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No more sweetheart deals

"TIMES are tough in Toledo and everyone should expect to have to make sacrifices for the greater good of the community, and that includes city workers represented by the Teamsters union.

Which Bridge Project Will Be Completed First?

Repair of the MLK Bridge in Toledo
15% (5 votes)
Replacement of the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis
85% (29 votes)
Total votes: 34

The C.C.C., A.A.P.A. and the T.M.C.A. Issue Demands to the Govenor of Ohio In Support of TPS's Black Student Population



Toledo officials will be asked to commit to end local sex trade



Is this to end their own use of it at golf outings and such, or to end everyone's use?

Toledo area is 5th-worst in study of job growth among 200 major cities



So which is it? Carty says we're the #1 business friendly city. But this study we've got one of the worst growth records in the nation?

If we're so damn business friendly why are none locating here?

Bush seeks nearly $50 billion more for wars: Defense Secretary Gates will make appeal for $190 billion, a third more


The cost of the Iraq war is climbing to astronomical proportions. Now the administration is requesting early $190 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2008.

Another $800,000 requested to rent special barges for King Bridge repairs



For cryin out loud, how much money and time does it take to fix a friggin bridge??

Richard Brown, former TPS board candidate, led away in cuffs after court appearance

Former Toledo Public Schools board candidate makes initial court appearance

Does Toledo understand the Bill of Rights at all?

News photographers face trial in Toledo for covering Nazi rally
Sep 26, 2007, 00:47


Two professional news photographers are scheduled to stand trial in Toledo, Ohio, today, following their arrests nearly two years ago while covering a rally by a small group of Nazis outside the Government Center building


Even Baby Huey Gets It Right In The End

By Jan Scotland

Guest Columnist

When I was a kid one of the most frustrating cartoons to watch was Baby Huey, which first aired in 1951. It featured a gigantic baby duck that seemed blind to the evil intent of foxes and wolves trying to kill him.

Toledo liable for pension costs in collective bargaining agreement

An appeals court has ruled that the city of Toledo's collective bargaining agreement with its largest union requires it to shoulder the cost of the increase in the employees' share of state-mandated pension contributions.

LCIC exec is blasted again by Konop

The Lucas County Improvement Corp.'s top executive again drew fire from a county commissioner yesterday, this time for his overall job performance.

Congressional 'pork' down sharply under new disclosure rules

WASHINGTON - The number and overall cost of congressional pet projects added to the national defense budget are both down sharply, in the first appropriations season since Congress moved to require members to attach their names to so-called earmarks in spending bills.

9/25/07 TPS Board Report

Because you should have access to the board on your time, not theirs, here is the audio of the school board meeting.

Judge strikes down Ohio Net-censorship law

It's no surprise that politicians are rarely conversant with the limits on their legislating found in the U.S. Constitution. But it is worth noting when federal judges have actually read the First Amendment and strike down a law accordingly.

Regarding the theft at my pedal boat business

Robert Russ Said: on 9-25-2007 @3:30 am

Toledo offers a way to pay back taxes

People with delinquent tax debts to the city of Toledo have a two-month window, beginning yesterday, to pay their tax and avoid penalties and interest.

Total unpaid taxes are estimated at $17 million, reaching back to 1971, said Clarence Coleman, the city's commissioner of taxation. But he said many of those debts are not collectible.

The health care mess in Toledo


Last Saturday

UAW employees officially on strike...

11 am deadline wasn't reached, GM employees across the country (including Powertrain) walked off the job shortly after 11 am.


American Bar Association calls for Ohio to cease executions until it fixes problems

COLUMBUS - Ohio should immediately stop carrying out executions until it fixes problems to ensure the state imposes the death penalty fairly and equitably, an American Bar Association study committee urged this morning.

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