I've said it for years -- Ohio's been in RECESSION

Ohio and Michigan already in a recession

<< Michigan has been in a dramatic recession for at least four years, according to at least one leading economist, and its southern neighbor hasn't fared much better.

"It's hard to call state recessions," said Richard DeKaser, economist with National City Bank in Cleveland. "But clearly, states in the industrial Midwest have had a far worse employment experience than has been the case for the nation as a whole." >>

Finally the truth gets through to official news media types. But it's far too late for people to save themselves if they relied on said news media to alert them in time. They are many years too late. (That makes the case for dismantling the current news media; it just isn't capable of seeing past its own biases in order to properly and currently report actual news.)

For people like me, I saw this coming back in 1998. Accordingly, I started to make preparations. The difficulty of finding and holding a real job in Toledo's crony employment environment really hampered my preparations, but eventually my persistence paid off. Now I'm well prepared for what's coming. I've done more with less on a personal basis for years, but the people around me can't even imagine doing without. People are still spending EVERYTHING they can get their hands on, and it's still largely expenses that can't be recovered through sale or "income utilization" (i.e. generating income from assets so purchased). I still see people letting the government take a huge slice of their income via payroll withholding, then they get that money back (with no interest paid), and then they spend it all in a week on things they had planned to spend it on all along.

People should be hunkering down, becoming far more efficient, and making use of tools, skills and social connections to make do with what they have. But people largely only do that when the money runs out for good.

Well, prepare to be schooled, Ohio and Toledo. I'll see you all in the secondhand stores that I've been using for years. (Hopefully I won't see you in the bread lines, since I didn't do all this preparation just to end up there.)

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GZ, I likewise think it's sensible to live within ones means and foolish to do otherwise. Why the "In your face" attitude?

Big Jim

Big Jim

Without the "in your face" attitude, it just wouldn't be GZ.

If GZ ever starts writing all warm and fuzzy, then I know the apocalypse is upon us. lol

A lot of us are living fine, with ample incomes derived from well-positioned investments in off-shore interests. We greet each new day with a smile, knowing that all is well. Recession? Maybe for some, but not for a lot of us. Just like the guy in the mattress commercial, I wake up every day with a grin on my face, stretching my arms, then hugging my beautiful wife, then setting out to enjoy another beautiful day on my piece of the planet. I pet my remarkably happy dog on the head as I go off to work. Life is good.

I wish peace and prosperity for all.

Yeah, we are, and have been, in a recession, but try telling that to the bureaucracy that runs government in this county. THEY DON'T CARE. My biggest struggles are NOT with the economy, they're with the guv'mt. If the city, county, state, and federal gestapo did not muck around with small business and make their lives a horror, I'd be a happy camper right now. Government is the ENEMY on all levels. WE REALLY NEED LESS GOVERNMENT! We are turning into a controlled populace with ever increasing rules, regulations, and laws that govern every aspect of our lives... and it affects small businesses, too.

It all started with the income tax that provided a whole lot of money to the feds that they didn't have before... 1913, if I recall correctly. We have absolutely got to get rid of that easy money they are using to do all this crap. Squeeze'em down to nothing so they can't do anything. VOTE RON PAUL!

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