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3 ex-city officials sue Toledo, Mayor Each seek $1Million, their former jobs

Go to the attached link for the story or Section B page 3 of the Toledo Blade


Lying? Your face will give you away: study

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - Liars might think they are good at covering up their deceit but a new Canadian study shows there's one thing they can't control that will give them away -- flashes of emotion in their faces.

Troy Neff Show: Keith Wilkowski plans to run for mayor.

Troy Neff Show: Keith Wilkowski plans to run for mayor.

Keith Wilkowski spoke first on the Troy Neff Show regarding his plans to run for mayor.

Keith Wilkowski



Church applies for drinks licence

A vicar is to apply for a drinks licence so he can sell wine and beer at his small village church.

The Reverend Geraint ap Iorwerth could be made licensee of St Peter ad Vincula Church in Pennal, near Machynlleth, close to the Powys-Gwynedd border.

He joked that there were plans to serve more than just spirits, though, with lager and wine on the menu too.

Md. officials propose rationing inmates' toilet paper

ROCKVILLE, Md. (AP) - Labor leaders are recommending that Montgomery County ration toilet paper for inmates to help save costs. The request comes as council members try to resolve a $297 million budget deficit.

The president of the union that represents Montgomery County government employees has given council members a six-page memo of recommended budget cuts suggested by some of the workers.

Fred LeFebvre of 1370 WSPD Is Hooked On Posting

Intelligent interview with candidate for mayor of Toledo. Keith Wilkowski says he wants to be mayor of the city of Toledo. Yes it's early at 18 months but don't expect tv spots or constant press conferences just yet. Wilkowski wants to build an organization and funds for the expected run. Listen to the interview on the podcast page at www.wspd.com later today.

Stainbrook Police report and story

I was faxed a copy of the police report. There are some interesting details in here about steamy windows and a belt. I will tell you a story if I have time later tonight about my run in with the UT police in 2000 and you can compare and contrast situations.

You can read the Toledo Free Press story at:

Toledo Blade Story:

Waxman Sham Hearing Distorts Abstinence Education Benefits

Waxman Sham Hearing Distorts Abstinence Education Benefits

"Chairman Henry Waxman's hostility to abstinence education, heedless of studies showing positive outcomes, is exhibited by this biased hearing. Chairman Waxman invited seven witnesses who are ideologically opposed to abstinence education, and only two witnesses in favor of abstinence education programs.

Another Damn Post From Fred LeFebvre of 1370 WSPD

I feel so dirty posting this and abusing Chris' website. Keith Wilkowski will be a guest tomorrow at 7a to talk about the Odesky poll, his run for mayor, and the mayor's reaction which is an interesting read in and of itself. Off to the showers.

Godfather-style horse's head left for politician

A horse’s head has been found outside the office of an Italian politician, in a scene reminiscent of The Godfather.

An anonymous call alerted police to the macabre discovery which outside deputy mayor Vincenzo Pomes’ office in Osturni, near Bari. Mr Pomes, a centre left politician, said: “There is no explanation for such a stupid act.

Godfather-style horse's head left for policeman

Bikini jeans are meant to be like this

this is a story that you need to click on the site to see the jeans.......

It's a design for the really slim or really brave woman - ultra low-rise jeans with a built-in bikini or thong.

The Brazilian-made trousers would not look out of place among the bronzed bodies on

Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro but their effect on the British high street has yet to be seen.

Adolf Hitler dolls to go on sale

Adolf Hitler dolls to go on sale in Ukraine

A toy manufacturer in the Ukraine has made headlines by announcing it will sell dolls of the former German dictator Adolf Hitler.
# How About That?: Weird news from around the world

The 16in figurine - complete with moveable arms to reproduce Hitler's infamous salute - will first go on sale in the capital Kiev, local media reported.

stainbrook arrested?


found the following on the municourt site...




Due in court on 4/30/08

Is it time for a change?

Chris, I have watched the postings of the two rasio hosts with sime concern. Both Troy and Fred are paid for the work thry are promoting on this blog. How do you feel about this? How do others out thre feel?

An exclusive On The Troy Neff Show: Mike Collins and Phil Copeland

Mike Collins seems surprisingly excited about the sale of the Erie Street Market to Tetra Tech and Phil discusses seniors potentially not having to pay the trash tax.

Mike Collins

Phil Copeland

Fred LeFebvre of WSPD With Brian Mcmahon On Intermodal Facility

This morning on the most listened to talk show in Northwest Ohio Brian McMahon laid out the reasons an intermodal facility for this area is critical. Thousancs of jobs and millions of dollars await this area if the constant bickering between city-county-township can be set aside.

Opinion In Texas compound case, 4 questions need answers

"Last week's public hearings in the sensational case were longer on suspicions than hard evidence. Since then, the authorities have clamped down even on basic information that should not be sensitive — such as the ages and genders of those removed.

Sale of Erie Street Market part of multimillion-dollar deal

Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner today is expected to announce a tentative, multimillion-dollar agreement with California-based Tetra-Tech to purchase several city-owned parcels, including the Erie Street Market, as part of plans to develop a Toledo Riverwalk near downtown.

Man superglues condom to penis to save on safe sex!

A Romanian man needed some help after his 'great idea' started to feel not so great. He had superglued his condom to his penis.
The 43-year-old father-of-five told doctors he and his wife didn't want any more children. Their obvious solution was to start using condoms, but the condoms Nicolae Popovici's wife bought were a bit 'roomy'.

Love motel for dogs

A love motel in Soa Paulo has opened for amorous dogs. The love motel offers decorated rooms for dogs of pet owners who are concerned for their animal's needs.
Robson Marinho, owner of a pet shop, built the air-conditioned room on the second floor and hung a sign that reeds "Pet Love Motel".

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