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Life Management in The U.S. (I heard they're coming for you next)

Not in the U.K. this time-and , no, this is , sadly-NOT a joke. THREE politicians came up with this sweetheart, not just one lone nut. And-Someone I know in Miss called the one assclown and spoke to him personally, figuring it was a spoof or tongue in cheek. He assured him they were dead serious.

Mississippi HOUSE BILL NO. 282

Iraqi Women Face Greater Danger, Fewer Rights


"All Things Considered, January 29, 2008 · Most everyone in Iraq has suffered because of violence, but the lives of women have been, perhaps, affected the most.

Is the U.S. Failing in Afghanistan?

"It was malice in wonderland at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
on Thursday as Bush Administration envoys insisted things are getting
better in Afghanistan, while angry lawmakers from both parties cited
facts and figures showing just the opposite. Even the senior Republican

Like Making Love to An Anorexic Ashtray

For some reason Ann Coulter came to mind. I looked at a few pictures of the Right's pin-up girl, and saw that she smokes. I began to get some images in my prurient mind, and realized that she is a good image for the Right: a smoking ashtray. Out of date, and not much pleasure. Good to the last puff?

“Where were you when Mr. Floyd Rose Crucified our police officers?”

“Where were you when Mr. Floyd Rose Crucified our police officers?”

On the Troy Neff Show, District 2 Councilman D. Michael Collins wanted to remind the community that this is not the first time Mr. Floyd Rose has attempted to bring the city to its knees.

Audio Link

Hear the rest of the interview at our website:

Would You Vote For Bush Again If It Were Allowed (Repeal 22nd Amendment)

I just saw Huckabee's latest Fundraising Ad

Whattya think? I think it should appeal to his potential supporters pretty good, but that's just me.


OH Supreme Court backs red-light, speed enforecement cameras


From the Blade: COLUMBUS — In a much anticipated ruling, the Ohio Supreme Court today unanimously upheld the constitutionality of red light and speeding enforcement cameras like those employed by Toledo.

Irish, Finkbeiner and the OBC Strike Again!

Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels! I swear, you cannot take your eyes or ears off of the OBC for a single minute!


Did The Mayor Bail-Out Dreamplex As A Result of Bernard Pete Culp's Support Of The Mayor?

Is it a coincidence that several days after Bernard Pete Culp defends the Mayor that Dreamplex gets a bail-out package from a mysterious source?

George Wallace spoke the truth

Here it is election year and the preceding polls ask us who to vote for. Well, George Wallace, the former governor of Alabama, once said, "There's not a dime's worth of difference between the Democrats and Republicans." Here's a take from overseas on American politics.

What Combination Would You Want As President-Vice President From Those Running?

Who Would Make A Better Mayor of Toledo

Who Would You Vote For Today Of Those Still Running For President of the United States


Ronald Reagan Birthday Benefit for Alzheimer's Association

I hope to see you at the Reagan Birthday Benefit! It is for a good cause.

Ronald Reagan Birthday Benefit for Alzheimer's Association
Sponsored by Toledo Young Republicans Club

"We can't help everyone, but we can help someone."

Ronald Reagan

Now that John Edwards has dropped out, if the election was held tomorrow, who would get your vote?

61% (17 votes)
21% (6 votes)
18% (5 votes)
Total votes: 28

Is the Urban Coalition for or against the upcoming school levy?

15% (4 votes)
19% (5 votes)
noncoalition members for levy:
37% (10 votes)
noncoalition members against:
30% (8 votes)
Total votes: 27

Do you believe the mayor discriminates against blacks?

Interesting interviews are transpiring on the Troy Neff Show pertaining to the racial tensions in Toledo.

Check out this audio when Troy asks Art Jones (former city council member) "Do you believe the mayor discriminates against blacks?"

Also listen to the other interviews about this subject at http://www.troyneff.com

Toledo schools levy campaign kicks off, why should we vote for it?


you can read the blade article seems to me like the same old same old, but my question is, what accomplishments have been made to encourage us to vote for it?

Check the bridges you cross

Here is a useful tool to check the condition of bridges you use to go to work or you take on that next trip. Shows when it was last inspected and what the current status and condition that the bridge is in. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21840954

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