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Bob Latta: more coal, oil, and nuclear power

U.S. Rep. Bob Latta (R., Bowling Green) yesterday waded into the energy policy debate in Congress on the side of expanding access to traditional energy resources - coal, oil, and nuclear power - as well as continuing the quest for alternative energies.

Standing outside an Exxon station with $4.09-per-gallon gasoline for sale at State Rt.

Troy Neff Show: Focus on Education with Darlene Fisher

Education is a hot topic for Toledo and Troy gets the newsmakers. Here is a collection of today’s interviews that cover the Marina District project and fact finder report.

Darlene Fisher

Steven Flagg

Steven Steel

Troy Neff Show: Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones On Immigration

Frustrated by what he sees as federal inaction, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones has launched a local campaign against illegal immigration in southern Ohio.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones Interview


My Ohio Now Casino Project Picks Up Labor Support

News Release
For Immediate Release
My Ohio Now Casino Project Picks Up Labor Support

Ohio State Building and Construction Trades Council Endorses Largest
Economic Development Project of 21st Century.
(COLUMBUS) The Ohio State Building and Construction Trades Council has

Paul Tetuan Announces Candidacy for Toledo City Council

May 27, 2008
CONTACT: Paul Tetuan

Paul at TetuanForToledo.com

Religion is a product of evolution, software suggests


God may work in mysterious ways, but a simple computer program may explain how religion evolved

By distilling religious belief into a genetic predisposition to pass along unverifiable information, the program predicts that religion will flourish. However, religion only takes hold if non-believers help believers out – perhaps because they are impressed by their devotion.

$4 a gallon means more for a beer

Oil reached more record highs last week. Hopefully, that gave pause to the folks who drive to their jobs at the U.S. Commerce Department, where they are enjoined to ignore the spiraling price of gas when calculating inflation.

Toledo vacant house proposal calls for registration, fee

Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner plans to introduce
legislation to City Council calling for the creation of a vacant
residential building registration.

The legislation would require registration and fees for each vacant residential structure in the city.


Obama and McCain have "righteous" problems

DALLAS (Reuters) - Republican presidential candidate John McCain has a "Religious Right" problem.

European Court to Decide if Chimp is a ‘Person

  Once this road is travelled down,  where does it  end ?   

What ever happened with the Robo Trash trucks?

The automated trash pick up trial seems to have slipped from the news. I was wondering if anyone has heard how it went or how its going. It seemed like it was such big news for a while and then *poof* it was gone.

I'm curious to hear how it worked out on the narrow side streets and if they plan to expand the trial to other areas.

Bob Barr runs as Libertarian Candidate

Barr is Libertarian nominee; he vows 'strongest ticket' in party's history. Former Georgia congressman Bob Barr, who used to be a Republican, today won the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination.

More on the Climate Crisis


That climate being the "The Climate of Persecution" going on in our public school classrooms today.


Site Updates: HTML Editor is now stable, retroactive bubble points, points for rating content, menu test, and blogs for everyone

I have made several updates to the Web site. First the HTML Rich Text editor is even better than before. If you have not enabled it, you can do so. I am using it now and it is so much nicer. You can turn it on by going to "My Account" , click on the "Edit" tab, then right at the top, there is TinyMCE Rich Text settings. You can enable it there.

The problem Brian McMahon's having with Intermodal that nobody's talking about

Here's a question for you. If someone had a great idea that would bring new business and jobs to the area, but Carty just flat out didnt like the guy, would Carty stand in his way even knowing full well that his stance would be detrimental to the area??


And to tie two threads together // Brian Schwartz and the Intermodal issue

As Mayoral bootlicker, Brian Schwarz never had too much positive to say about the intermodal, ex:

until McMahon presents an end user for the property, the mayor doesn't see an immediate need to sign off on the easement, said Brian Schwartz, Finkbeiner's spokesman.

Is TPS setting us up for a poor deal and more in the future?

There is a phrase that I have heard tossed around by a few candidates last year and repeated today, which I wonder why it is ever said:

"When you bargain collectively, particularly in Ohio, you give and take," Mr. Ford said.

Monica Conyers debates school children

If you have not seen this you should. Monica Conyers gets testy and begins debating a child when the child asks her about her behavior for calling the Detroit City Council President Shrek. BTW is calling someone Shrek a bad thing? The young lady, who is an 8th Grader, seems to have more sense than Conyers, and I would vote for her for council.

Support the Intermodal

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Wouldn't Scout would look good in one of these?

This Upcoming Week on The Toledo View

Corie Tucker, Asst. Men's Basketball Coach - Student Advisor Admissions, Owens Community College

Talks about Owens Basketball and the local talent in Toledo. He elaborates on William Buford and the "word on the street" of Buford possibly not being able to play for The Ohio State Univ. because he has not passed his OGT test, which all students must pass to graduate high school.

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