School Levy

May 6, 2014 ballot: We're Broke

A few residents in Sylvania have been displaying signs in support of higher property taxes. This is yet another school levy, Issue 3 on the ballot. The Sylvania Board of Education claims they desperately need more money or they'll go bankrupt and all the children in Sylvania will grow up ignorant.

They lie.

Oregon Schools Tax Levy Fails

Well I guess that the people here in the Oregon School District have spoken their piece. With a 29.5% turnout 76% of the votes were "NO"! A 30% turnout for a single issue primary is not to be sneezed at when you consider that at times the turnout for a general election can be much less. And 76% saying "NO!" should...or better...send a signal to those that would like to the taxes for those of us that are still working or own property.

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