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Did Carty Lie About the Griffin, Daugherty Morehead Investigations?

The February 13, 2008 Toledo Journal says Carty and his senior staff lied and obstructed the investigation of the Ohio Civil Rights Commission of the Griffin, Daugherty, Morehead cases. I read the article this morning and it is very revealing and disturbing.

Troy Neff Show – Troy interviews Mayor Finkbeiner about Marines

Troy Neff asks the Mayor why the Marines prefer Toledo for training.

Troy interviews Mayor Carty Finkbeiner

Troy Neff Show:


Scalia Gives OK to Torture

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia says torture (aggressive interrogation, in his words) is o.k., such as "stick[ing] something under the fingernail, smack[ing] him in the face". The London interview concluded with Scalia saying that he is not really a "tough guy". "I'm very tender," he said.

When The War Hits Home In the eventuality of nationwide martial law

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dell Laptop

OK...I am about to TRASH this laptop. For a duo core processor this PC is as slow as the coming of a Carty apology. I cannot get a streaming video sound to work even though I have updated all the Microsoft patches for Windows and the Media player. The computer freezes up and only a forced reboot will clear it.

INVASION OF AMERICA: OPERATION URBAN WARROR - Maybe more to Marine 'training' than meets the eye?

Research & think hard, before leaping to conclusions about Marine training in this country. Under the training exercises such as "urban-patrol", "bomb disposal", "toxic waste disposal", several counties across the country have been infiltrated by military, often times working hand in hand w/police.

Toledo Technology Academy gearing up for national competition

Toledo Technology Academy is gearing up for a national competition. The students built a robot that will be unveiled at 6:00. Students will enter the robot in the 2008 first robotic competition. It's been built by students with help from mentors from the Dana Corporation.

Is it smart for Ron Paul go for the NASCAR vote?

Yes, they're just as important as any group you elitist
100% (2 votes)
No, going for what many consider the lowest common denominator a losing tactic
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 2

Voinovich votes for telcom amnesty. Weak on civil liberty...

The Senate on Tuesday approved new rules for government eavesdropping on phone calls and e-mails, giving the White House much of the latitude it wanted and granting legal immunity to telecommunications companies...[more]

Who is one the A-Team?

We keep hearing about A-Team and B-Team Democrats in Toledo. Who exactly are on the A-Team and the B-Team? What makes the teams tick? Are they playing to the unions, the the Blade, or to the Boogieman?

WSPD Interviews today about Carty and the Marines

If you did not already listen to it today, WSPD had some interesting interviews today.

Jack Smith responds to Carty trashing him on WJR

Please listen:

The first two minutes are especially interesting. If this doesn't confirm that the man has a mental problem, I don't know what does:


Toledo council resolution apologizes to Marines

"Toledo City Council Tuesday afternoon adopted by
a 12-0 vote a resolution apologizing to the 200 members of Company A,
1st Battalion, 24 Marines for their treatment last week in the city and
thanking them for their service to the nation."

Protesters off to early start outside Berkeley City Council chambers

"The Berkeley City
Council tonight is scheduled to revisit the council's Jan. 29 approval
of a resolution calling the U.S. Marines' recruiting office on Shattuck
Avenue "uninvited and unwelcome intruders." The vote was 6-3 in favor.


There will be a special TPS board meeting tomorrow February 13, 2008 at 7:30 AM to discuss the procedure for filling the vacancy left by Robert Torres.

Feds to unveil new mortgage-help plan

"WASHINGTON - At-risk borrowers with all types of mortgages, not
just high-cost subprime loans, could be eligible for help under a new
plan involving six big home lenders. The plan, called Project Lifeline,
will be announced Tuesday by the Treasury Department and the Department of Housing and Urban Development,

9/11 charges to test military legal system

"WASHINGTON — The plan announced by the Pentagon on Monday to seek
the death penalty against six suspects accused of planning and
organizing the Sept. 11 attacks could be complicated by the recent
acknowledgment that one of the men was the subject of waterboarding.

Toledo revenues soar from economic zones

"The city of Toledo's revenue last year from
tax-sharing agreements with other communities increased sharply after
dipping a year earlier.
The city so far has collected $913,596 for 2007 from its joint economic
development zones and districts with Maumee, Perrysburg, Rossford, and
Monclova Township.

The Marine Miscommunication

I live downtown. Friday afternoon an elderly woman who lives in my building was extremely scared because she believed a "terrorist incident" occurred a few blocks away. As the panic quickly spread through the building, I investigated and found out that it was simply a military exercise being set-up but I hadn’t heard anything about it either. Not one thing.

To Frank and all you Baboons

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