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Lab Rats: CU Sells Student Body to Out-of-State Foundation

This is scary - RWJF buys students as lab rats

Lab Rats: CU Sells Student Body to Out-of-State Foundation
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Contradictions of the Bible & Other Biblical Evils - Why I Don't Believe

Why I have problems with Religion (other than the fact that the Bible was re-written, re-translated, so many times - a grocery list couldn't have survived that much re-writes intact).

Advocate child abuse and murder amongst many other cruelties.

Iraq War costs $3 Trillion; Weakening our economy


There is no such thing as a free lunch, and there is no such thing as a free war. The Iraq adventure has seriously weakened the U.S. economy, whose woes now go far beyond loose mortgage lending.

Dangerous cracks appearing in job market

"WASHINGTON - Dangerous cracks in the nation's job market are
deepening. Employers slashed jobs by the largest amount in five years
and hundreds of thousands of people dropped out of the labor force —
ominous signs that the country is falling toward a recession or has
already toppled into one.

Vasquez: New TPS Board Member

So why did the board take time to do interviews ? Its seems they had their person pre-picked , and they sure don't listen to the voters' selection. I emailed all the board members, and didn't get the courtesy of even a reply from any of them.

Vasquez: New TPS Board Member

Posted: Friday, March 07, 2008 at 8:24 a.m.

Can I use my Bubbles for Airline Tickets, Crown Royal, and a Thick Rib-Eye?


Can I use my Bubbles for Airline Tickets, Crown Royal, and a Thick Rib-Eye? I would look good in Aruba this time of year!

HERE is a statesman

Ron Paul, the only clear-headed statesman in the US Congress, was also the only vote against a House resolution strongly defending how Israel has countered Palastinian rocket attacks by smart-bombing the Gaza Strip. More than 100 Palestinians and three Israelis have been killed since last Wednesday. Before you get your underwear in a knot, consider this in Paul's own words.

Police: Teen fatally shot self in front of some 150 students

MOBILE, Ala. (AP) -- Classes at a Mobile, Alabama, high school will go on Friday after a student shot and killed himself in front of about 150 classmates during a school assembly.

You may read more here: http://wtol.com/Global/story.asp?S=7979821

1230 WCWA: Troy Neff is on the cover of the Toledo Free Press

Troy Neff is on the cover of the Toledo Free Press

Check it out!!

Troy Neff Show: Budget Town Hall Meetings and Police and Fire 1/3

Troy Neff Show: Budget Town Hall Meetings and Police and Fire 1/3

On the Troy Neff Show, George Sarantu reads the town hall meeting schedules and explains why police and fire only gets 1/3 of the 57 million

George Sarantou

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Minnesota bars beat the ban

Minnesota bars are once again allowing smoking by calling themselves theaters. A quirk of the Minnesota smoking ban is that it allows actors on stage to smoke. Hey, presto! We're all actors on the stage of life, right? As the immortal bard said, all the world's a stage, and we are all players upon this earth.



Hey SwampBubbles bloggers:

If your a Hockey Fan and want to see the BlueJackets vs. the Redwings, the Ohio Hockey News ( based out of Toledo) is sponsoring 2 bus trips to Nationwide Arena, one of the nicest in the NHL.

So if you need a hockey fix go to www.ohiohockeynews.com and go to the last page of the magazine for the information.

AND THE BEAT GOES ON - audio included

"It's for the kids" is the battle cry of TPS and today that cry was cemented in the nomination and appointment of Bob Vasquez to the TPS board seat vacated by Robert Torres. The seat was handed over to Mr. Vasquez by a three to one vote at the board meeting this morning. Darlene Fisher being the dissenting vote. With the appointment of Mr. Vasquez, there will no longer be any speculation on any votes coming before the board. Darlene once again is the Lone Ranger.

Thanks Swampbubbles bloggers

I want to take this opportunity to thank Chris and all the bloggers here for allowing me the chance to express myself and views in this forum. It has been a learning experience for me and I'm greatful for the chance to be heard.

Toledo-made cars slammed by Consumer Reports

I would like to hear from owners of these vehicles -

Toledo-made cars slammed by Consumer Reports
Jeep Nitro - 180

Posted: Thursday, March 06, 2008 at 3:49 p.m.

Consumer Reports has unveiled its list of the 11 worst cars.

Here are the cars and SUVs with the lowest scores in the Consumer Reports' annual auto tests: (Scores out of 100)

Jeep Wrangler (17)

Feinstein wants CO2 listed as a danger to public health

More political correctness..

The Competitive Enterprise Institute, along with several other organizations, is calling for Senator Dianne Feinstein to reconsider a proposal that would list carbon dioxide as a pollutant under the Clean Air Act.


New Muslim prayer Room at UT!!!!

I just got the email from UT announcing what is coming up at UT this month. I never read these emails, but for some reason opened this one and found:

Student Annex * Room 2310

A fix for Toledo's ills

The perennial problem of the Erie Street Market, what to do? Well, Ben Konop has an idea. God knows the ESM needs help. From the local Fox affiliate: "The Glass City's been losing jobs for years. The Erie Street Market downtown has been a failing venture. But Lucas County Commissioner Ben Konop proposes a plan to fix both problems at the same time in this edition of Rant and Rave."

A stabbing at Start High School.

Two students were stabbed today at Start High School and the school is on lock down. I don't know the extent of the injuries but it is ironic that this would happen at a good school after passage of Issue #7.

Troy Neff Show: Floyd Rose Responds to the Mayor's Allegations

In an emotional interview, Troy talks with Floyd about his legal troubles in Valdosta, Ga, the upcoming presidential election, and the passing 3/4% tax.

Floyd Rose

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