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Marketing is urged for intermodal plan

"Toledo may have natural and man-made geographic
advantages to support developing a transportation-based economy, but
that future won't happen by itself, two local transportation leaders




We have made the Toledo View website more user friendly for those with Firefox.

You may now listen to the interviews.

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The MLK Bridge....A NEVER ending headache.

All dressed up and nowhere to go... The MLK, which just re-opened, hit a snag already..the electrical system belched and the darn thing was stuck open today. Ironically, just as the Docks were starting the "Celebration" day for the dilapidated thing's completion.


There is a new media outlet in Toledo!!!!

The Toledo View is officially here!!!!!

You may view the first edition of the Toledo View right now!!!!!

The Toledo View is a new media outlet available online!!! It consist of breaking news, editorials, citizen views, comics, classifieds and much more!!!!! It has something for the entire family...it even has a page designed for kids!!!

Ten Days That Changed Capitalism


The past 10 days will be remembered as the time the U.S. government discarded a half-century of rules to save American financial capitalism from collapse.

A wise warning to protectionists - Plain Dealer takes on Marcy and other anti-NAFTA folks

Robert Reich visited Oberlin College about a month too late. It would have nice if Bill Clinton's secretary of labor had been here before the Ohio primary, when his party's leading presidential candidates were busy bashing trade in general and the North American Free Trade Agreement in particular.

The Clean Energy Scam - lead story in Time mag this week

From his Cessna a mile above the southern Amazon, John Carter looks down on the destruction of the world's greatest ecological jewel. He watches men converting rain forest into cattle pastures and soybean fields with bulldozers and chains. He sees fires wiping out such gigantic swaths of jungle that scientists now debate the "savannization" of the Amazon.

Obama inspires racial dialogue in churches

"Sen. Barack Obama's historic
speech earlier this month in Philadelphia on race relations has
elevated the discussion about the issue to the point where it has
worked itself into the pews and pulpits of Bay Area churches.

Gianno's closing

Gianno’s At The Inn To Close, Historic Building For Sale
Hurt by sagging sales and staggering operational costs, Gianno’s at The Inn is officially closing for business and its owners have placed the building at 301 River Rd. up for sale.

It's Almost Here!!!!

The new online paper is almost here!!!! I can't wait for the release to view the first edition!

It will be available for public viewing on Monday, March 31st!!!!!!!!


I haven't been this excited since Carty became Mayor.......

Mobile phones 'more dangerous than smoking or asbestos'


"Mobile phones could kill far more people than smoking or asbestos, a study by an award-winning cancer expert has concluded. He says people should avoid using them wherever possible and that governments and the mobile phone industry must take "immediate steps" to reduce exposure to their radiation."

What is the Number One Best Reason to vote for any of the Candiates? And Worst?

I realize I have been very negative about all the presidential candiates. And I also realize, that I am not the brightest bulb in the box & most political & economic things are way over my head. I am asking for insight here, from people who, I'm sure, know more about this stuff than I do. I do ask that you try to be brief & to the point, and not to go too far over my head.

Awesome ............Way to go Peggie!

Is It the Schools That Are Failing?
By Peggie Cypher
Special to Toledo Free Press


Is Wright Right About Racism?

Since the 1960s, bigotry has undergone an aesthetic makeover. Today, the most pernicious racists do not wear pointy hoods, scream epithets and anonymously burn crosses from behind masks. They don starched suits, recite sententious bromides and stage political lynchings before television cameras. For proof, behold the mob stalking Barack Obama's former pastor, Jeremiah Wright.

Obama fears 'on your own' society

Obama fears 'on your own' society

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Presidential candidate Barack Obama, largely ignoring his Democratic rival for now, ridiculed likely Republican nominee John McCain on Wednesday for offering "not one single idea" to help hard-pressed homeowners facing foreclosure.

Rice hails Obama race speech as "important" for U.S.

Sometimes touted as a contender for the Republican vice-presidential slot, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has aired her thoughts on race in the United States, a prominent issue in the presidential election campaign.

Swift Kids for Truth - The Pant Suit

This video is no longer available.

I can't believe how mean and nasty the race has become :)

Cats chase bear up tree - now I know why I have no bears in my neighborhood

Lindsay Webb Delivers - March 2008 Quarterly Report

Lindsay Webb Delivers For District 6



District 6 Streets Set For Improvement

In cooperation with the City Engineering Services Department I am pleased list the following streets are scheduled for improvement in 2008:

102nd - From 290th to Summit
104th - From 290th to Summit

Maggie Thurber on WSPD

Is anyone even listening to WSPD anymore?

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