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Data: Oil Trains Spill More Often, But Pipelines Spill Bigger

Data: Oil Trains Spill More Often, But Pipelines Spill Bigger
"A lot of people have used this data to argue that transporting oil via pipelines is safer than rail. And that’s true, if your idea of safety is defined by the frequency of accidents, regardless of how large the accidents are. If, however, you think massive releases of oil into the environment pose a greater risk to human health, than pipelines are the greater evil."
And this:

How Dollarocracy is Destroying America and Toledo Ohio

Toledo media was mentioned on PBS Bill Moyers & Company. Video time19:55

Pretty Boy Bam Bam's Highly Anticipated Amateur Boxing Debut June 11th 2011


++Pretty Boy BAm Bam Vs. Rubin The Hurricane++

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Bang ‘Em or Hang ‘Em Boxing Gym, Ron Rightnowar Promotions & Team Bam Bam are proud to announce that Wayne Lawrence Jr. better known to the world as Pretty Boy Bam Bam has officially set his highly anticipated amateur boxing debut.

Pretty Boy Bam Bam will fight Rubin The Hurricane next Saturday

DATE: Saturday, June 11th 2011

LOCATION: Central Catholic High School located at 2550 Cherry Street in Toledo, OH 43608.

Corporate cash does the talking

The Toledo Blade Letters to the editor
Article published June 14, 2010
Corporate cash does the talking

President Obama and the government were called socialist for passing a weak health-care bill. Now that BP's oil spill has reached epic proportions, hypocrites ask: Where's the government?

Follow the money. Walk down K Street in Washington, where corporate lobbyists "reflect" the will of America.

The Toledo Blade IS communist-big time!

The Toledo Blade is SOCIALIST,not quite COMMUNIST,close though.Proof is ample! They crybabied when Champion Spark Plug, was looking for incentives to stay in Toledo.NONE was offered.!!! So,to earn an extra $9 million a year in lower taxes,lower electric rates,lower health care costs,etc., they moved to Iowa!

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