Announcing SwampBubbles Groups.

Birds of a feather will flock together, and now you can do this on SwampBubbles; so go flock and keep informed. Simply put ,you can now create and manage your own groups as well as join other groups. You can self organize or spontaneously organize around a topic of interest. In the groups, you can keep content private to group members or share it with everyone on SwampBubbles. It is your decision.

If you are a member of the group, you can communicate amongst yourselves using the group home page as a focal point. You can do so by posting the usual content types: blog, poll, story, page, etc. As you post a new item, you can select which group it should show up in. This allows you to focus content to specific groups and supporters. If you are a group owner, you can make content private to the group. But it is more. It could be another way to navigate around the site. You can follow items of interest in the group home page.

If you create the group, you are granted special permissions including the ability to delete the group you created. You can make your group an open or an invite only group.

You can be be selective or not. Selective groups require approval by the group administrator in order to become a member. You can also create private groups which will not be displayed in a list of SB groups. You can create your own group if you don't like the ones there. You have the power.

Group members can keep informed by RSS feeds or by e-mail.

Why have this feature?
This feature was implemented to allow discussion of many topics, plus it allows users to create specialty posts like the group from south Toledo. It provides the option of collaborating and discussing specific content.

How does this work?
Once you create your group (or subscribe to one), navigate to the group home page by clicking on the name of the group. On the left you will see the name of the group and several options. If you create a story or a poll under the group then it will default to only show up under the group. You will notice a public check box on the place where you enter your post, if you check this that post will be made public. If you create a new post under the link on the main site, you will need to choose an audience to keep you post limited to a particular audience.

How do I keep my post private to group members?
If you are in your group (viewing the group home page [when you click on the group name]), and you choose to post a story or poll, as you are creating your item look under groups. If you DO NOT choose the public option, your post will remain visible only to group subscribers. If you choose Public, it will show up everywhere.

How do I unsubscribe?
You can unsubscribe from a group by viewing it, then clicking on "my subscriptions" and then clicking on the unsubscribe link.

The administrator has the right to edit group names. Groups can be deleted anytime. While it won't be a habit, a site admin has the ability to check in on all groups. If the administrator thinks one of your posts should be public, he will ask the owner if it is OK to share the post with the rest of the site. Groups can be on just about any topic, but the site admin reserves the right to make a post that is group specific, which is public, private.

I do believe that this is probably one of the biggest changes to the site. So much can be done with this, from discussing topics you want to organizing and it adds another way to experience the site. Enjoy!

cool! i started a group for any old west enders.

And Joined, even though I am not in Old West End.....yet.

I do believe that this is probably one of the biggest changes to the site. So much can be done with this and it adds another way to experience the site.

If you live in South Toledo District 3, join my group for neighborhood discussion. :)

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Or where are the boundaries? That would help people know if they should subscribe.

Councilman Mike Craig
District Map

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Just seems to be getting more complicated. I like it simple. So does it mean that if people join a group, they don't want to talk to anybody else? Seems kind of clickish - but ah,well. I guess I don't see the point.

I'm curious, does the person who started the group have the ability to kick people out of it?

Its one thing to set up sub forums, as in putting all the carty posts in one folder or making a folder for each of the "sides" like east toledo, south toledo ect. where anyone who is interested need only visit the that subforum.
To make it so that posts can be hidden from some posters and you have to be part of the group to read them then that just seems awfully sneaky and as starling said clique like

but it won't let me form "Confederacy of Finkbeaners".


let you make that group if you want.

...the only person I'd accept a subscription from is Brian Schwartz, but seeing he dosen't peruse sites anymore, it's a moot point.

Thank you anyway!


I'm really curious who received the 'special invitation' to be a part of 'Swamp Bats.' Everybody fess up now....

Evidently there 11 such special people on this forum that got invites. The rest of us aren't "cool" enough.

in this site, and I'm not in it !

I saw on 'Recent Comments' that the KraZyKat needed some help on a good District 3 map. I worked District 3 in a recent election and happen to know where to get a large color map with street names on it. So I clicked on 'recent comments'.. Guess what ? ACCESS DENIED. Just like the cliques in high school .

So my response to that scenario remains the same as in high school - Kiss my ass. Don't call me, I'll never call you. (Not you, kitten ... this website)

BTW - If any one ever considers 'inviting' elmahico to one of their 'secret societies', save your electricity. el mahico rides alone.

starling02 had it right on the money on this one - this is cliqueish, like high school . Teenage girls giggling behind closed doors. Good work, Clarice.

own secret society.....

You, sir, are trying to lure me into a paradoxical corner .

If I did as you suggest then I'd become what I detest - A giggling schoolgirl hiding behind a closed door, making comments only her friends can see.

el mahico will remain out here, in the open.

your choice :)

wanting me to be in their group.

Nor in their wrong minds either.


I am still waiting to be invited to something.

Just a "fyi".

know who I am?

I demand satisfaction.

I'm serious.

chop chop

Are you Finkbinder in disguise behind that name?

DEMANDING satisfaction - chop chop.

I'd own this site and find one of these posters and make em walk my dog.


I think the whole idea of groups in this forum are a bit hostile & non-sociable. I fail to see the point.

What is the post "Red Light Camera", shown on the Recent Comments column and why do I get "ACCESS DENIED You are not authorized to access this page" when I click on it? Is this a group I am not a member of and, if so, why doesn't that appear as a group on the Group Page? Very mysterious. I am inclined to agree with others that this group thing seems rather cliquish. This is turning SB into some kind of closed forum. Not good!

South Toledo group. You can subscribe to it and see the post and if it does not suit your needs you can unsubscribe. So, no it is not becoming closed. If the user makes the post specific to that site, that is his/her decision. You can quickly subscribe by pressing the subscribe link on the upper right hand side of the screen.

you made the recent comments list only display comments from groups you subscribe to just like the HOME page list articles to groups you are subscribed to. That may be a little less confusing and would not clutter the comment section with listings you cannot access.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

it can be done, but I have a few things on the list ahead of it.

Is the SB reader/poster base really big enough for all these sub-groups? I like being able to see all the postings.

So what are we gals going to be talking about that you guys can't read.

Sorry, this feels like high school.

Users will determine what they want. Most groups will be public , but I am sure some people want to keep them private. I would not discuss really private stuff because one of the problems of my account is I see everything. I am thinking on switching accounts.

Actually, it is better that everything does not appear because a discussion board that moves too fast turns people away, plus this opens up to the ability to discuss different topics. I see it as a way to allow the site to grow while still being welcoming. Of course if things don't work out I can reconsider, but let's see where it goes.

neighbors and like minded folk I hope , and even start some small group discussion.
Good discussion happens best in SMALL groups . That's why AA , church groups form small groups. You can get alot of deeper ideas fleshed out with less than 10 or 12 people . YEAH for the SMALL groups !!


I agree with maumeemom - feels like high school. Also, I think slow moving threads make people leave - if nothing new is posted, I move on to other things. chris - I have to ask this - first it was Karma, then bubbles, now groups - it's almost like this forum came with a list of 'neat cool things to do with your forum', and you're incorporating all of them, one at a time, just because they sound 'neat & cool' on paper. Sometimes, simple is better. I like to see all the posts when I sign on - it's going to be a pain in the behind & time consuming to have to make that extra effort to check out what's going on in the groups every time I sign on. I still fail to see why groups are necessary - the beauty of this forum was that it was open for all to read & comment on. I spend entirely too much time on this forum as it is some days - it just seems it'll be cumbersome & annoying to have to take the time to check each group (and register for each group). Just feels too much like whispering & giggling teenagers behind locked doors.

The last thing I want to see on an "open" forum is "access denied"
Just because someone lives in West Toledo doesn't mean they aren't interested in something in South Toledo.
Just joining every group just seems like a waste of time.
The bubbles are fine, the rating on posts was good too, until I realized that it was being used to decide how someone generally posted rather then a rating on the indivual post.
Maybe you should just make two groups, one for the cool kids and one for the rest of us.

Where's the group for Duncan Hunter? Afterall, there's a group for Fred Thompson. haha

You can start your own group for Duncan Hunter.

mailmanchuck, I have to take issue with your comment that good discussion happens more in small groups, like AA, etc. I've been to many AA meetings (not for myself,but out of curiosity when I took my visiting nephew a few years ago) & I honestly didn't see anything accomplished, deeply discussed at any of them. (although, I could tell that most of the attendees were there simply to get a signature & date stamp for the courts). In fact, it's been my experience, that discussions in small groups often tend to dissolve into personal bitch, whine & moan sessions - or get side-tracked with attendees discussing subjects not related to the main topic at all. The larger AA meetings tended to all be the same - lots of prayer, & talk of being sober - but it was all on a superficial level - I never once heard a single person discuss anything about their personal problems or experiences with alcohol.

I have to agree with el mahico, that I see no purpose in joining groups - and am doubtful I'd bother joining any of them anyway. Having said that - if swampbubbles evolves into just a site of numerous private groups that overshadow the whole of swampbubbles, I doubt I'll spend much time here. The internet is loaded with options to have private groups, chats, forums - myspace & facebook are just two, aol is loaded with them. Swampbubbles & Toledotalk were unique to me in that they were highly popular, well populated online communities of locals - where there were no limitations on what could be discussed. The up-side was that opinions & comments came from all directions, and not just from those who agreed with the poster's main post. Of course, some may say that the down-side were trolls , name callers & those who loudly disagreed with each other in impolite ways. But such is life - and I think swampbubbles & toledotalk more closely resembled "real life". If some users prefer to section themselves off into private little groups, I guess that's their choise. Although I can't imagine why anybody would even want to do that. Here's an idea - anybody who creates or joins a private group will then be restricted to access only to their particular groups - and will not be allowed or to have access to the main 'heart & soul' of swampbubbles. Sounds fair to me.

Well, I took the time to check out the groups - and most have so few members, they'd do just as well as to pick up the phone & call each other. I'll continue to check out swampbubbles daily - groups or not. I don't see me joining any though - no need. As long as the main public content remains interesting, I'll keep checking in.

The group idea would work better if everyone can view and comment on their posts. Why post if you don't want feedback from anyone not in your little club?

But then that wouldn't be a "group" it would just be an open forum.

some have the wrong idea about groups here. The group I created on South Toledo is not a private group. Everyone is welcome to join. There is no invite needed.

The group was created to discuss issues about S. Toledo. It is kind of a "folder" if you want to think of it that way where you can easily locate articles on South Toledo without having to navigate or search through the hundreds of articles on the main page for a certain article on South Toledo.

As admin of the group and I see an article posted on something outside the groups focus I will not delete but may move it to a more appropriate group or to the Main forum page.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb


Starling, you need to think about groups in 3 dimensions. It is a sub folder of sorts, but it also allows for small working groups. If we make a Peckerhead hockey team discussion group, maybe you don't want to see or care what it says it allows you to ignore it.

Each person has the ability to make the post public if they want and make the group public, so it is up to the poster.

but its not a public folder you have to "join" the group to see the posts and its just silly.
You're photos of the Arlington school are awesome and revelent to the whole city but you tucked them away in the group folder and even chris suggested posting it public.

One of the things I enjoy about SB is how differing opinions are tossed into the ring, and how those who disagree with other posters try their best to make their viewpoints understood (some of you can be really long-winded, though <grin> ).


However, if you are now going to be joining "groups", it's likely that you will want to be part of a group with those whose opinions you tend to agree with. Groups of like minded people will make this blog get pretty boring, in my opinion. Like others have already noted... it sounds like a clique... it's high school all over again.


Having said this, though, I'll give it a try and see how it works out. Maybe I'll start a group for bald headed left handers who golf right handed.... and the women who love them.

There are multiple uses of the groups, anywhere from using it to coordinate, to just posting items to a group of like minded people. It is more than just a clique. It is a tool for all of you to use, there can be many uses of it.

I notice that the group that was "invitation only" with eleven members has disappeared. Why did that happen?

had up to 24 'members' last night, and then, as you've pointed out, has disappeared altogether.

Sorry Chris, I don't think the process here has been especially well thought-out or informative, and like the 'karma' and the 'bubbles' experiments, is becoming very gimmicky-oriented and confusing

Am I the only one who's feeling jerked-around by this site at this particular time?

I think 'group' threads can actually have a nice niche on here, but the problem arose with this 'special invitation' group, which has done nothing but confuse some people and piss off others. There has been zero direction on this from the site administrator. Why the lack of dialogue about this?

If I'm missing something here I shouldn't be, by all means point it out, somebody, anybody.

Are the top hall of fame users and a few others. It is still there, it will be used for getting feedback and testing.

I did find the Karma kinda interesting.
I have no particular objection or connection to the groups, though.
I do like the open forum concept of Swamp Bubbles beyond that, I am not all that enthused about a virtual community of sorts, at times I find it difficult enough to live in the real world. :-)

As did I, but it came and went after, what...a month? Three weeks?

is on hiatus. Being able to edit comments is important and the javascript was interfering with that.

Sometimes it is impossible for me to be able to try out everything on a small scale, it has to be released to everyone to see how it goes.

Regarding the groups, if you think of it only as a clique then that is the wrong way to think about it. It is more, and possibly a way to do organization, have focused discussion, etc. I could imagine the Recall Carty people using it to do organization, I could see candidates using it. I think the South Toledo group is working very good and as a way it was intended.

There are lots of possibilities and it provides a way to control the growth of the site. A site that moves too fast will turn people away.

Let things settle down a bit, and see how it goes.

Candidates in Toledo?

Novel idea, but, would they?

Some of the past crop of candidates had web sites or blogs and there was no way to contact them, electronically.

Some of the candidates that did have ways of contacting them, never responded.

They seem to fear discussion or the possibility of having the words turned on them.



Now that is a group I could temporarily put aside my 'anti-clique' principles for and maybe join.

I cannot remember.
But what comes or goes is up to the admin.
To me what is most important is the discussion.

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