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Cast Your Yard Sign where you Cast your Ballot

Today I recieved a call from a volunteer at the Rich Iott Headquarters. She asked me to take my yard sign and place it in the ground where I place my ballot. I told her I could do better than that and would like to ask you to do the same.

If you have an Iott, Latta, Sears, Earl, Matesz, Owens, Portman or vote Marcy Out, take it to your polling place and leave it for all to see.

Why did Kaptur say no to WSPD?

Why did Kaptur say no to WSPD?
Toledo Blade letter-to-the-editor
Sunday October 24th
Quote from letter written by Laurie A Bahnsen:
"It makes sense to have WSPD-AM, 1370, sponsor an Iott/Kaptur debate before the Nov. 2 election. But I was told by Brian Wilson, a host on WSPD, that Miss Kaptur refused. If Mr. Iott has no problem participating in debates sponsored by The Blade and the Toledo Free Press, why did she refuse a WSPD-sponsored debate?"


Seriously, Rich Iott, grow a pair and let her have it.

This is why Republicans have a hard time winning elections in Toledo.

They still play by the rules.

Rich Iott, get rid of the sense of chivalry that all Republicans have. This is WAR and your opponent will do everything she can to keep power over the masses.

Take off the gloves. Put out a press release asking for pictures of Marcy and Charlie Rangle shaking hands with Fidel Castro during their pilgrimage to Cuba to kiss the ring of Fidel Castro.

Ask the slimebag witch to explain why Americas Founding Fathers are like Osama Bin Ladin.

Herr Richie Iott Nazi Reenactor goes National!

Kaptur's PMA associate pleads guilty-Eleven count indictment on corruption

Magliocchetti Pleads Guilty, Warren to Lead CFPA and More in Capital Eye Opener: September 17, 2010

EX-LOBBYIST PLEADS GUILTY TO CORRUPTION: Paul Magliocchetti, the former head of PMA Group, will plead guilty to charges of corruption next week, the Associated Press reports.

The Toledo Blade letter to the editor: Irony of Iott's jobs platform

The Toledo Blade ~Where WSPD comes to find its news~
August 8, 2010
Irony of Iott’s jobs platform

Recall first year of high school

Future Michigan Governor Virg Bernero supports American auto workers. Rich Iott would vote against auto worker bailout.

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George Carlin ~ The American Dream~

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