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GM Announces Plant Closures; Possible Sale of Hummer Brand

General Motors Chief Executive Richard Wagoner told investors Tuesday that the automotive giant will close down four truck and SUV factories in North America, increase production of fuel-efficient cars, and the possible sale of its Hummer unit.

The announcements come as GM (GM: 17.44, +0.34, +1.98%) and the American consumer deal with the reality of $130 a barrel oil and $4 gas.

Finkbeiner shuffles legal execs; 'lateral move' is mutual, spokesman says

The Toledo law director and the No. 2 lawyer for the city had their jobs switched yesterday by the Finkbeiner administration - which insisted the shuffle was a "lateral move."

John Madigan - who in January, 2006, was named acting law director and installed permanently in the post at the end of that year - is now general counsel for the city.

What's in a name?

Nobody is probably interested in this, but the FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) is trying to change its name to the Republic of Macedonia. Well, who cares? Greece, that's who. And they have good reasons to object.

Anything going on during the festival?


Anything interesting going on during the festival? Will any of you have something going on at your house? Let me know. I love going to the Old West End festival.

Carty's Committee

I must be in a good mood, because I had a lot of chuckles today. Don't you think it is funny when Carty says he wants to form a committee to study the Intermodal? First that says, he is not an expert on intermodals and needs to assemble some, which means why is saying some place is better than another? Who is he going to assemble who has not talked in the Free Press or on WSPD?

Groundhog day? Another Irony Award goes out to Stainbrook

I thought I read this story before in the Blade :)
Stainbrook wins another Irony Award for the few things that made me chuckle:

"They were standing at my voting location, they're handing out literature saying Riley Troup is the endorsed Republican," Mr. Stainbrook recalled. "I was devastated. I was hurt."

What about the Old West End people getting phone calls saying their candidate was endorsed by the Lucas County Republican Party...(long pause)...grassroots coalition. Listen at:

The Fed embraces inflation

The Fed is cranking up the printing presses to smooth over the rough edges in our economy. Meantime, prices go higher and higher. Gasoline is pegged to the dollar and that goes up along with everything else we buy. In 1920s Germany they took shopping bags full of money to the market to buy stuff. Is that where we're headed?

White House report backs climate change warnings

President Bush's top science advisors issued a comprehensive report Thursday that for the first time endorses what most scientific experts have long asserted: that greenhouse gases from fossil fuel combustion "are very likely the single largest cause" of

Michael Collins: Referring to the Mayor as a male organ on the twenty second floor is over the top, he says.

Interview Highlights

• Toledo Intermodal

• Collins commenting on how a local radio station is going over the top when referring to Mayor Carty Finkbeiner as a male sex organ.

• Toledo Marina District in jeopardy?

• Six months in and Collins questions the “real agenda” of Frank Szollosi and Michael Ashford

Does Ben seriously not have anything better to worry about?

Another post says that 16% of lucas county people are on food stamps, and Ben Konof is seriously worrying about THIS??:


"Lucas County mulls policy on sweatshop apparel
Commissioners support restrictions on clothing purchased for prisoners"

China’s Cyber-Militia


Computer hackers in China, including those working on behalf of the Chinese government and military, have penetrated deeply into the information systems of U.S.

16% of Lucas County on food stamps

Sixteen percent of Lucas County are getting food stamps. The unemployment rate in Toledo is nearly 8%.

"A person living in Toledo and supporting one child would have to make at least $12.89 per hour to meet their basic expenses, according to the Living Wage Calculator, an online tool developed by a Penn State University professor that calculates living costs for various areas.

This Week On The Toledo View

Read the hot editorial on the Citizens View...


And on the Anonymous View...

Also Interviews with:

Mark Sobczak, Toledo City Council President

Talks about his job as City Council President, the next Mayoral election, as well as several lawsuits that are currently pending against the city of Toledo.

Ohio attempts Castle Doctrine just in time

While reading the local online, I read a story concerning Ohio's attempt at Castle Doctrine.

Judge sides with carry-outs

A federal judge yesterday sided with a group of
carry-out owners and ruled that the city of Toledo cannot begin
enforcing its new convenience store licensing law.


Rick Warren to join Tony Blair's faith foundation

This is good . Religions need to interact to
understand each other. They have young people getting together
too. Warren will take some heat for this, but it needs to
happen in today's world.

24HR delay in trash?

I heard that people were concerned about the delay in trash pickup recently, for example the trucks coming late at night. Well that occurred in our neighborhood yesterday. Last night they were out until 9 PM. So I thought they got everything yesterday, but just now I noticed the trash truck is picking up trash on the next block over from us, 24 hrs after it should.

Lima drug dealer gets seven years

The drug dealer whose girl friend was killed by the SWAT agent during the botched Lima raid was sentenced to seven years in prison. Sgt. Joseph Chavalia, the shooter, goes on trial for a misdemeanor next month. Anybody wanna bet that, if convicted, he will serve less time than the drug dealer? War on Drugs, indeed!

2 Lagrange 4th graders arrested over gun


Two fourth-grade students at Lagrange Elementary
School were arrested yesterday for having a gun in school and
threatening other students, police said.


Carty says Brian McMahon's allegations are nothing but "B period S period"

"Just sign a piece of paper that has falsely been alleged to be languishing on my desk for two years - that was, and is, unadulterated B-period, S-period, - and thousands of jobs will come our way." Carty said yesterday in the Blade.


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