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What is it with Toledo and members of local Boards? First we have the disaster that is the Lucas County Board of Elections--and as if not to be outdone by the dysfunction--the University of Toledo Board of Trustees is at the helm of a slowly sinking ship.

Actions overseen by UT President Lloyd Jacobs prompted representatives from the Ohio Attorney General's office to talk to the Trustees, which resulted in the Board pressuring Jacobs to step down, but not until June 2015! Perhaps the Board has some fascination with the macabre and just wanted to see how much more damage Jacobs could do with one more year.

Now UT Provost Scott Scarborough has been hired as Akron University's new president starting on July 1. Anybody with any sense could have predicted that Scarborough would get the job over Jim Tressel (whose hiring would have put the faculty in a tizzy) and the other candidate from Southeast Slippery Rock's branch campus is Punxsutawney (or something like that). Yet somehow the clueless UT Board didn't see the value in immediately axing Jacobs and appointing a stable interim to get the university through this onslaught of administrative lame ducks (the Chancelor left earlier this year). And that's just the tip of the iceberg of UT problems.

Sylvania Schools contradict an Ohio Attorney General opinion and the Ohio Revised Code with Web link

Update 5/9: Sylvania's own district policies prohibit linking to a levy Web site. See: http://www.neola.com/sylvania-oh/search/policies/po7540.02.htm

Under no circumstances is a web site to be used for commercial purposes advertising, political lobbying or to provide financial gains for any individual. Included in this prohibition is the fact no web pages contained on the District’s web site may: (1) include statements or other items that support or oppose a candidate for public office, the investigation, prosecution or recall of a public official, or passage of a tax levy or bond issue; (2) link to a web site of another organization if the other web site includes such a message; or (3) communicate information that supports or opposes any labor organization or any action by, on behalf of, or against any labor organization.

Update 5/2: Sylvania Schools Superintendent Dr. Brad Reiger sent the following: No, we do not encourage district email accts be used for levy recruitment. We clarified with our Admin Team & staff members that personal email accts are to used. Also, you are correct that the levy website shouldn't be linked to the district website. Thank you for pointing this out. We have removed the levy website link. We'll do better with this moving forward.

5/1/2014 - original story:
2 days ago I wrote about the Sylvania School employees organizing pro-levy campaign volunteers using school resources which clearly violates the Ohio Revised code. Today, I will move a step higher and tell how the Sylvania Schools are violating an Ohio Attorney General opinion and the Ohio Revised Code by including a link to the pro levy site campaign site on the district Web site.

Best thing I've heard since Bob Dornan was in congress

Glad WorldNetDaily caught this program and posted it at their website.


I watched as much of the program as was broadcast by "Daystar", channel 68 locally. It was a tribute to "George Washington, Man of Prayer". It was held in Statuary Hall in the Capitol building.

Yes, dear readers, they (eek) PRAYED in the Capitol building. And there were many congressmen there (double eek).

The rabbi above was, by all accounts, the absolute star pray-er / speaker. It was stunning.

Will Blade continue production in Toledo?


The local daily has met with the Joint Council of Newspaper Unions and is looking for some concessions. One of those is the ability to "use of an outside vendor for the production of the newspaper" once the current labor agreement ends. The Superior St. building is "expensive to maintain" and could require "millions of dollars of repairs if we want to keep operating out of it". And finally The Blade has been losing money which is no secret with losses "exceeding $8.5 million in 2013".

Election Results and General Brouhaha - May, 2014

But mainly general brouhaha. Here's the latest, courtesy of the local bird cage liner:
From The Blade:Primary Election Results Delayed in Lucas County

The primary election results were delayed well past midnight today partially because of the missing cards, but Elections Director Gina Kaczala said "we have other problems."

Yeah, they've got problems alright. Here's the source of the problems.

Great news: Bill Delaney beating John Stainbrook for State Central Committee

Jon seems to be on the outs - the great news is that at 11:30 pm, Bill Delaney is beating Jon Stainbrook by almost 20% with 75% of the precincts reporting. Looks like Jon's chickens have come back to roost. Thank you voters and thank you Bill Delaney!

Americans are Gullible Indeed

This is simply one of the best articles of Massie's I've seen yet:


It's on the general topic of how gullible Americans are. How quick to they are to believe, for instance, tv talking heads who can "read a teleprompter without blinking".

The fact that the general American public, including a lot of those who consider themselves to be political junkies, is GULLIBLE to an extreme is screamingly obvious.

Libertarians Trail Meter Readers, Telling Town: Live Free or Else

Libertarians Trail Meter Readers, Telling Town: Live Free or Else
Quote from article:
"Keene’s two parking officers, both women, are often videotaped by young adults known as “Robin Hooders.” They track the whereabouts of the officers by two-way radio, feed expired meters before $5 tickets can be written, and leave a business card saying that “we saved you from the king’s tariff.”

I agree with Barb

I watched Judy Woodruff on PBS in something close to shock... emote over a well-deserved execution. It was REVOLTING how this bleeding heart liberal demonstrated how SICK and out of whack the thinking of the average liberal is. She made little reference to this murderer's crime. Judy tried to make one of her invited guests look inhumane, when she is the one who comes across as inhumane. I forget the guy's name, but he didn't let her get away with it. I won't elaborate on that - you would have had to see the interview to see that little Judy didn't "win" that one.

Your votes?

Who will you be voting for tomorrow? Lots of primaries and lots of issues.

Double standard in law enforcement of Tea Party and occupy protesters



Great article about a newspaper interview session, where reporter writes "blah blah blah..." when FEMALE Republican is answering one of their questions.


Another Republican who spots what is going on - calls out the boot-licking reporter. That Republican gets kicked out of the meeting.

Be sure to cursor down and read what readers of this "rag" have to say. [Not complimentary.]

IT'S THE DEMS WHO ARE CONDUCTING A WAR ON WOMEN. Not to mention their parallel war on babies.

Obama didn't lie about being the most transparent administration.

Who said Obama and his administration wasn't the most transparent administration.

He and his administration our transparent about their corruption.
He and his administration our transparent about their lies.
He and his administration our transparent about their scandals.
He and his administration our transparent about the millions it’s costing for his regulations. He and his administration our transparent about the radical Muslims that surround him.
He and his administration our transparent about the U.S. Constitution becoming a hindrance to the progress in America.

Lucas County Board of Elections - Board Meeting

The full 30 minutes of the Lucas County Board of Elections meeting where John Stainbrook placed in a limbo status pending an investigation of an allegation he texted a message to someone in the warehouse to work slowly and not report errors.

barbara sears figures we're stupid--really stupid

It's become a ritual--I go to my mailbox and there it is--a mailing telling me that Barbara Sears is the best thing that has ever happened to Lucas County. The most recent flyer is so full of malarkey--it's comical. It almost makes me forget that Barb Sears was instrumental in taxpayers in Ohio having to foot the future bill for the Medicaid expansion she so vigorously supported against the wishes of her constituents.

Her flyer suggests that Sears "Stood Against Obamacare"--yeah sure. Sears is spinning this so much she rivals a ride at Cedar Point. Sears not receiving the Republican nomination this May 6 would remind all of the other politicians that turning your back on the people you are supposed to be representing is unacceptable.

Bumper stickers

I've come across a couple of amusing bumper stickers recently. One read, "Honk If You Like Peace and Quiet." The other was, "Watch Out For The Idiot Behind Me." (The second one, I should note, was in a store parking lot.) Has anyone else seen some stickers that brought a smile?

Sharia Advisors – Barack Obama's Muslim Appointees in High Security Positions

Just how does one even begin to understand how the President would place people into positions that seem like placing the proverbial Fox in the Chicken Coop? Barack Obama has placed individuals who represent, or are a part of, the Muslim Brotherhood into high security positions. Is this due to the fact that Obama is a Muslim? Is this due to the fact that Obama may think that showing the Muslim community he has placed Muslims in high positions will stop them from hating the United States? Could this be due to his Marxist ideology he developed while at Occidental College?

British Intelligence Adviser: Stanley Ann Dunham is not Barack Obama's Real Mother

Most of us have heard the conspiracy theories about Barack Obama, Sr. not being our president's real father. We have heard names like Frank Marshall Davis, Malcolm X and Mohammed Subud.
stanley ann dunham

Obama Proposes to Allow States to Collect Tolls on Interstate Highway

The cost of driving and basic travel across America is about to go up. As part of the proposed $302 billion White House Transportation bill called the GROW AMERICA Act, the Obama Administration just reversed a long-standing federal prohibition allowing states to collect tolls on pre-existing, otherwise free interstate highways:

Though some older segments of the network — notably the Pennsylvania and New Jersey turnpikes and Interstate 95 in Maryland and Interstate 495 in Virginia — are toll roads, most of the 46,876-mile system has been toll-free.

Ohio Taxpayers Beware: State Issue 1

There is no such thing as free money.....
Proposed Constitutional Amendment would further increase already-historically-high state spending, result in tax increases

Columbus, OH - The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law today took action to educate on and warn Ohio taxpayers of State Issue 1, which will appear on the May 6, 2014 primary ballot.

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