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Great News! The Obesity Virus Found!!!!!!!!

Alternate thread title: Why I will never again pay any attention whatsoever to any "scientific study".



Due to paper trails on voting machines, we may no longer have secret ballots in Ohio

Our Northwest Ohio representatives were instrumental in getting the paper trails added to the computer. Because of this, we may now see how you voted. Check out the CNET report.


Ohio's method of conducting elections with electronic voting machines appears to have created a true privacy nightmare for state residents: revealing who voted for which candidates.


Carty InvestigationMay 25, 2006 - There are new developments involving Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and his dealings to try and retain Toledo Public Schools Superintendent Eugene Sanders.

Members of the Ohio Ethics Commission met today and have decided to move forward with an investigation into Mayor Finkbeiner's actions.

No TPS levy on the November 2007 levy - well maybe?

We have confirmed through our sources that the regular meeting agenda for Tuesday, August 21st of the Toledo Board of Education does not have a resolution authorizing a levy to be placed on the November 2007 ballot. At the finance committee meeting on Wednesday, August 15th there was no discussion of a levy resolution.

How should police handle high speed pursuits?

Cleveland savaged by tragedy of home foreclosures

CLEVELAND, United States (AFP) - The US dream of home ownership is going up in smoke in Cleveland, now littered with broken promises and lost hopes as it tops the nation's tragic roll call of foreclosures.

"Recall Carty" comes close to goal


But organizers of the "Recall Carty" campaign expect they'll make their goal. Right now they tell 13abc that they have roughly 15,000 signatures.


Wikipedia editors "outed"


CIA, Vatican, Church of Scientology, others named by tracking software.

The Question of Class

What do you think?

The Fear Factor

Here's a sad and tragic statement... "I cannot sign the Recall petition because I have to live and work in Toledo. I don't want Carty and his frinds coming after me".

Shakedown at Ottawa Park

Today was the City Wide Block Watch Picnic held at Ottawa Park. Since it was held on city property, I assumed that it was OK to pass out literature for Cheryl Catlin's campaign for the Toledo School Board. Wrong! We were first told that we could not pass out literature. So we stopped. We were then told that we could not actively campaign, such as talking to people.



The many faces of Hizzoner Carty suddenly thinks that 12 elected representatives on council is 33 percent too many. He wants John

Carty, "forget" about this too?

from Saturday's Pages of Opinion from the Blade:

"Disabled spots are for those who need them


"Jimmy Justice" shoves his camera in the face of a New York City parking enforcement officer who left her car in front of a fire hydrant. He starts filming and he taunts her.

Live and let die

One of the saddest sights in Toledo retail is the closed parking lot on Alexis Road that used to be Northtowne Mall. While it is equally sad to think of Southwyck Mall closing, that is the verdict the market has rendered, and city leaders must accept that.

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Check out our Toledo Pride merchandise

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City council has delayed confirming Calvin Brown as commissioner of Affirmative Action/Contract Compliance following a councilman

Myers: Toledo Plan has got to go

What do you think?


School board candidate Chris Myers says that if elected, he will work to dismantle the Toledo Plan, the controversial teacher hiring/firing program that critics say is racist, sexist and keeps Toledo Schools.

One of the biggest issues that affects the school system is how to hire and pay teachers. We need to move to a more accountable pay system. We can do better and we need to do better. My first priority is academics and we need a good employees working to make academics better.

Myers Recommends Standard Measuring of TPS Student

Toledo, Ohio. Chris Myers, candidate for Toledo Public Schools Board of Education, presents information regarding the TPS current way of measuring student

TPS Press Conference - Tuesday, August 14th

John Foley, TPS Superintendent, opened the press conference at 10:30 AM, Tuesday, August 14, 2007 by saying that he was disappointed in the results but that TPS had just missed being in Continuous Improvement (CI). As it has been reported TPS attained a 79.1 Performance Index and that an 80 is required to make the CI rating.

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