Leaders vow 'an end to Taleban'

"In an interview conducted yesterday at Camp Salerno, a small U.S. base close to Afghanistan's southeastern border with Pakistan in the troubled "Pashtun belt," Jones said both Al-Qaeda and the Taliban have been decisively beaten."


US President George Bush and the Afghan leader, Hamid Karzai, have vowed to put an end to the Taleban in Afghanistan.

After two days of talks in the United States, President Karzai said the Taleban were a defeated force which no longer endangered his government.


Defeated, resurgent and back to the battle they are, "..defeated force which no longer endangered his government"

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This isn't much of a news story.

The Taliban is currently held up in the area along the Afghan/Pakistan border in the SE. What's interesting about this area is it's a mountainous region which means it's hard to travel in large groups and has many hiding places. Such terrain doesn't favor a large military force yet favors a small militia who are familiar with the area. It's quite like the Grecian Communist forces from the 1950's. They were able to hold out yet had very little influence in the cities.

The Taliban is aided by the area of NE Pakistan is pretty much an ungovernable frontier.

I look for our military operations to be considerably scaled down as the Taliban are pretty much marginalized. We'll probably only have a full scale military force maintaining control of the area by the air and through CIA and covert military operatives who can blend in to the tribes.

The Taliban has been hugely unsuccessful even in recent years. The S. Koreans have been their biggest military success yet and that was because the Koreans traveled through an uncontrolled area without military escort (talk about dumb).

What we need to do in Afghanistan is support the economy. Preventing the locals from growing their poppy crops was a mistake. We should aid them to become the biggest producer of medical opium in order to stabilize their economy.

At this point I'd say attacks into Pakistan would be a mistake since Musharraf isn't exactly a strong leader and India and China would be ready to invade the Jammu/Kashmir areas if Pakistan went to civil war.



Pakistan may declare state of emergency

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - The government of embattled Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf said Thursday it may impose a state of emergency because of "external and internal threats" and deteriorating law and order in the volatile northwest near the Afghan border.

Tariq Azim, minister of state for information, said some sentiment coming from the United States, including from Democratic presidential hopeful Barak Obama, over the possibility of U.S. military action against al-Qaida in Pakistan "has started alarm bells ringing and has upset the Pakistani public."

But it appeared the motivation for a declaration of an emergency would be the domestic political woes of Musharraf, a key U.S. ally in the war on terrorism who took power in a 1999 coup.



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