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Who should be elected CHAIRMAN of the LUCAS COUNTY DEMOCRATIC PARTY on April 17 ?

Dennis Duffey.
0% (0 votes)
Pete Silverman.
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John Irish.
0% (0 votes)
Theresa Fedor.
0% (0 votes)
Domenic Montalto.
0% (0 votes)
Terry Shankland.
75% (3 votes)
OTHER - please specify...
25% (1 vote)
Total votes: 4

Newt answers the Obama challenge- he says this is an opportunity

Newt's speech at the American Enterprise Instiute is a hot topic on the news shows today. Barack's opening paragraph is powerful.

Film Legend Charlton Heston Dead at 84


The actor died Saturday night at his home in Beverly Hills with his wife Lydia at his side.

RIP Mr Heston.


A new edition of the Toledo View will be released on Monday, April 7.


Dr. Stephen Goldman - Exposes The Truth About Toledo Public Schools

National Gospel Recording Artist, Tye Tribbett - Get's Personal About Ministry

Interviews Also With:

Pastor Raymond Bishop
Attorney Lafe Tolliver
Gary Daugherty

I've said it for years -- Ohio's been in RECESSION

Ohio and Michigan already in a recession

<< Michigan has been in a dramatic recession for at least four years, according to at least one leading economist, and its southern neighbor hasn't fared much better.

TPS Board Retreat Report

Here is the audio and a picture of the TPS board retreat. Twila was there and will give you more details, but it is here for you to listen. The audio is in raw format.

'Stones and bones ', 15 reasons to take Genesis as history

This little book overthrew 40 years of evolutionary indoctrination for me." -- Miles Cooper, PhD, MSc (immunology, molecular biology).

Third Edition - November 2007

By Carl Wieland

This booklet offers brief but satisfying answers to the major categories of evidence in the creation and evolution debate. You'll find answers to questions such as,
What happened to the dinosaurs?

McCain's Voodoo Health Economics

Elizabeth Edwards has cancer. John McCain has had cancer in the past. Last weekend, Mrs. Edwards bluntly pointed out that neither of them would be able to get insurance under Mr. McCain’s health care plan.

Neighborhood meeting Thursday April 10 , 6:30 pm at Toledo Heights library

I don't know the agenda yet , it is on the 2nd thursday of each month .
Go to back door.

Ultrasound making in-roads in pro-life arena; So. Dakota latest to join

We save puppies, whales , deer in high water . We can save babies too !

South Dakota enacted new legislation last month in an effort to further its pro-life campaign and to stop abortions. That measure incorporates ultrasound technology that, according to pro-life activists, plays a major role in many women changing their mind and sparing the life of their baby.

The Creation Museum, the world's largest museum that looks at Earth's history from a

The Creation Museum, the world's largest museum that looks at Earth's history from a biblical perspective, continues to attract more visitors than expected and to offer extra attractions.

UT president proposes student-centered approach for customizing education

And I hope he will lead the way ! changes are needed. Chris writes about needed change too.

UT's president, Dr. Lloyd Jacobs, in his annual address, tells the campus community that it is time to move away from the lock-step curriculum and find ways to meet the individual needs of today's learners.

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Police say man in wheelchair robbed bank


PALO ALTO, Calif. - Palo Alto police are looking for a bank robber who favors a decidedly slow-speed getaway vehicle — an electric wheelchair. Police said a man in his 60s with gray hair and a beard held up the Wachovia Bank branch at the Stanford Shopping Center late this afternoon with a black handgun.

Husbands add seven hours to women's housework load each week, University of Michigan study says

Bruce Leppien of Ann Arbor was married for 64 years before his wife, Irene, died last July.

According to a new University of Michigan study, Leppien created about 23,296 hours of extra housework for his wife in those six plus decades.

That's more than 2.5 years of cleaning.

"OK," Leppien said with a chuckle. "It's probably true. ... What are we going to do about it?"

Julia Bates: How Long Will You Deny Danny Brown His Day in Court?

Another year has passed, and still Julia Bates refuses to make a decision on Danny Brown, the Toledo man who was wrongly convicted in 1982 of a rape-murder.

Our Confusing Economy, Explained

Interesting Podcast, Professor highlights part of the financial mess brought on by deregulation and off book deals.

"Perplexed by the U.S. economy? You're not alone. Law professor Michael Greenberger joins Fresh Air to explain the sub-prime mortgage crisis, credit defaults, the shaky future of other types of loans and what we can expect from the U.S. financial markets.

Dark Horse Candidate?


Bob Barr Weighing Presidential Run
by FOXNews.com


Spartan sells assets of area Pharm stores to Rite Aid

Spartan Stores Inc. said Thursday that has a deal with Rite Aid Corp. to sell “certain assets” of 12 of its 14 Pharm stores in northwest Ohio.

Bye, Bye Wilson


Special on CNN tonight

Eyewitness to Murder - The King Assassination

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