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The Creation Museum, the world's largest museum that looks at Earth's history from a

The Creation Museum, the world's largest museum that looks at Earth's history from a biblical perspective, continues to attract more visitors than expected and to offer extra attractions.

UT president proposes student-centered approach for customizing education

And I hope he will lead the way ! changes are needed. Chris writes about needed change too.

UT's president, Dr. Lloyd Jacobs, in his annual address, tells the campus community that it is time to move away from the lock-step curriculum and find ways to meet the individual needs of today's learners.

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Police say man in wheelchair robbed bank


PALO ALTO, Calif. - Palo Alto police are looking for a bank robber who favors a decidedly slow-speed getaway vehicle — an electric wheelchair. Police said a man in his 60s with gray hair and a beard held up the Wachovia Bank branch at the Stanford Shopping Center late this afternoon with a black handgun.

Husbands add seven hours to women's housework load each week, University of Michigan study says

Bruce Leppien of Ann Arbor was married for 64 years before his wife, Irene, died last July.

According to a new University of Michigan study, Leppien created about 23,296 hours of extra housework for his wife in those six plus decades.

That's more than 2.5 years of cleaning.

"OK," Leppien said with a chuckle. "It's probably true. ... What are we going to do about it?"

Julia Bates: How Long Will You Deny Danny Brown His Day in Court?

Another year has passed, and still Julia Bates refuses to make a decision on Danny Brown, the Toledo man who was wrongly convicted in 1982 of a rape-murder.

Our Confusing Economy, Explained

Interesting Podcast, Professor highlights part of the financial mess brought on by deregulation and off book deals.

"Perplexed by the U.S. economy? You're not alone. Law professor Michael Greenberger joins Fresh Air to explain the sub-prime mortgage crisis, credit defaults, the shaky future of other types of loans and what we can expect from the U.S. financial markets.

Dark Horse Candidate?


Bob Barr Weighing Presidential Run
by FOXNews.com


Spartan sells assets of area Pharm stores to Rite Aid

Spartan Stores Inc. said Thursday that has a deal with Rite Aid Corp. to sell “certain assets” of 12 of its 14 Pharm stores in northwest Ohio.

Bye, Bye Wilson


Special on CNN tonight

Eyewitness to Murder - The King Assassination

No one has ever accused Toledo's Mayor.....

of bumping off an exotic dancer....not to mention those pesky text messages. Here's a comprehensive timeline of Detroit's difficulty with THEIR Mayor. (Makes me feel kinda' good about ours)

Kwame Kilpatrick: A mayor in crisis

Detroit Public Schools/Small Schools/Freep opinion piece and fierce debate

Fix failing schools
Calloway's Detroit plan aims to serve students better

April 3, 2008

When Detroit Public Schools Superintendent Connie Calloway took the job, she said she'd be a leader driven by sound data, not by tradition or community pressure.

(started some serious online debate)


Rodeo Bar owners cited for over-serving Gagnon

Back from the dead

From CNNMoney.com

Back from the dead

Foreclosure action filed on former Hillcrest Hotel

For the Umpteenth time - can someone PLEASE explain why the HELL the City of Toledo keeps sticking its head and OUR tax dollars into private enterprise???


Default on $4M outstanding mortgage used to pay revenue bonds

Conservatives lead in earmarks


Congressional conservatives have waged a high-profile war on earmarks this year, only to be undermined by conservatives who enjoy their pet projects. Today, Citizens Against Government Waste released their 2008 Pig Book, a database of earmarks used in the 110th Congress. The top earmarkers? Republicans:

Fixing the mess

Here is a thoughtful series of articles from Slate that outline what we should do to repair the mess we have created both at home and in our foreign policy. You don't have to agree with every point, but the overall thrust is that we have let things go too far and we need to fix them.

* End the imperial presidency
* End the war on terror as a legal paradigm.
* Abolish military commissions.

In 2007

The year wouldn't be complete without a JibJab 2007 Year in Review. And what 2007 Year in Review would be complete without Britney Spears, Alberto Gonzalez, Michael Vick and the almighty iPhone? This funny animation has them all, and so much more!

House Bill 519 Will Make Parents Volunteer at School or Face Fine

It's no secret that schools need volunteers in order to do more for students, but one proposed law in Indiana would make it a requirement for parents to volunteer at their children's school.

Parent Darlene Boyd has been volunteering at her grandchildren's school for six years. If the state legislature passes House Bill 519, she'll have a lot of company, Cleveland station WEWS reports.

50,000 Marchers or more coming to Lima, OH...could this be a repeat of what happened in Jena????

A radio talk-show host pledged to organize 50,000 marchers from across the country to protest a fatal police shooting on the eve of an officer’s trial in Lima, OH.

This could be bigger than the Jena rally!!!!!!

Read more on the Toledo View...it is posted on the main page.


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