More Toledoans Lose Jobs...

Gaurdian Alarm...which has a local office but corporately is from Detroit...bought APC and/or CPS Security.

The interesting thing is The Blade owns APC/CPS...Gaurdian Alarm fired ALL current employees at the Downtown Toledo monitoring center and moved all monitoring operations to its Detroit headquarters.

So...Toledoans lose jobs to Detroit because The Blade sold the company...and if you have Gaurdian Alarm and think your monitoring on your home/business is local...think now goes to Detroit.

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... that corporations can practice seniority discrimination by simply moving easily-shifted business operations from one region to another. I don't know why corporations like that bother to define seniority benefits in their employee handbooks ... since few if any of their common employees will attain 10yr+ in the company after all the layoffs and moves.

It's not just an attack on the older workers. It's an attack on any worker (below the level of executives and higher managers) who manages to get that 3rd week of vacation after 8 years of service.

My suggestion to the modern worker is to make no plans on working at any place for more than 5 years, unless you're an owner, executive, or one of the highest managers in the business. That 3rd week of your vacation will stick in your boss' craw like a sidewise tortilla chip and he'll go insane trying to stop the feeling ... producing the eventual plan to "move" your job to Idaho.

And was it not The Blade that had the ad's on TV when they locked out their workers and ad's in print that said they wanted to create an environment for more jobs to be created in Toledo?

Nice going; The Blade.

If the statements above are true, then the Blade nolonger owns APC/CPS, and cannot be held accountable for Guardian's layoffs. The Blade, or Block Communications more properly, has no control over Guardian's decisions since they sold the company to Guardian. To blame Block Communications for this is pathetic in my opinion, seeing as how they have no control of what happens after they sold the company. I'm sorry if my common sense is not in line with your anti-Blade thinking.

Well, if offering an opinion is anti-Blade thinking then you are correct but in reality I am not anti anything.

Is it not possible that The Blade, or for that fact, any company locally based could sell their business to a locally based company and thereby preserve jobs locally?

by any means Junta! You are correct...The Blade can't control what Gaurdian does after the sale. However...I worked in this industry for 8 years and The Blade knew damn well that Gaurdian was based in Detroit.

If you want to believe that The Blade never questioned Gaurdian about their post-sale plans...then you don't have as much common sense as you proclaim.

And yes...this story is true...I know because several of my friends who worked for Guardian no longer have jobs. I don't just sit around making this stuff up.

Do you really think The Blade is going to publish in their paper that they sold a local company whose operations were moved to Detroit?

I'm not a fan of the Blade after their treatment of the people they've locked out but I really can't see how they can be blamed in this. If there was no local company willing to pay what the Detroit company was its pretty understandable why they went with it.

No I don't think its good people here have lost jobs I think it sucks. All I'm saying is that I'm not agreeing with it being The Blade's fault.

Please, the Blade/Buckeye Cable/the Block domain are private businesses with the sole goal of making money. Why should they have to sell to a local company when they can get more bang for the buck elsewhere?

"Why should they have to sell to a local company when they can get more bang for the buck elsewhere?"

I made my comments based on The Blade's messages that we should create jobs for Toledo for people in Toledo and while they are free to sell to whom ever they want and where ever the other party is, they could have also remembered their words when they running the ads about jobs in Toledo, that's all.

I'm on hold - reading this thread.

Absolutely false - this premise being set forth that a company has no control over what happens to their employees, during and after the sale of a company.

A contract is a set of terms that satisfies both parties. I will give you the example of MY father selling his dealership.

In that contract one of his terms was that the current staff would continue their employment and the new owner agreed to a fair evaluation system.

You can write any terms you want into a contract, so long as they are not unconscionable. You can write it on a paper towel.

If both parties agree and sign then it becomes an enforceable contract.

It all depends on the motives and direction of the parties negotiating the contract.

Ok - back to work. It just amazes me how much bad legal information floats around in Toledo.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

You're right kateb, I hadn't really thought of that.

I agree with you completely...and thats all I was trying to say when I posted this thread.

My biggest problem with the Blade and the Blocks is they are in a position to affect this city for the better but they rarely choose that avenue.

Instead they take many secular positions that will hurt even them. The reason is because they see themselves as martyrs for the cause they sided with.

That's why I am not surprised when I hear of Block communications losing money nor am I surprised when I see the city in the shape it's in.



GZ - if that is true, what would make a business continue to operate without seeing a return on investment?

A tax write off for another company in the holding company?

A political point of influence? I mean - they don't have that big of an impact on local impressions - do they?

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

...a local buyer was interested...or willing to pay as much as an out-of-town buyer...

But I suspect such was not the case.

Their message was to create a business friendly environment. This includes the idea of the right-to-work concept, lower taxes and fees, a transparent government, an educated population, etc.

Kooz noted: "Do you really think The Blade is going to publish in their paper that they sold a local company whose operations were moved to Detroit?"

It's probably equally probable they'll publish something like that as they would publish all the jobs Fifth Third Bank has shoved out the door over the past 4 years. Shh! Remember, if the Blade didn't mention it, it really didn't happen, now, did it?

... is shown from a claim filed by the Mental Block website (which you can still find at The MB claimed the Blade hasn't turned a profit since the 1980s. If that's true, then it's approaching a "vanity press" for the Block family.

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