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Toledo Has Nice Teeth

Men's Health Magazine listed the best and worst teeth in the nation. Toledo placed as having the 23rd nicest teeth. Madison, WI finished first....and Lubbock, TX has the worst teeth. You may not see Toledo in this link...but the hard copy has the complete list.


Troy Neff Show: Council Members React to Last Nights 6 Hour Council Meeting

Michael Collins, Lindsay Webb, Betty Shultz and Mark Sobczak tell Troy their view on last nights 6 hour council meeting.

Council votes to hike trash fee, cut cost for recyclers [blade]

Merci, Jean LeCain

Fur Starts to Fly in Political Catfight

It's turning into a real catfight among the candidates as the following videos show. I've never seen such below-the-belt punching and dirty insinuations.

Hillary Clinton: Reverand Wright Would Not Have Been My Pastor

Here is a summary of the statement that Hillary made about Obama's minister. What do you think? Is it an issue?

Hillary Clinton - Bosnia Did Not Happen

Here is the video of Hillary mentioning that Bosnia did not happen. Is this a big deal for you? Does it tarnish your image? Sound off...

Teenagers who attend religious services weekly or more have the highest GPA - sample size 16,000


Marcy Kaptur on the Trans America Highway and NAFTA

I believe this is several years old. I sense frustration :).

Clarification on a miniscule amount of money and the essential trash fee

Dear Citizens,

I would like to clarify a few things for you. In the 3/22 Blade I said:

Colleges get $66 million in earmarks

Many earmarks to Ohio colleges were sponsored by more than one lawmaker.

Of those that were directed to individual schools, Republican Sen. George V. Voinovich and Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur, of Toledo, tied for the most, with 16. Voinovich's name was on $13.3 million, and Kaptur's was on $12.5 million.

AP Joins the Kwame Kilpatrick 'Name That Party' Parade

Here at NewsBusters yesterday, Brent Baker, Ken Shepherd, and Scott Whitlock noted now the TV networks, with rare exception, avoided calling indicted Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick a Democrat.

UT wins 3rd Frontier Grant

University of Toledo, located in Toledo (Lucas County) was awarded $250,000 for its Novel Cellulosic Biomass Fermentation Process for Ethanol Production project. The University of Toledo has developed and patented a fermentation process using technology that has been successful in fermenting both glucose and xylose sugars.

Council votes to raise trash tax

Sticking with the punitive way of encouraging bad behavior, council raised the trash tax to $7, lowered the fee for those who recycle by $1. But we are all still paying the fee.

You can read the Blade report at:


I finally have more info. on the new online paper!!!!!!! I tried to tell you that is was not a joke!!!!!

The paper is coming!!!!!

The online paper will be released to the public on Monday, March 31, 2008.

The name of the paper is called, "The Toledo View."

You can go to the website for more information on the interviews they have obtained for the first edition.

Troy Neff Show: Judge Kuhlman Reacts to Michael Collins

In case you missed the show today Judge Kuhlman was not a happy man when it comes to Toledo City Councilman Michael Collins. Listen and find out why.

Tim Kuhlman

Check out more interviews @:

"We don't have confidence."

Toledo City Council's arduous debate over the city's monthly refuse fee dragged on yesterday with no resolution in sight.


Nearly 10% of Ohio on food stamps.

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that the number of Ohioans on food stamps has doubled since 2001.


Detroit's Mayor charged w/8 counts......

Updated video included- Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and former chief of staff Christine Beatty surrendered to Wayne County authorities this afternoon after Prosecutor Kym Worthy charged them today with perjury, obstruction, conspiracy and misconduct. Kilpatrick said that he expects "full and complete vindication."


Toledo Green Collar Jobs on CNN

Watch the CNN segment on Green Collar Jobs in Toledo in the embedded video below. It is a good story and worth the almost 3 minutes.

Is Jon Stainbrook ruining his trust?

For those of you who are on "the Net" and in tune with politics, you know Jon recently posted some videos of Lucas County Party Executive Director Joanne Wack where she was talking in a conversation, took snippets of the conversation and posted it on Youtube. Apparently there is 45 minutes of it, although the clips that have been posted really don't make any shocking revelations.

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