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Troy Neff Show: George Sarantou and Bill Franklin Join Troy to Talk About the Budget

Troy interviews Toledo City Councilman George Sarantou and the Director of Public Services, Bill Franklin, about budget cuts, the trash fee, and other issues.

George Sarantou

Bill Franklin

SOCIALIZED MEDICINE: Let's Try a Dose. We're Bound to Feel Better

"Socialized medicine" is the bogeyman that just won't die. The epithet has been hurled at every national health plan since the New Deal -- even Medicare, which critics warned would strip Americans of their freedom.

Attention Democrats-if your candidate is not nominated will you vote for John McCain?

Email to Councilman Craig on Road Repaving for District 3 S. Toledo

Dissapointed in the road repair schedule for S. Toledo district 3 I submitted this email to Councilman Mike Craig:

Mr. Craig,

As a resident of South Toledo I was very disappointed in learning that only .43 miles of roads in S. Toledo District 3 are to be repaved this year; a total of 4.31 miles of East Toledo streets are to be repaved.

STS-123 Night time landing

Space Shuttle Endeavour lands at Kennedy Space Center on March 27, 2008 after being in space for 16 days

...Thought you might enjoy this video.

New marine passenger terminal might welcome the Boyer

"To create a Toledo Maritime Center, to relay our past, present and future of Toledo's waterfront, which is essentially the foundation of our community," explained Paul LaMarre, the Boyer's executive director and special assistant to the Port Authority president.

I'm back!

I've been out of town for a while. Has anyone heard anything about a new newspaper coming or something?

Totally kidding...

Post Beep Codes on a Compaq EVO D310M

Ok...here is a stumper. I have an Old Compaq EVO D310m PC. It has been an "Old Faithful" box never acting up or crashes. In the lifespan of this box I have upgraded the memory, video card, added a DVD writer. Recently I decided to add a second HD. I set the jumpers on the HD to Cable Select and attached Disk 1 connector (Closest to the controller) to the drive.

Has the format of SB changed? Or is it my computer? Not happy with it at al.

Has the format of Swampbubbles changed - so only a small few topics are posted now?

Jobs scarce in area in 2007, data show; unemployment rate averaged 6.4%


For former auto worker Jerry Brockway, the trail of temporary jobs has stretched from Toledo to Romulus, Mich.

Toledo Has Nice Teeth

Men's Health Magazine listed the best and worst teeth in the nation. Toledo placed as having the 23rd nicest teeth. Madison, WI finished first....and Lubbock, TX has the worst teeth. You may not see Toledo in this link...but the hard copy has the complete list.


Troy Neff Show: Council Members React to Last Nights 6 Hour Council Meeting

Michael Collins, Lindsay Webb, Betty Shultz and Mark Sobczak tell Troy their view on last nights 6 hour council meeting.

Council votes to hike trash fee, cut cost for recyclers [blade]

Merci, Jean LeCain

Fur Starts to Fly in Political Catfight

It's turning into a real catfight among the candidates as the following videos show. I've never seen such below-the-belt punching and dirty insinuations.

Hillary Clinton: Reverand Wright Would Not Have Been My Pastor

Here is a summary of the statement that Hillary made about Obama's minister. What do you think? Is it an issue?

Hillary Clinton - Bosnia Did Not Happen

Here is the video of Hillary mentioning that Bosnia did not happen. Is this a big deal for you? Does it tarnish your image? Sound off...

Teenagers who attend religious services weekly or more have the highest GPA - sample size 16,000


Marcy Kaptur on the Trans America Highway and NAFTA

I believe this is several years old. I sense frustration :).

Clarification on a miniscule amount of money and the essential trash fee

Dear Citizens,

I would like to clarify a few things for you. In the 3/22 Blade I said:

Colleges get $66 million in earmarks

Many earmarks to Ohio colleges were sponsored by more than one lawmaker.

Of those that were directed to individual schools, Republican Sen. George V. Voinovich and Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur, of Toledo, tied for the most, with 16. Voinovich's name was on $13.3 million, and Kaptur's was on $12.5 million.

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