Exclusive: Foreign-Funded ‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Running Partisan Attack Ads

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Exclusive: Foreign-Funded ‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Running Partisan Attack Ads

The Middle Class in America Is Radically Shrinking. Here Are the Stats to Prove it

The Middle Class in America Is Radically Shrinking. Here Are the Stats to Prove it
Posted Jul 15, 2010
From The Business Insider
Editor's note: Michael Snyder is editor of

The 22 statistics detailed here prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the middle class is being systematically wiped out of existence in America.

State Budget Woes A Drag On Growth, And Will Get Worse

On Friday February 12, 2010, 7:03 pm EST
As Washington works to rev up the economy and spur hiring with yet another dose of stimulus, state and local governments are busily applying the fiscal brakes.

Tax hikes, spending cuts and layoffs top the agenda as states continue to wrestle with severe budget crises that largely can't be deferred by borrowing.

Supreme Court rolls back campaign spending limits

Reaction of political groups was immediate.
"This decision allows Wall Street to tap its vast corporate profits to drown out the voice of the public in our democracy," said Bob Edgar, president of Common Cause, a group that favors limits on campaign spending and vowed to push swift passage of legislation in Congress to publicly finance congressional elections.

Mayor Appoints Finance Director - McLean brings 20 years finance and budgeting experience to the job.

Mayor Appoints Finance Director
McLean brings 20 years finance and budgeting experience to the job.

Mayor Michael P. Bell today announced his appointment for City Finance Director at his first press conference since taking office.

Kaptur says yes to raising debt limit, Latta says no

One has to wonder why Marcy complains about China owning a bunch of our debt when she 1. gets 3.5 billion to vote yes on cap-and-trade, 2. raises the debt limit to continue to finance out-of-control spending. But who ever said she made sense? Bob Latta does not support raising the cap, below is his reason.

WASHINGTON- Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) made the following statement today after voting against H.R. 4314, a bill that increases the limit of public debt held by the United States to $12.3 trillion.

Western Firms Move R&D, Other Assets To Growing China

Western Firms Move R&D, Other Assets To Growing China
Doug Tsuruoka , On Monday December 14, 2009, 7:08 pm EST
You might have noticed a big moving van with the words "China" parked outside some U.S. companies these days.
Growing numbers of U.S. and other foreign firms are shifting key operations to China -- including R&D centers, regional offices and other corporate units. The list includes tech, drug and bank giants.

Afghanistan and Elkhart, Indiana The Twin Frauds of Obama

Goldman Sachs senior executives are arming themselves with New York gun permits, according to Alice Schroeder on The banksters “are now equipped to defend themselves if there is a populist uprising against the bank.”

GOP finance signatures raise questions of authenticity

This is getting interesting:
Toledo Free Press (TFP) sent a letter to the Lucas County Board of Elections and Ohio Secretary of State July 30, alerting them to potential inconsistencies among signatures on Lucas County Republican Party campaign finance reports and other official documents.


From Lucas County Board of Elections members Patrick Kriner and Lynn Olman:

Ok, I am worried for James Damas’ health - Update

Ok, in going over the finance reports, I noticed something strange. The signature for James Damas (Lucas County Republican Party treasurer) has changed 4 times over the past year and *sort of* settling on a soft sharpie signature for Jan 2009.

July 2008

October 2008

December 2008

January 2008 1

Where is the other $20,673 Jon?

In the expose on corruption and vestiges of the Lucas County Republican Party mini-series that ran on Sunday and Monday of this week had a very interesting proclamation by Jon Stainbrook. In the article “Old guard 'left us broke'; Look at books raising more questions” it said:

“Mr. Stainbrook said he has raised nearly $50,000 in cash and in-kind contributions since taking the party reins last year.”

Help Make A Change in Toledo - Before June 30!!!!

*Dear Supporter,*

* *

*We really need your help this week.*

The first major fundraising deadline of our campaign will arrive at midnight
on June 30th – this upcoming Tuesday. The total amount of money we have
raised to engage our opponents in this race will be made public shortly
thereafter. The media, our critics, our opponents - they will all be looking
at these numbers to gauge our viability, momentum and the enthusiasm of our

* *

*There are a lot of people out there who want to be able to say that Ben is

21st Century Toledo: Urban Prairie

US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survive

"The government looking at expanding a pioneering scheme in Flint, one of the poorest US cities, which involves razing entire districts and returning the land to nature.

Local politicians believe the city must contract by as much as 40 per cent, concentrating the dwindling population and local services into a more viable area."

This is one of the smartest books of the decade!

This is one of the smartest books of the decade! It is thoughtful, entertaining and enlightening. Written by an investment industry “insider”, the author reveals industry weaknesses and hidden secrets,-notably how they pile on fee after fee, effectively lowering investor’s returns by up to 80%. I can warmly recommend this book to any person interested in improving the return on his or her investment portfolio performance. Kneisley’s thoughts are in line with academic research.

Scandal that involves Marcy Kaptur now developing, Democrats returning money- Local silence

The campaign finance scandal that Marcy Kaptur is involved with to the tune of 40k, is now causing some Democrats to return money. Today in the Hill is reporting some questionable behavior by the donor, the same donor that gave Marcy campaign contributions this past year. **On a side note, this story is a gut check for the Toledo Blade. For a newspaper who made a point about campaign finance scandals, this one involves Marcy and now they have cold feet. If they were to follow the path they so proudly highlight, will they apply it to Ms. Kaptur? Will they treat her with kid gloves?

I Love This Guy

I have been hearing about this for the last couple of days. What a tribute to the capitalist system. This guy found a way to make it work for himself and a few people. Anyone have a 401(k) invested with this guy? Everyone who knows this guy say he is a very nice, sweetheart of a guy.

Market Melt Down

Am I the only one who does not feel too sorry for lending institutions who lend money to people who have no collateral and then seem amazed when they cannot make their payments.

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