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Toledo liable for pension costs in collective bargaining agreement

An appeals court has ruled that the city of Toledo's collective bargaining agreement with its largest union requires it to shoulder the cost of the increase in the employees' share of state-mandated pension contributions.

LCIC exec is blasted again by Konop

The Lucas County Improvement Corp.'s top executive again drew fire from a county commissioner yesterday, this time for his overall job performance.

Congressional 'pork' down sharply under new disclosure rules

WASHINGTON - The number and overall cost of congressional pet projects added to the national defense budget are both down sharply, in the first appropriations season since Congress moved to require members to attach their names to so-called earmarks in spending bills.

9/25/07 TPS Board Report

Because you should have access to the board on your time, not theirs, here is the audio of the school board meeting.

Judge strikes down Ohio Net-censorship law

It's no surprise that politicians are rarely conversant with the limits on their legislating found in the U.S. Constitution. But it is worth noting when federal judges have actually read the First Amendment and strike down a law accordingly.

Regarding the theft at my pedal boat business

Robert Russ Said: on 9-25-2007 @3:30 am

Toledo offers a way to pay back taxes

People with delinquent tax debts to the city of Toledo have a two-month window, beginning yesterday, to pay their tax and avoid penalties and interest.

Total unpaid taxes are estimated at $17 million, reaching back to 1971, said Clarence Coleman, the city's commissioner of taxation. But he said many of those debts are not collectible.

The health care mess in Toledo


Last Saturday

UAW employees officially on strike...

11 am deadline wasn't reached, GM employees across the country (including Powertrain) walked off the job shortly after 11 am.


American Bar Association calls for Ohio to cease executions until it fixes problems

COLUMBUS - Ohio should immediately stop carrying out executions until it fixes problems to ensure the state imposes the death penalty fairly and equitably, an American Bar Association study committee urged this morning.

Senate Approves Resolution Denouncing MoveOn.org Ad


Friday Night Rumble

Has anyone else heard of the gang fight which took place Friday night at the Speedway on the corner of Arlington at South Detroit. My brother stopped in to get his evening cup of coffee and was an eye witness to the ensuing rumble.

Teamsters' insurance bill raises questions

Each month Toledo cuts a $240,000 check to Teamsters Local 20, a transaction that explains what happens when contract negotiations and politics collide in a cash-strapped city.

"I have no idea," said Calvin Brown, Toledo's commissioner of administrative services. "That is the nature of things. That is how the contract is written."

Thieves take pedal-boat business' gear

Less than a month after the grand opening, business at a new pedal-boat rental in International Park on the city's east side was stalled yesterday after thieves made off with life preservers, seat cushions, and navigation lights.

Will UT have a winning season this year? Simple YES/NO

58% (18 votes)
42% (13 votes)
Total votes: 31

Toledo school board candidate indicted on 6 counts involving kids

Toledo school board candidate indicted on 6 counts involving kids
Richard Brown, 33, a candidate for the Toledo Board of Education, was indicted today on six counts that involve child endangerment and disseminating harmful materials to juveniles.

The Real Agenda of Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Amtrak is offering $100 in free booze to its customers who travel on certain overnight routes, like the Chicago-San Francisco run and the Washington, D.C. to Miami run.



Another Sick Bastard with Pit Bulls

Police Say Man Fed Cats to His Pit Bulls
Thursday, 20-Sep-2007 4:50PM EDT Story from AP
Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press (via ClariNet)

Associated Press/AP Online
LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. - A man captured neighborhood cats and kittens and fed them live to his pit bulls, authorities said Thursday. Tye Hilmo, 21, was charged Thursday with aggravated cruelty to animals.

Finkbeiner: Don't leave your dog in the car PSA

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