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Dinosaur dung sells at NYC auction for nearly $1,000

NEW YORK (AP) - A pile of dinosaur dung 130 million years old sold at a New York auction Wednesday for nearly $1,000.

The prehistoric deposit fetched $960, said a spokeswoman for Bonhams New York. Its pre-auction estimate was $450.

The fossilized dung is from the Jurassic era, the auction house said. It looks like a rock on the outside and a colorful mineral inside.

Chilean town giving free Viagra to senior citizens

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) - A working class suburb of Chile's capital began handing out free Viagra to senior citizens on Wednesday. Lo Prado Mayor Gonzalo Navarrete said he launched the program because "an active sexuality improves the overall quality of life."

Why alcohol makes us do stupid things


Why alcohol makes us do stupid things

A few glasses of alcohol - enough to reach the drink-drive limit - are enough to rob drinkers of their fears so they are more likely to take risks, concludes a brain scan study that provides a vivid insight into "Dutch courage."

Examples of the faces participants in the alcohol study were shown

From My Seat In The Grandstand.............

After reading the entire business plan and attending the council meeting Tuesday, I am more convinced than ever that the ESM is not a viable business. The plan as written by a recent grad of UT contains no real specifics on how the plan will be implemented but rather is a rehash of ideas tried within the last dozen years.

Troy Neff Show: Great Minds Think Alike.

While other hosts were grandstanding at city council, Troy and his producer booked a show full of news makers. Here is an interview with Commissioner Ben Konop.

Who let the dogs out? Troy has a little fun with Commissioner Ben Konop about his theme song.

Konop talks about putting the freeze on the Lucas County dog warden's door-to-door inspections.

Workplace Ethics

Workplace Ethics!
Does anyone know who to contact regarding workplace standards in regards to treatment of employees and equal paid sick days and the like. As in one employee getting paid sick time as stated in the employee handbook yet not others, hostile and derogatory comments causing employees to become so upset they can not function. Among other things.

Troy Neff Show: Wack said all debts are paid

While other hosts were grandstanding at city council, Troy and his producer booked a show full of newsmakers.

Toledo City Council seeks review of development plan

Toledo City Council offered mostly cheery-eyed praise yesterday for officials from the California-based company looking to transform Swan Creek downtown into a $300 million mixed-use riverwalk development.

At the same time, some councilmen said the proposed agreement to sell city-owned land to Tetra Tech Inc. of Pasadena, Calif., needed more review.

Toledo hires private trash collectors in apparent 'sick-out'

The city of Toledo was forced to hire private trash haulers yesterday to help collect residents' garbage because of an apparent "sick-out" among refuse workers.

Twenty-three out of nearly 100 refuse collectors were out yesterday - one day after the city began distributing to some 10,000 households the 96-gallon containers for an automated trash-pickup pilot program.

Saudi governor orders haircuts for men who hit on women

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) - A governor in northern Saudi Arabia has ordered authorities to punish men who flirt with women in public places by cutting their hair, local media said Tuesday.

Old people are not that grumpy, study finds

Elderly people do not all suffer from the grumpy old man syndrome, according to research claiming that age brings a sense of peace and calm.

The stereotype of irritated pensioners complaining about today’s youngsters has been challenged by a study published in the Social Science and Medicine Journal.

Law & Order, SVU

Tonight I did something outside my regular routine; I watched commercial TV. Law & Order, SVU with Ice T and a host of others, including special guest star Robin Williams, who plays a Hannibal Lecter type and escapes at the end. What piqued my interest happened in the first 8 minutes.

Female Detective, speaking about a school bully: "He was a real sadist"

While gas prices rise and many Toledoans are suffering, Bush stammers around like the village idiot.

Follow the link to watch the video - the guy can't even speak in complete sentences, it’s scary that this guy is leading the free world. Though in fairness the world has pretty much written him off as the village idiot that he is.

While gas prices rise and many Toledoans are suffering, Kaptur talks about North American Union

While gas prices rise, Kaptur talks about how Bush lied to the Pope

Fred LeFebvre Only Talk Show Host To Attend Council Hearing Today

As the only Talk Show host in attendance this afternoon at the City Council Comittee Of The Whole meeting it's obvious others will be spending time catching up by getting the administration side of the story. That's fine because both sides need to be heard. The side you will hear on my show tomorrow is what I heard and saw , unfiltered through a politicians need to get reelected.

McCain Offers Details of His Health Plan

TAMPA — Senator John McCain, detailing his plan to solve the nation’s health care crisis, called Tuesday for federal intervention with the states to assure coverage for people who have been denied insurance.

A Pet Killer Lurking in West Toledo?

I came across handmade signs today warning of a possible pet killer in West Toledo. Anyone hear about this?

Automated Trash Pilot Program

Before my postcard informing me of the change. I discovered that next week my neighborhood is being forced to participate in a pilot program. Automated trash pickup. Which also includes recycling. Two cans arrive next week. They even sign you up to recycle without your concent. All you can stuff in one can for the duration of the program.

Smoke gets in your eyes -- Ohio lawmakers want to close down anti-smoking agency

COLUMBUS — The Ohio House wants to shut down agency that has sued the state to keep its anti-smoking program going. more from the AP story and link to Blade's Sunday story on cost to enforce the ban

I'll be blowing smoke rings soon -- VERY SOON.

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