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Has anyone seen the new signs??!?!

Has anyone seen the new "Toledo Pride" signs at the city entry points? I just saw one at the Secor/ Bancroft intersection and was wondering if they had been replaced in other areas. I didn't get the greatest look at it, but it was blue in color and stated "International Award Winning City" (or something close to that).

Clinton Advisor: Indianans "Shit", "Worthless White N*rs"

Troy Neff Show: Frank Szollosi Takes Issue with Jennifer Johnson

Troy and Frank Szollosi do a week in review of Toledo politics every Friday.
In this weeks interview, Frank takes issue Jennifer Johnson, the Manager of Real Estate for the City of Toledo, with her information on the Erie Street Market Tetra Tech deal

Frank Szollosi

Troy Neff Show: Breaking News from Michael Miller of the Toledo Free Press.

Troy gets a call from Michael Miller of the Toledo Free Press to address the suspension of associate vice president for Human Resources at the University of Toledo, Crystal Dixon. Crystal wrote an article in the Toledo Free Press “Gay rights and wrongs: another perspective” which lead to her suspension.

Husband and wife are now in a "Civil Partnership, due to husbands sex change.

When Emma Martin and Linda Packer married in a civil partnership, they were taking part in a social revolution that has been enshrined in law since 2005.

But theirs was a particularly modern relationship, as the couple had tied the knot previously as husband and wife.

Woman, 75, gets phone call about her funeral arrangements

METHUEN — Rose Griffin is not dead, so the call from someone trying to arrange her funeral was a bit of a shock. The Methuen woman got the call at a late hour Friday night from someone looking for her son, who was not there.

When an irate Griffin used her caller ID to call back, the man informed her he was a funeral director trying to make arrangements for her son's dead mother.

The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking. ~J.K. Galbraith

It's not easy to think for yourself sometimes. Often it's easier to listen to the people "in charge" tell you what they want you to believe without any critical questions being asked. No one wants to appear to be an ass after all. But without the critical questions and often negative appraisal we are left with people following like lambs to the slaughter.

Troy Neff Show: Another Show Full of Interviews You Can't Miss

Yet again the newsmakers make the Troy Neff Show the most in depth, informative, and fair morning talk show on the airwaves.
First up Jennifer Johnson, the Manager of Real Estate for the City of Toledo, gives Troy the inside scoop on the Erie Street Market Tetra Tech deal.
Then Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken gives his thoughts on the LCIC and the Dog Warden.

Lucas County Dog Warden Warns of Escalating Dog Bite Numbers

A 13-year old West Toledo boy suffered puncture wounds and a broken arm this week due to a pit bull attack. The injuries required surgery. The boy also suffered lacerations to his ear. This is just one of a recent rash of dog bite incidents that increase as the weather gets warmer.

Trash-to-power plant proposed in Erie Twp.

Erie Township officials hope to replace the city's landfill with a "plasma arc gasified" power plant in the next two years.

SunCrest Energy LLC, a Michigan company, signed a host-community agreement with the township to operate the proposed 100-megawatt plant. The $500 million facility would create 140 jobs.

US Air Force calls for mission to combat global warming

"The US air force will this week call for the world's top scientists to come together in a 21st-century Apollo-style programme to develop greener fuels and tackle global warming. It wants universities, governments, companies and environmental groups to collaborate on a multibillion-dollar effort to work out greenhouse gas emissions of existing and future fuels.

Still no 'mission accomplished'

President Bush declares the end of major combat in Iraq aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln in 2003

The banner was said to have been the Navy's idea

President Bush did not say "Mission Accomplished" on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln off San Diego on 1 May five years ago. But the banner above him did.

And the picture of those two words said more than the 1,829 words of his speech.

America's Most Polluted Cities Revealed

Pittsburgh, America's "Steel City," snagged a second designation — albeit a negative one — this week when, for the first time, the American Lung Association designated it the most air-polluted U.S. city.

Great Minds Think.............................................For Themselves

Sheep follow the leader. People should think for themselves. Take the facts as you know them and make up your own mind. Attend meetings so you can see for yourself what the politicians say and how they behave. For too long citizens have relied on what politicians say in front of a microphone or camera when we all know quite often they are covering something up.

Dinosaur dung sells at NYC auction for nearly $1,000

NEW YORK (AP) - A pile of dinosaur dung 130 million years old sold at a New York auction Wednesday for nearly $1,000.

The prehistoric deposit fetched $960, said a spokeswoman for Bonhams New York. Its pre-auction estimate was $450.

The fossilized dung is from the Jurassic era, the auction house said. It looks like a rock on the outside and a colorful mineral inside.

Chilean town giving free Viagra to senior citizens

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) - A working class suburb of Chile's capital began handing out free Viagra to senior citizens on Wednesday. Lo Prado Mayor Gonzalo Navarrete said he launched the program because "an active sexuality improves the overall quality of life."

Why alcohol makes us do stupid things


Why alcohol makes us do stupid things

A few glasses of alcohol - enough to reach the drink-drive limit - are enough to rob drinkers of their fears so they are more likely to take risks, concludes a brain scan study that provides a vivid insight into "Dutch courage."

Examples of the faces participants in the alcohol study were shown

From My Seat In The Grandstand.............

After reading the entire business plan and attending the council meeting Tuesday, I am more convinced than ever that the ESM is not a viable business. The plan as written by a recent grad of UT contains no real specifics on how the plan will be implemented but rather is a rehash of ideas tried within the last dozen years.

Troy Neff Show: Great Minds Think Alike.

While other hosts were grandstanding at city council, Troy and his producer booked a show full of news makers. Here is an interview with Commissioner Ben Konop.

Who let the dogs out? Troy has a little fun with Commissioner Ben Konop about his theme song.

Konop talks about putting the freeze on the Lucas County dog warden's door-to-door inspections.

Workplace Ethics

Workplace Ethics!
Does anyone know who to contact regarding workplace standards in regards to treatment of employees and equal paid sick days and the like. As in one employee getting paid sick time as stated in the employee handbook yet not others, hostile and derogatory comments causing employees to become so upset they can not function. Among other things.

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