New Comment Policy and Penalty Box

Ok, I have been frustrated with the personal attacks that have been going from thread to thread. There is a new functionality called a penalty box, where you will be unable to access log in to the site for the period of time you are in it.

1. For every minute I spend cleaning up comments that are nothing but personal attacks, you will be put in a penalty box for at least 8 hrs. So if I spend 2 minutes deleting junk comments, you will have at least 16 hrs in the penalty box. If I have to do this, more than once, the amount of time is multiplied by the number of times I have to clean up. So if I have to do it on two days, I would multiply that time by 2. All penalty box penalties are non-debatable and all decisions are final. The decision to put someone in will be made based on who started what. The person who upsets the apple cart will be added first, but if another user continues personal attacks then they will be eligible for the penalty box. These decisions will not be made lightly, and don't push it.

Time in the box is set at a minimum. You may be there longer, depends on when I reactivate the account. Remember if you are in it, there is good reason, so don't complain. You may not be notified if you are put in the box.

2. If you try to create another account and access the site, your time will be multiplied by 5 and you will be banned from the site and won't be able to read anything.

Behave and be productive and you will never see the penalty box. For those users that have a history of it, and I count 5, you are being watched. Don't get on my watch list. You can debate civilly without just tossing trash around. You rob other users of a productive site when I need to take time to clean up your mess, when I could be adding to the site. Play fair and you will be treated fair. I hope I never have to use this again.