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McCain's Youtube Problem: Senior moments or lies?


Historic canoe trip down Swan Creek on Friday June 6

This is from a neighbor here in South Toledo.

Ned Skeldon
and others canoed ( did I spell that correctly ?) Swan Creek in 1966
, seeing big litter, cars and washing machines. They are taking
another survey, the creek should be much cleaner. Reportedly ,
Steve Pollick and EPA reps are going too, starting near Delta and

Priest investigated for quoting Bible in Canada

Priest investigated for quoting Bible

Targeted under human rights law where no defendant ever cleared

A priest is being investigated as a potential criminal under a
federal "hate crimes" law for quoting from the Bible, and he's being
targeted using a Canadian provision under which no defendant ever has
been acquitted, according to a new report.


The actions of the Toledo Public Schools these past two weeks has been anything but exemplary. Let’s start with the Start High school graduation. The Start graduates were given instructions concerning graduation that included the following. “This is still a school event and a dignified ceremony, not a ball game. No gestures, dancing, hand signs, hooting, hollering, yelling.

Intermodal Presentation

You are invited to attend a viewing of Brian McMahon's presentation on Intermodal Possibilities for Northwest Ohio Thursday June 12th at 7pm. Room 100 in the Health Education Building on the University of Toledo Health Science Campus has been reserved. Seating is limited to app. 150 so plan on arriving early. A question and answer session will follow the short presentation.

Former University of Toledo Rocket and NFL Lineman Reportedly Worked as Federal Informant After Drug Bust

BOSTON — A starting lineman for the New England Patriots worked as an informant for federal drug agents after he was arrested in New York on a charge of carrying the powerful painkiller oxycodone without a prescription, an attorney said.

TPS finally complies with the law, almost one year after I mentioned it, 1.5 years late

From the better late than never files:

WTOL reported today TPS is finally doing what they should of done with Pickette, Fulton, and Chase.

Read about it at:
Bad grades set 3 TPS schools on new paths


I do hope this is the foundation for change at those schools, they need it.

Edweek.org ranks TPS's Graduation rate for 04-05 at 44.2%

The latest edweek.org rankings are out and TPS's graduation rate is rated at 44.2%. They use the different equation to figure this out by seeing how many people who start high school, versus graduate high school. According to the Gates Foundation and edweek.org, 55.8% of TPS students don't graduate. What do you think? Last October the Big 8 self reported their graduation scores and TPS's rate was 86.1%. I guess this is the difference between self-reported scores and independent analysis. Both have completely different motivations for releasing their scores.

Hilary asks for supporters' opinions

I heard the clip of Hilary asking for input on what she
should do next. She said to go to her
website, www.HilaryClinton.com

I did not find contact info there. Did anyone else find this
contact info? She still has momentum from recent primaries

The case against tyranny

As some of you know and who are probably tired of reading my posts, I am a strong advocate of the American people's rights and of minimal government interference in our lives. But I believe the issue is serious and our freedoms are in jeopardy. Here is a timely article to think about.

Obama Makes History

Barack Obama made history Tuesday night when he became the first African-American in U.S. history to clinch a major party's presidential nomination.


Designers add trees, ivy, bushes to facade of new Toledo arena

Final drawings for the arena under construction in downtown, to be unveiled today by the Lucas County commissioners, show a green side - literally.

The designs include not only environmentally friendly construction with efficient heating and cooling systems, but also a lobby packed with trees and bushes as well as an ivy-covered glass "Green Wall" greeting visitors at its south entrance.

Troy Neff Show: The Mayor gets a loud message from Collins on Burroughs, Townley project

Local company recognized nationally!! Nothing mentioned here in town...



Anybody every watch crazy investment guru Jim Cramer on CNBC's Mad Money??

Texas Public School Allows CAIR To Declare Allah One True God To Students

A texas elementary principal allowed CAIR to indoctrinate students at a public school. Also, the school did not inform parents that CAIR would be at the ceremony. CAIR declared that Allah is the one true god, went over the five pillars of Islam, and how to dress and pray to Allah. Even liberals like Dick Schumer and Harry Reid are outraged, even acknowledging that CAIR has terrorists ties.

I Can't Take Any More of The Insanity of the Godless

I just read this article on WorldNet Daily. I am sickened. What's next America?
God, I am so thankful for the mercy you will provide to those who will come to you and repent. I pray for these people to have their spiritual blindness removed so they may repent someday and see your holy glory before it's too late.


First Solar CEO cashes half his stock in $257 million deal

First Solar Inc.'s second-largest shareholder sold half his shares, a signal that the world's biggest solar company may soon fizzle.

Mow your lawn... or risk jail time in Canton, Ohio


CANTON, Ohio (AP) — Homeowners who don't mow their grass in the northeast Ohio city of Canton now face stiffer penalties — including possible jail time.

The city council unanimously passed a law Monday that makes a second high-grass violation a fourth-degree misdemeanor carrying a fine of up to $250 and as many as 30 days in jail.

GM Announces Plant Closures; Possible Sale of Hummer Brand

General Motors Chief Executive Richard Wagoner told investors Tuesday that the automotive giant will close down four truck and SUV factories in North America, increase production of fuel-efficient cars, and the possible sale of its Hummer unit.

The announcements come as GM (GM: 17.44, +0.34, +1.98%) and the American consumer deal with the reality of $130 a barrel oil and $4 gas.

Finkbeiner shuffles legal execs; 'lateral move' is mutual, spokesman says

The Toledo law director and the No. 2 lawyer for the city had their jobs switched yesterday by the Finkbeiner administration - which insisted the shuffle was a "lateral move."

John Madigan - who in January, 2006, was named acting law director and installed permanently in the post at the end of that year - is now general counsel for the city.

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