Sylvania School Board

May 6, 2014 ballot: We're Broke

A few residents in Sylvania have been displaying signs in support of higher property taxes. This is yet another school levy, Issue 3 on the ballot. The Sylvania Board of Education claims they desperately need more money or they'll go bankrupt and all the children in Sylvania will grow up ignorant.

They lie.

Sylvania Substitute Teacher Accused Of Forgery

I guess that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. In addition to Doug and Pam Haynam who spearheaded the attempted land grab by the Sylvania city government last year, we now have Benjamin 'Bugsy' Haynam, who ended college a few credit hours short but didn't see that as a major obstacle to getting a job in Sylvania schools. Of course, Ma Haynam is on the school board – at least for now.

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