Celebrate Earth Day at Highland Park April 25

All are invited to an Earth Fair at Highland Park, corner of Woodsdale and South Ave,Saturday, April 25, noon to 3pm. This public event will feature organizational displays, collection of used paint in good condition, tree planting, mercury thermometer exchange (bring your old mercury thermometer, get a new, non-mercury one free), and walking tours of the dam remediation project in the park.

Local family uses Irish setter to paint house

The Hinckley family has developed a novel, labor-saving approach to paiting their house - they use their 4-year-old Irish setter Sheila to do the work.

"Pretty basically, we just pour the paint on her, stick her by the house, and wait for her to fling herself dry," chuckled Gary Hinckley. "It's not the most efficient use of paint, but it's funnier than hell to watch. Plus, Sheila seems to get quite a kick out of it."

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