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Teens Who Warmed Up Feces In 7-11 Microwave Captured

SANDY - Three juveniles who were videotaped putting a bag of human feces in a microwave at a Salt Lake area convenience store were arrested on Thursday, police said.

Famed anti-smoker gets prison time (make my day)

I love it. Taken from Forces.org:
ADIOS, Mother-______!!! Don't drop the soap!!

EXTRA: Italian Antismoking Hero Gets Three Years

18th April 2008

Girolamo Sirchia is a perfectly sinister antismoker: hypocritical,
paternalistic, arrogant to the extreme, ex-smoker (the worst kind of
anti), fanatical ideologist, morally clueless, a born crook. He can

Hillary Clinton Still Owes the Toledo Public Schools and University of Toledo money for events

Will Hillary Clinton force us taxpayers to pay for Bill Clinton's visit to the Toledo Technology Academy and the University of Toledo ?

According to Clinton's campaign finance filing on 4/20, she still owes the Toledo Public Schools $4800 dollars. Now I am assuming it was when Bill Clinton was there, because this is the only time that Clinton held an event at the Toledo Public Schools.

Computer Scientist: E-voting paper trails are a bad idea

From CNET.com

PITTSBURGH--Many computer scientists have been arguing for years that electronic voting machines absolutely must sport paper trails that can be verified by the voter and subsequently used in manual recounts.

The story of the mystery postcards sent to central committee members saying the meeting is cancelled

There have been reports of mystery postcards being sent to Republican Central Committee persons the week there was all of that controversy about the meeting. Today I was faxed (the attached post card) from someone in the party today. Please ignore the twisting of the text; this was done by the sender's fax machine. I will try to get a cleaner copy in the next couple of days.

TARTA diesel costs could drive service cuts, hike in fares

Record-high gasoline prices may be prompting more Toledo-area commuters to try the bus, but at the same time, even pricier diesel fuel could lead to higher fares and reduced service.

Knock, Knock....Who's There? Dog Warden, Dog Warden Who?

The dog warden who's looking to make sure your dog is licensed, that's who. Starting tomorrow the Lucas County Dog Warden office will be going door to door to find dogs without licenses. Tom Skeldon will be on with me tomorrow at 7:45 to talk about it.

The "Rust Bowl" Grows


« Municipalities in Northeast Ohio are in serious trouble as what one area mayor calls "a perfect storm" of fiscal crises sinks city workers' jobs, blows away amenities and threatens to swamp residents with new taxes and fees.

Troy Neff Show: Chris Myers talks Stainbrook

On the show Chris talks John Stainbrook and the Republican Party.

Chris Myers

E-mail: troy@troyneff.com

Check out more interviews @:

DNA samples to be taken from polygamous sect kids this week

SAN ANGELO, Texas (AP) — Lab workers were set to begin taking DNA samples Monday from the more than 400 children in state custody since a raid on a polygamist compound more than two weeks ago.

20% boost in parking tickets in Toledo goals list

By the end of the year, Toledo police hope to increase parking tickets issued by 20 percent, complete a security assessment of all the city's public and parochial schools, and be able to scan license plates automatically with at least one of their patrol cars.

Ousters of 2 Ohio troopers in KKK-type photo sought

SANDUSKY - NAACP officials met recently with the top-ranking officer of the Ohio Highway Patrol to urge the firing of two troopers involved in a photo prank that included a Ku Klux Klanlike costume.


TARTA diesel costs could drive service cuts, hike in fares


Record-high gasoline prices may be prompting more Toledo-area commuters to try the bus, but at the same time, even pricier diesel fuel could lead to higher fares and reduced service.

Olympic torch relay evokes memory of Australian hoax

SYDNEY (AFP) - The arrival of the troubled Olympic torch relay in Australia next week will revive memories of a 1956 stunt in which a hoax runner fooled crowds with a homemade torch topped by flaming underpants.

Teensy thief crawls in mail flap

VIENNA (Reuters) - A thief broke into the headquarters of Austria's ruling political party by wriggling through a post flap in the front door, a party official said on Friday.

The burglar squeezed through the 35x35cm hole early on Thursday and stole laptops, mobile phones, notebooks and cash before crawling out, Catherina Straub, spokeswoman for the Social Democrats, said.

Palm Beach County man robs truck, dies when it runs over his head

ROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- Palm Beach County authorities say a man who jumped out of a stolen U-Haul truck died after it ran over his head.

A sheriff's office report says Willie Lee Thomas III was taken to a hospital early Monday morning where he was pronounced dead.

Congress set to import more foreign workers

I emailed my Congressperson about this -
Congress Set to Import More Foreign Workers.

Exclusive General Patraeus Testimony

Protesters take CNN to task over commentator's China remarks

LOS ANGELES - Chinese-Americans rallied outside CNN's Hollywood office on Saturday to demand the firing of commentator Jack Cafferty for calling China's goods "junk" and its leaders a "bunch of goons and thugs."

Cafferty made the comments during an appearance on "The Situation Room" that aired April 9.

Sawmp Bubbles get together???? - Updated


Date will be: Sunday, the 27th at the Distillery 7:00.
anyone interested in getting together over some drinks, so we can meet each other? i'm a visual person, and i get confused as to who's who, so i'd like for us to meet each other. :) anyone interested? :)

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