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300-pound inmate complains Ark. jail doesn't feed him well

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (AP) - An inmate awaiting trial on a murder charge is suing the county, complaining he has lost more than 100 pounds because of the jailhouse menu.

Broderick Lloyd Laswell says he isn't happy that he's down to 308 pounds after eight months in the Benton County jail. He has filed a federal lawsuit complaining the jail doesn't provide inmates with enough food.

Iran warns of dangerous Barbie dolls

arbie dolls are having “destructive” social and cultural consequences in Iran, the country’s top prosecutor has warned.

"The irregular importation of such toys, which unfortunately arrive through unofficial sources and smuggling, is destructive culturally and a social danger," Ghorban Ali Dori Najafabadi wrote in a letter to Parviz Davoudi, Iran’s vice-president.

Taming electric rates

LEGISLATION that cleared the General Assembly this past week won't prevent higher electric bills for Ohioans, but - and here's the good news - the increases won't be as great as the utilities wanted.

Toledo 'Blade' Editor's Help To Mayor Questioned

I happened to come across this article at Editor and Publisher tonight. Ok it is 20 days old, but still, it is interesting to say the least.

NEW YORK Did Dave Murray of The Blade in Toledo, Ohio, cross an ethical line when he agreed to review a presentation the mayor was preparing for an international competition?

Toledo Blade Reach Dropping

The Toledo Blade was a part of a report by Scarborough Research titled: 2008 Newspaper Audience Rating Report as noted in Editor and Publisher today. It looked at the reach of a newspaper in a particular market through its Web site and print. The Toledo Blade print reach decreased 5% from the year before (from 58% to 53%).


Via E-mail:

Meet the MyOhioNow partner on Thursday 5/1

Troy Neff Show: Monday with Frank and the Review of Toledo

Troy Neff Show: Monday with Frank and the Review of Toledo.

Frank Szollosi is usually on every Friday for his segment Review of Toledo. Due to circumstances the interview had to be pushed back to today. Frank gives his take on Tetra Tech Inc and the Erie Street Market.

Frank Szollosi

Efforts prop up sagging 'jewel' in Toledo's Polish district

In the best theatrical tradition, the shows will go on - even if the theater's facade threatens to crash into the street at any moment.

But it'll take more than a weak wall to keep the Ohio Theatre's trustees from closing the curtains one last time.

"We are staying open," declares Michael Nelson, president of The Ohio Theatre Inc.

Troy Neff Show: The Ultimate Warrior Returns to the Ring

On the show Troy interviews the Ultimate Warrior about his return to the wrestling ring. With a career in public speaking the Warrior talks to young athletes about avoiding the abuse of steroids. Included in the interview Troy asks a question from a listener (tommy) about how he feels about wrestling a known homosexual.

Rick Stager To Be Oregons New Permanent Police Chief

A few weeks ago Rick Stager announced at Oregons Annual Police Awards Banguet that he was accepting Mayor Browns offer to become the permanent acting Police Chief. After speaking with almost (NOT all but most) all of the members of Oregons Police Department everyone I spoke is very supportive in this decision.

Trinny and Susannah strip off for 'living art'

Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine appear to have new advice on what not to wear - any clothes at all.
# How about that: More weird stories from around the world

The fashion presenters stripped off alongside hundreds of other volunteers to help create a giant "living sculpture" on the side of a hill near Lewes, Sussex.
Trinny and Susannah

man accused of switching water bottle's UPC_code with $500 TV

KIRKSVILLE - A Kirksville man faces a felony indictment after trying to purchase a LCD television for less than $3 by allegedly replacing its UPC code with that of a water bottle.

Reginald Newman, 44, was indicted Monday by the Adair County Grand Jury and has been charged with attempted stealing by deceit.

McCain now knows "We're Strong for Toledo"?

From the Wall Street Journal. Ok who taught McCain and Carly Fiorina? Fess up.
The campaign trail is perhaps a more spontaneous environment than Ms. Fiorina's executive past. Wednesday in Kentucky, she climbed aboard the "Straight Talk Express," and Sen. McCain quickly summoned her to sing "We're Strong for Toledo," a century-old song he had learned the night before.

The Jon Stainbrook Saga told by Staind

Jon Stainbrook runs against Larry Kaczala - Mudshovel

Stainbrook being on the outside of the party after not winning the primary and burning bridges - Outside

To Keith, this one goes out to you

18 months is a long time my friend

Man Robbed During a Time of Grief

On 13abc:
WTVG -- He had just lost his brother at Hospice of Northwest Ohio along Detroit Avenue when his car gets broken into.

This weekend a man was robbed during a time of grief. He had just lost his brother at Hospice of Northwest Ohio along Detroit Avenue. While there, his car was broken into.


Have any SwampBubblers utilized the services of the Angelfood Ministries. My Mom did this month. We picked her groceries up from the Maumee Senior Center. What I thought was a program for struggling families is actually open to anybody with $30.00 to plop down for approximately $60.00 worth of food.

Recent Site Changes

I recently made 3 changes:
1. I created some local groups based upon location, which will allow you to talk about area specific news and events.
2. "Recent Comments" on steroids.

The Toledo View - This Week

This week on the Toledo View:

Judge Tim Kuhlman talks about crime in Toledo, Stryker Corrections Center, racism within the justice system, and so much more!

Also controversial editorials entitled:

"Toledo, A City With a Lust For Titles and Accolades"

"Why I Hate Black People"

"God Damn America, The Truth"

"The Media Is Full Of Dirty Tricks"

Global Food Crisis? It's the corporations fault

From the "scratching your head" desk, in the Philadelphia Enquirer:
The global food system feeds gluttonous corporations first

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