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North Baltimore rail project may put Wood County village on track

NORTH BALTIMORE — A few years ago, North Baltimore was pumped and primed to bring new businesses to town.

Should Crystal Dixon have been terminated from her job at the University of Toledo ?

Scores are leaving homosexuality

This whole Crystal Dixon item has alot of posts . There is a plethora of websites helping those who want to get out of homosexuality to do so. I simply want to highlight many medical professionals who challenge the dogma that seems to be written in stone that this 'is from birth' .

This week on the Toleo View



Brandon Tucker - Talks about Toledo's youth.

George Sarantou - Talks about the state of Toledo, and Toledo's future.

Dr. Morris Jenkins - Talks about gangs and the importance of education.

A twist to the story of James Arthur

So we have heard about the story of the Republican precinct chair that lives in Michigan, but won a Toledo seat. His name is James Arthur.

You can read more at:

Rainy Sunday

As I sit here at Beaner's (err...Biggby's) enjoying a grande size $3.00 Latte (and their Free Wi-Fi) on this Sunday morning, the sound of rain hitting the window panes and the Sweet Jazz emiting from the sound system I am immersed in a Sea of Tranquility far away and outside the world of Political Talking heads on the TV, the reading of the latest escapades of Mayor Finkbeiner in the Toledo Blade

Annoyance Awards

I am awarding the first annual "Annoyance Awards" today. After several weeks of judging, it has become clear who deservedly should win them.

Strickland to be vice presidential choice regardless of nominee?

This in from Real Clear Politics.com:

A footnote: Support is growing in Democratic ranks for Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland as vice president. He would bring to the ticket maturity (66 years old), experience (six terms in Congress) and moderation (rated "A" by the National Rifle Association). He is very popular in Ohio, a state Republicans must carry to elect a president.

Ohio Dems strip attorney general of endorsement


May 10, 2008


hi girls!!!!

Southwyck, or The Moldy Oldies?

It started with this article, http://toledoblade.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080507/NEWS16/805070412, in the Toledo Blade. And today we have another reporting the city government gives the management of Southwyck 72 hours to ensure the public is protected from the areas contaminated with asbestos and mold. Is this just another ploy to gain control of the dying mall?

McCain's pastor?


Gagnon getting a plea deal? Duh, he's in Lucas County!

An Adrian man accused of killing five members of a Maryland family in a wrong-way crash on I-280 will enter a plea Friday in Lucas County Common Pleas Court.

Only in the Lucas County Judicial System can you kill an entire family, get caught red-handed at the scene and get a plea deal.

Stamp Out Hunger food drive this Saturday. Leave canned food by your mailbox for your mailcarrier to take

to a local food bank.
This video is of my fellow mail carrier Rebecca . Chris , how do I copy a video clip to paste on a story ?

Letter carriers are banding together to Stamp Out Hunger with their annual food drive.

CSX terminal forecast to be a jobs magnet

BOWLING GREEN - While a planned CSX Transportation rail terminal near North Baltimore, Ohio, will employ only about 100 people, thousands more jobs will arrive when transportation-oriented businesses locate nearby, railroad representatives said yesterday during a briefing for Wood County and local officials.

Mammogram Assistance Program


Wanted to spread the word about a free mammogram program.

The Mercy Mammogram Assistance Program is giving away 225 mammograms to women who meet the following criteria:

- 40 years of age or older
- No medical insurance; or
- Underinsured (have an insurance co-pay or deductible beyond your financial means
- No other resource s to pay for a mammogram

Maryland: 13-yr old Tries To Rape Assistant Principal


Looks like we need to get Joe Clark back into schools.


Michigan soon to have own smoking ban

Another day more rights lost. Michigan's state senate voted to pass their own form of a smoking ban. All the bill needs is Granholm's signature. All those who thought they could escape Ohio's ban by hoping across the border will soon run out of options. Border bar owners rejoice, high gasoline prices may bring former customers back. Perhaps they will enforce the law as poorly as they do here.

Have you people seen this? Is it for real? .23 cents?

I love Lebron...is this a stunt? Really..take advantage people. Of course the cost of gas to get there iss more than lunch.


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