cigs since the tax hikes, and even they are going sky high.) What WOULD they do, if every smoker - stopped?

This should make us all feel a little smarter:

This should make us all feel a little smarter:

On September 17, 1994, Alabama's Heather Whitestone was selected as >>> Miss
America 1995.

Question: If you could live forever, would you and Why?
Answer: "I would not live forever, because we should not
live forever, because if we were supposed to live forever,

which is why I would not live forever,"

What Kind of Animal Wouldn't It Bother You to Leave In A Car?

It Is Raining and You Have a Handicapped Sticker (Not Your Own). Do You?

Recall Carty Push

Recall Carty Supporters,

We want to do 2 corners this Saturday for the drive through signing... Dorr and Secor and Secor and Laskey. I would also like to be able to extend these hours longer than just noon to 4. If you can help, please email me - thomasjmo@yahoo.com or call 419-475-1894. This is the easiest petitioning you will ever do. If you can give an hour or 2, I need you to help. Don't expect someone else to fill this is in.

Toledo gets $3 million for ACME Power Plant Cleanup


Ohio Economic Development Officials Announce $41 Million in Brownfield Revitalization Projects
The Clean Ohio Council has awarded 64 Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund awards since 2002 totaling more than $158 million in brownfield remediation dollars, while leveraging a planned $2 billion in private and public investment upon project completions.

Levis Commons get an 'A' for Investors

Fitch assigns an 'A' rating to the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority, Ohio's approximately $14,165,000 special assessment revenue bonds, series 2007 (Town Square at Levis Commons Special Assessment Project). The Rating Outlook is Stable. The bonds are scheduled to price as soon as Aug. 14, through Robert W. Baird & Co.

A TPS Levy in November?

I found this information in a thread titled Arrogance of Power. I felt this was valuable enough to get it on the front page for people to see and comment about.

Szollosi seeks legislation to ban pets in city cars after mayor left dog in auto

The story: http://toledoblade.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070808/NEWS16/708080...

... is funny, but it gets real hilarious when you read the last sentence:


Pssst! wanna make a quick $100,000 ?

All you gotta do to collect it is prove Al wrong:


This'll straighten up those drinkers

Probably wouldn't have a need for those roadblocks/'check points' we're arguing about on another thread, either.


Drinkers...better beware

They're starting to come for you....
I predict this law will spread like wildfire.



Toledo Police are seeking this man, Karl Jeffery Johnson,(50) of Toledo in connection with a warrant issued for his arrest today. This warrant is in connection with the assault on Karen Quigley Of Putnam st. Toledo. If you have any information or know the whereabouts of this individual, please contact the Toledo Police at once. He is to be considered Armed and Dangerous.

Bank robbery in the North End

Three masked men with walkie-talkies and guns, one of whom had an AK-47 assault rifle, robbed the National City Bank branch in north Toledo this morning of an unspecified amount of money, Toledo police said.


Robbers with AK47's....

Was This Dog a Peace-Keeper?

Our old dog,

Leaders vow 'an end to Taleban'

"In an interview conducted yesterday at Camp Salerno, a small U.S. base close to Afghanistan's southeastern border with Pakistan in the troubled "Pashtun belt," Jones said both Al-Qaeda and the Taliban have been decisively beaten."


Tom Tancredo comments


By Chris Dorsey

OSCEOLA -- Followers of radical Islam must be deterred from committing a nuclear attack on U.S. soil, Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo said Tuesday morning, saying that as president he would take drastic measures to prevent such attacks.

He says he did nothing wrong


The Mayor loves his dog and still claims that he has done nothing wrong by keeping Scout in the hot and humid weather and the complaints about Scout are political attacks.

Read more:


What Should Carty Do With Scout?

Should Carty Give His Dog Away to Avoid Further Political Embarassment?

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