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To Christian Conservatives who have fallen by the wayside.....

As we come into this holiday week, a week full of retrospection and what should be a reflecting back over this last year full of Christian conservative rhetoric, I want to offer this song by Lionel Ritchie and the Commodores and ask the question.......WWJD today?

Obama administration to attempt internet takeover !- Bob Latta


Troy Neff to accept plea deal

From the Toledo Free Press


Troy Neff said April 5 he will accept a plea bargain for a first-degree misdemeanor assault charge stemming from a road rage incident

The financial adviser, former radio talk show host and former Toledo Free Press contributor acknowledged he will take four-degree misdademor and the judge will decide his sentence on April 6.

Another Financial Planner has his day in court

Ex-radio host facing April 29 jury trial for assault charge

Troy Neff behind bars! Who would have thought...

A trial date has been set for a former radio host who was involved in a December road-rage incident.

Troy Neff, 40, of Curtice is charged with assault, a first-degree misdemeanor, for the fight in which he was stabbed by a Tennessee man.

A jury trial was set for April 29 after a plea agreement could not be reached Thursday between Mr. Neff's attorney, Drew Griffith, and William Connelly, Jr., a Wood County assistant prosecutor.

Report: Troy Neff stabbed - updated

12/12/2008 - update$rol.exe/headline_id=n18755 - Troy Neff admitted yesterday that his temper might have contributed to getting him into trouble two times within a 24-hour period.

Troy Neff Show: Ford Fires Back at the White Yuppies


Glass City Jungle Post

Troy's take on Ford

Conklin & Company video

My View By Jack Ford

Last Sunday, Lee Conklin used my column in The Truth to raise the name of Councilman Mike Ashford in the mayoral race. Then, Conklin and Troy Neff commented on how many committee meetings Ashford has missed on City Council. Rubbish. Many council committee meetings are useless and the savvy councilmember can discern which meeting is must attend and which are not. When I was a council member and in the legislature, I often had conflicting appointments. So I would pick which meeting was the more important.

The Walking Cure: Paper or plastic? It doesn’t matter, they just want our money

With the economy continuing to spiral downward, our politicians are in panic mode. Expected revenues are down. Way down. So what’s a government body to do with less money to spend? Spend even less? No way. Find more revenue, of course. This is where every rock, or in this case, each couch cushion is checked for change. Anything that is not subject to tax just may be in the not-so distant future.

Troy Neff Show: Forget death, let's talk taxes

They say only two things in life are certain: death and taxes. WCWA 1230-AM morning radio host and financial planner talks about the latter in this edition of FOX Toledo Rant and Rave.

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The Troy Neff Show: TNA IMPACT's Kurt Angle Interview

Looking for something new on the radio? Tired of hearing about the plastic bag tax and the blah, blah, blah? Tune in to where newsmakers and celebrities come to talk. The Troy Neff Show on 1230 WCWA, 6 to 10am.

Kurt Angle Interview

The Walking Cure: Read my column: No new taxes

As I contemplated the election, a couple of things were disappointing. I have a question for you people, what damn taxes don’t you like? Is there a tax you don’t like? If there was a tax that could be increased, you people did it. What the hell were you thinking? Where’s the money going to come from with more people losing their jobs every week?

The Walking Cure: The Over-700 Club

Written by Troy Neff | Toledo Free Press Writer |

There is one easy way to understand mortgages and that is to think of the process from the point of view of the lender.

Troy Neff Show: Troy Interviews ESPN's Kenny Mayne

Another big time guest on the Troy Neff Show!

Listen to Troy's interview with ESPN's Kenny Mayne on his new web series Mayne Street. The series showcases the dry wit humor of the ESPN broadcaster.

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Kenny Mayne Interview

Troy Neff Show: Drive for auto bailout should not be automatic

James Inhofe, the senator from Oklahoma, said recently, and I am paraphrasing: “I’m looking at this bailout and the Treasury secretary Paulson. Hell, best I can tell, he may have given some of this money to his friends.”

The truth is he can do whatever he wants with it. He has that type of authoritarian power. He has been named the sole person, whoever the treasury secretary is, to provide for the economic welfare of the country and the American people.

Troy Neff Show: Plastic-bag 'tax' makes sense for our future? Troy has his opinion.

Check out this rant from Troy about Roberta de Boer's article Plastic-bag 'tax' makes sense for our future

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Troy Neff Rant

Troy Neff Show: Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and Joe McNamara on the show today

A loaded show today on the the best morning radio show in Toledo. The Troy Neff Show, where the newsmakers come to talk.

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Carty Finkbeiner

Joe McNamara

Finkbeiner discusses the plastic bag tax.

Troy Neff Show: Banks Jack Up Customer Fees. Troy Has The Answer.

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Troy Neff

Banks Jack Up Customer Fees

Many banks are responding to hard times by slapping consumers with higher checking account fees.

Troy Neff Show: The Chunky Scotsman on U.S. Presidential Election

Lord Dr. Robert Andrew MacDaid, PhD just happend to cach the Troy Neff Show on BlogTV and decided to call in all the way from Scotland. Troy asks Robert about how our presidential election and economy affect him.

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Chunky Scotsman Interview

Troy Neff Show: Dylan Ratigan host of CNBC's "Fast Money" on the show

Dylan talks about the need for Google for Government. A information sharing solutions for government

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Dylan Ratigan Interview

Fast Money Web site

Troy Neff Show: Part 2 - Be Careful What You Wish For...

This is the fourth and final round-table after President-elect Barack Obama addressed the nation after Arizona Sen. John McCain conceded the election.

Troy Neff on BlogTv

Troy Neff Show: Dear Friends of the Mayor

Here is the e-mail that Troy received from the Mayor relating to saving COSI

Dear Friends of the Mayor,

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