Just a tidbit about McCloskey from The Press

From a story about Mike Craig in The Press this week is this sentance.....

[Sources have told The Press that the FBI remains in East Toledo and may be continuing an investigation relating to McCloskey's activities.]

Their website has not been updated as of this writing and still contains last weeks stories. Keep checking for an update to see the whole story. Article on page 6 in the Oct. 15 2007 edition of the inked copy of The Press.


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How much you wanna bet McK can do his time, come back to Toledo, go back to that district, and be re-elected?

What does it mean that the FBI remains in East Toledo? Did they move in some rooming house at Starr & E.Broadway or what? How long can it take to investigate some illegal charity? Could they be waiting for people to forget?

Look at all those ? marks. Will there ever be an answer to my questions?

Billy, I wouldn't take that bet in a million years.
MikeyA, Or maybe if he was involved in saving a courthouse from demolition.

If Bob's name were Tom Noe this would be on front page of the bland.



Ha haaa! NO.

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