Cain's 9-9-9 Plan- A Truly Fair and Non-partisan Look

The media screamed about ‘where’s the plan?’ Why don’t the candidates have a plan?

So Herman Cain produces a plan- a reasonable plan in my opinion, and here comes the media again. “Is it fair? Will the other Republicans and Democrats try to tear it apart? And so on…and so on…

Cain’s plan would completely cut the head off a dysfunctional and regressive tax system- long overdue.

The Independent Collegian Digital Version, Dec. 9, 2010

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City Deficit Higher Than First Mentioned

Channel13 ABC News announced that the city deficit is now 27 million, almost 50% higher than first stated City council has called an emergency meeting for Tuesday March 24 to discuss the troubled budget
Last week, Mayor Carty Finkbinder stated that 75 policemen would be laid off, however, Councilman George Sarantou stated that the city may have to lay off as many as 100 policemen because of the deficit Furthernore, Michael Sobczak added that services may be cut and raises in taxes is possible.

Obama's "confession" is worthless

President Obama's confession was better late than never

I was reading Ms. Johanek's column in an almost state of shock, since she made so much sense about how the little people's tax "troubles" wouldn't be so easily forgiven and forgotten as the big whigs, stating the truth, and then she had to go and pull the rug out from under herself with her naive, Obamatized, acceptance of the president usurper's worthless confession that he "screwed up."

Las Vegas - world series of poker winner to pay 72 % ! tax on his winnings

  This kid  is  from Denmark.  Will the U.S. tax structure  go in this direction too  ?

  This year's winner, Peter Eastgate, 24, hails from Denmark. Assuming he is
subject to Danish taxation he faces an effective tax bite of 72.27%.

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