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Troy Neff Show: Steven Flagg wants to set record straight

Steven wanted to address the issues on a local blog about the fact-finder report. We have linked Friday and Monday interviews.

Steven Flagg: Monday Interview Part 1

1370 WSPD Hosts Only Radio Reps On Hand For Port Authority Announcement

Rather than wait to read it in the paper Brian Wilson and I attended the announcement this morning of a new development of Toledo's riverfront. The Port Authority has acquired the former Chevron land in East Toledo. The site will be developed by Midwest Terminals of Toledo as part of a private-public partnership.

Toledo Express Airport overhaul could boost area as shipping hub

Second of two parts

Twenty years ago, Forth Worth was in a similar spot as Toledo.

Fort Worth's chief industry - the U.S. military - had left town and elected leaders were looking for another industry to support the medium-sized city on the outskirts of Dallas.

Do you feel it's OK for turnpike revenue to be diverted to help pay off $200 million in borrowing plus interest through 2030?


This week on the Toledo View...
Interviews with:

Anita Lopez, Lucas County Auditor

Vallie Bowman-English, Clerk of Toledo Courts

Ben Konop, Lucas County Commisioner

Read the hot editorial's on the Citizens View...



And on the Anonymous View...



Google ranking bump

Some belated news: Last week, through your discussion and posting of articles since the site's inception, our Google ranking went from a 3 to a 4. Yes that sounds small on a scale of 10, but it is hard to move up a number and it is a result of the interest that has been drawn here. This score does not raise over night or in a weeks time, but is the result of 6-12 months of activity.

I am not on 24/7 and a reminder about the flag option


Many times, people think I am sitting on the site 24/7 reading every single byte that passes through the server. That is not true. I have received many comments recently wondering how I allow certain things. I probably only read 30% of the stuff posted here. Some stuff just does not interest me, while other things may. I chime in where I need, and the stuff that is not interesting I just ignore.

During boom in crop prices, lawmakers harvest subsidies

With food prices soaring, it takes some gall to force Americans to pay billions of dollars to millionaire agribusinesses. Yet that's what the latest farm bill would do.

Metro area ripe for shift into global trade portal

Local officials and developers have preached the same sermon for years: The Toledo area is ideally situated to become a major freight distribution center for the northeastern United States and southern Canada.

Gay-marriage ruling splits faith leaders

Nowhere is the opinion divide on gay marriage sharper than in the nation's religious communities. And last week's same-sex marriage ruling will do little to bring agreement on the definition of marriage, a social and religious touchstone that has torn apart families, congregations and entire dioceses.

Teachers approve fact-finder report, strike authorization

Is Johnny Hildo really the President of the Toledo Board of Education?

Is Johnny Hildo at the City Paper really the president of the Toledo Board of Education? All indications point to it, given the words written in the Hildo column this week. Johnny Hildo contrasts his amoral behavior to a possibly “perfectly chaste and sober” Darlene Fisher.

Ted Kennedy having DT's again?

Chaplain Fired for using Jesus' name to Pray

Chaplain who prayed 'in Jesus' name' to fight
Says he wants to return to Navy and worship according to conscience
Posted: March 01, 2007
9:00 pm Eastern

© 2008 WorldNetDaily.com

Lt. Gordon James Klingenschmitt

California Marriage Law: 4,618,673 to Four- they could have waited 'till Nov. vote

California Marriage Law: 4,618,673 to Four

Florida, Michigan cannot save Clinton

Michigan and Florida alone can't save Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign. Interviews with those considering how to handle the two states' banished convention delegates found little interest in the former first lady's best-case scenario. Her position, part of a formidable comeback challenge, is that all the delegates be seated in accordance with their disputed primaries.


Republican CC meeting postponed - again

In via e-mail:

This afternoon Judge Skow of the Sixth District Court of Appeals issued a stay on
our Central Committee meeting scheduled for tomorrow. Obviously there is no meeting,
further information will be issued as soon as we know the situation. We can assume
at this time that the meeting will be rescheduled for 15 days after the judge makes

Troy Neff Show: TFT President Fran Lawrence is Playing Hardball

Troy and Stephen Flagg of the Urban Coalition of Toledo, discuss the fact-finder report regarding the new TFT contract.

Get more info from The Blade

Troy Neff Show: The politics of personal destruction is alive and well in Lucas County

Doug Haynam, who is chairman of the central committee, brings up some interesting facts about Jon Stainbrook. After listening to this interview, do you think Jon is the guy you want to lead the Republican Party? Is he even a Republican?

Doug Haynam

Check out more interviews @:

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