Metro Toledo buyers are loyal to Detroit 3

Brands snag 61% market share for '09, led by Ford

Metro Toledo may have a lot of attributes ascribed to it, but when it comes to buying automobiles, one stands out: loyalty.

The three domestic automakers — Chrysler Group LLC, General Motors Co., and Ford Motor Co. — made 61 percent of the vehicles sold locally last year. Nationally, the three domestic automakers captured only 45 percent of the 10.4 million vehicles sold in 2009

How they rank:

Toledo Blade: New GOP religion is just grand

Article published January 29, 2010
New GOP religion is just grand
This President and his administration were delivered a nation and economy on life support a year ago. No one understood whether the world economy would implode, resulting in a global depression.

Fortunately, we have stepped back from the abyss and the economy is slowly recovering, but all we hear from the media is why are we not yet out of the woods.

The Toledo Blade weighs in: "Gerken Going Rogue"

Article published January 08, 2010
UAW commissioner
PETE Gerken the longtime United Auto Workers' official should have known better than to purchase an Acura TL automobile as a Christmas gift for his wife. But Pete Gerken the Lucas County commissioner should have thumbed his nose at UAW bullies who strong-armed him into returning the American-made vehicle.

Gerken gives back luxury foreign-brand auto

Christmas gift for wife ruffled union feathers

Under pressure from friends and union colleagues for buying foreign, Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken said yesterday he has taken his lumps and returned his wife's Christmas gift to the auto dealership.

"The car is back at the dealer," said Mr. Gerken, a Democrat and retired United Auto Workers official who worked for 30 years for Jeep and DaimlerChrysler.

No chicken nuggets sends customer into rage

hmmm.. how does someone get in this kind if immaturity? Perhaps everything was handed to her in life

Jesse Jackson aims at 'banksters' to stop foreclosures in Toledo, U.S.

Toledo Blade
NOT many people can say that an international figure intervened for them on their own turf, as Kim Bowers and Carlos Rice can now say.

Letter-to-the-Editor Toledo Blade

Federal reps fail the middle class
In 1991, James Carville coined the phrase "It's the economy, stupid" when Bill Clinton ran against George H.W. Bush. It was effective and Mr. Clinton won.

Well, President Obama, "It's jobs, not health care" that is the number one issue on people's minds. Month after month, the media try to get us to believe the economy is getting better as more and more of my friends and family lose jobs.

Carty is Exactly Right, Good Luck Mike Bell!

Toledo Blade
November 14, 2009
Strickland governs frugally
A recent headline in The Blade read: "Jobless rate soars to highest since 1983." The Blade's editorial followed, challenging Gov. Ted Strickland to create jobs or beware of his re-election.

The Blade's editorial writer should be smarter than that. And fairer than that.

If George Bush and Barack Obama, with all their clout, can't create private sector jobs, how can a governor be expected to do so?

Local abortion clinic owner on dog committee - she says puppies must be saved

Does anyone else see the irony in this ? The Center for choice website says they do 2nd trimester abortions thru 22 weeks . The baby is well developed by that time .
She is president of Planned pethood !! Saving puppies and terminating babies . I don't get that.

The Toledo Blade: Update U.S. trade policies

Article published November 03, 2009
Update U.S. trade policies
Full story at:
As a media industry observer, I read your Sunday story "Solid future for Toledo area Chrysler plants" with great interest. Nothing would make me happier than the prospect of the Jeep plants running at full capacity to meet demand for worldwide export. Unfortunately, not one of the five experts quoted mentioned the largest barrier to such a rosy future: the high tariffs and taxation applied to U.S.-made goods in foreign markets.

Yikes - Oregon vaccinates a child despite parental orders?

I dont care how you come down on whether to vaccinate your child with the H1N1 vaccine or not - But if a parent specifically tells a school NOT to vaccinate their child - that oughtta be the end of THAT discussion!!

Knowing her 7-year-old has had adverse reactions to medication in the past, Kim Lutheran thought she had made it clear she didn't want her son vaccinated for the swine flu.

That makes no sense Keith Wilkowski

From today's Blade, from yesterday's candidate forum:
“The reason that I believe raising taxes in this environment would be the absolutely wrong thing to do is that we’re going to drive people out and make our budget deficit worse,” he said.

Arbitrator Backs Sylvania Twp. Police Officers

Arbitrator has ruled in favor of 2 Sylvania Township police officers who were charged and disciplined by the Sylvania Township Trustees last year. The ruling gives the officers back pay and their records must be cleared. See The Blade article link:

I attended the full public hearing for both officers. The township was respresented by

Last Toledo mayoral candidate debate held

So who tuned in?

For me, this last one really separated the men from the boy and the wacko.

Interestingly to me, the three solid candidates that came out were a Democrat, a Republican and an Independent. Sadly, one also-ran admitted he has no future plans in place should he not be elected, and that's too bad, because I dont think it'll happen.

The forum, to be aired on WGTE-TV, Channel 30, was the last major forum before Tuesday's primary contest in which the two top finishers will move on to the Nov. 3 election. Just two, which is a shame, because a run between Wilkie, Moody and Collins would be an interesting race to watch.

Then of course for comedy relief was the boy and the idiot. Im sure the other candidates appreciated Ben and Opal being on the dias, as while they spouted their pap, it gave the viable contestants an extra moment to prepare their thoughts.

All in all, it was a good watch.

Why such an attack on Darlene Fisher?

From a reader:

The attack by the TFT on Darlene is possibly libelous this close to an election. They are still attacking because of her support for the 3 for change.

Full court press

See education section.

The country I want back

The country I want back
SOME of the people who have been appearing at town hall meetings lately say they want to take back their country. Me too.

However, I am left wondering what country they want to take back.

Jamie Farr Classic LPGA tournament stays in Toledo area

The only thing thats bothers me it is only for one year. While Rochester got a 3 year contract.
Heres the link.

Bring civility back to talk on radio

Bring civility back to talk on radio
Toledo Blade Letters to the Editor
Mayoral candidate Ben Konop can be commended for saying he chooses to take the high ground and not respond to the abuse being dished out by WSPD Radio. The issue that really should be looked at has less to do with Mr. Konop than the cynical and condescending commentary masquerading as news that is so frequently heard on WSPD.

Toledo Blade Letter-to-the-Editor: Sweep Out Current Y Leadership

The Toledo Blade
Article published August 27, 2009
Sweep out current Y leadership
In 1959, a country schoolboy's family moved to Toledo's Old West End. There were no creeks and woodlots for youthful rambles, but there was a downtown YMCA and a wonderful huge library. That "Y" was my haven for swimming, wrestling, and Saturday "day" programs that included serial movies. The cost was nominal enough that a kid's family could afford the dollar or so.

Library to vote to cut more hours


There are too many staff at my branch. Instead of closing on Mondays, consider fewer staff. There is a security guy plus 3-5 staff .

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