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Tutorial on how banks won't do loan modifications for home owners like Keith Sadler

Quote from Toledo Blade article:
Lucas and Wood counties have experienced a dramatic increase in foreclosures.

Elizabeth Warren: Time To 'Sober Up' On Mortgage Foreclosures

Potluck for the People come support Keith Sadler battle with the bank!

Well we survived a close call today and spirits are running high! So in celebration we've decided to throw a party! This Friday May 7th we're having a potluck dinner between 6:00PM to 7:00PM come join us bring a dish to share. We are looking for former home owners who have gone thought the heart break of foreclosure. Come joins us and share your story or maybe donate to the cause in some small way. Spread the word lend a hand we really are nice people. Live from beautiful downtown Stony Ridge Ohio.

News Alert:The Keith Sadler 12:30PM eviction ongoing!

The Keith Sadler eviction is underway. Electrical service has been cut from the house. Repeat service has been cut in an attempt to quiet the ever growing media frenzy associated with this. The Wood county Sheriff of Nottingham has not, I repeat, has not attempted entry of the long time home owner. The Sheriff has stated a May 28th deadline for eviction and disavows any knowledge of criminal vandalism to the Sadler meter box. Further updates will be provided. Live from beautiful downtown Stony Ridge Ohio.

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