Google announces free in-home wireless broadband service

Came across this today on the Google Web site. This may toss a wrench in Toledo's plan for city wifi. They are offering a tiered system: free for 8Mbps, $9.95 for 16Mbps, and 32Mbps for $24.95. Sounds cool!

With Google finally taking a stab in the home broadband internet, and coming up with a unique way to get around the costly infrastructure that Wireless companies must deal with in order to get citywide coverage, their plan cannot be ignored. If Toledo allows Google to have a TiSP access node, then hookup should be quite easy and fairly straightforward. This could really undercut the need to have wireless Toledo. I wonder if they will devise a pay as you go plan? Google may even station a PHD in Toledo to handle the increase connections.

Of note should be the benefits of the upgraded sewer system in Toledo. Maybe we will be able to get less packet collision since our system will be more modern than most municipal systems. This could also put Toledo in a competitive advantage with most of our infrastructure being pretty modern. This is why we need to really approach the Mountain View Company and get Toledo on the first stage of the Beta testing. They did have a link to the Cities/companies that are all set up with the system, but it was broken, so I could not see if any local cities were participants.

A benefit of an upgraded sewer system is better data flow. Newer systems have more space and less buildup so there is less chance for data collision (a problem with a bunch of network wires together). The equation for packet collision in this case is pretty standard. Normally it is ioi = length from switch x distance/flowrate. But with the EPA mandated upgraded system it will most likely be ioi = (length from switch x distance/flowrate)x 2.75 for a system less than 10 years old. Of course it will mostly likely only be in the areas with the upgraded systems, such as Point Place and South Toledo. Regardless, if you live in an older system, you probably still can get the 8Mbps rate. But upgraded users, should expect 1.5x the speed if my calculations are right. Of course it will be important to use Google's CAT 6 cables, because they will be certified at 100mhz which means the speed will be constant and less prone to attracting the attention of rodents. They can't hear the data being transmitted over 80mhz, so if you use a standard CAT 5 cable you may be more prone to needing new cables more frequently.

Of course there is no such thing as a free lunch. The system will be ad supported and will be customized based upon analysis of your use of the system.
Regardless, I think this plan deserves a second look here in Toledo. Read more in the PR below and on the Google site. And Mac and Linux users, you will need to wait a little bit longer for compatibility, but Google promises future compatibility.


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., - Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced the launch of Google TiSP (BETA)

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I guess it shows just how much stuff on the Internet is crap.

April fools.

I hear that due to the signal echoes present in piping systems, mostly due to the unpredictable effects of corrosion, you have to use another protocol for handling such packets of information. That's why Google engineers have adopted the Special Hardware Internet Transmission protocol.

We could do FAR worse than Chris representing us out there. FAR Far worse.

What do you mean? It's not true? My equation for sewer packet collision is rock solid. It has to be true....just has to be.


April Fool's jokes should be limited to small children playing little harmless pranks on other small children. The whole Google thing was just stupid to post and I wish adults stayed away from this idiotic ritual every April 1st.

Rich - you getting enough bran in your diet, dude??!

On a sad note, I was unable to come with a single prank or unwitting suspect this year.


If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

What are the top 10 Worst April Fools pranks ever?



Gas pipe broadband?

Note that that is not as, er, nutty or corny as the idea of using sewer pipes.

And Chrismyers actually believes it. See his comments on Toledo talks. Did I read somewhere that this guy is going to run for office in the near future? That's all we need is another idiot representing us in our fair city of Toledo.

"All evil and unhappiness in this world comes from the I-concept."

When it comes to sewer equations, I'd think that the LAST thing you'd want is something "rock solid". Your equations should be a little loose.


Runny, even. :^P

{gives McCaskey a noogie}

You're the idiot for not getting his joke. It went about 10 feet over your head.

Thanks for the noogie. Sorry, I just hate April's Fools jokes.

it wasn't a joke dumb nuts according to chris

"All evil and unhappiness in this world comes from the I-concept."

Have you ever had a friend that is too "touchy feely"? Or, you were part of some hazing ritual where you didn't know when it would hit? That all leads to cringing and paranoia.

So, I think I know what you're saying. April 1st rolls around and I find myself half-cringing, having to approach each news article with an even greater amount of skepticism, since, you know, it could be a joke or something.

It is a bit annoying, now that you mentioned it.

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