How Would You Fund The TPS Schools?

At present the schools are funded through real-estate taxes. This raises some questions in my mind: 1. is the funding coming from people who are benefiting from education? I guess the answer would have to be no. The students who receive the education don

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Tax the workers and employers more to shoulder the entire local education system, and they re-locate to reality states. Except for the truley needy, being retired is not an entitlement, but a responsibility. Social Security was supposed to be one leg on the bar stool, the other two were savings, and retirment investments. Happy guy sits on top with a cold one and not a worry what time it is.

Perhaps you elect a school board who can control spending and communicate to a teacher's union to be more fiscally responible for a position that has more vacation time than any other profession. Perhaps you also elect a school board that meets in public and opens up its MOUs to a public auditor (I think ENRON used MOUs as well).

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