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Join NFL, NBA and International Recording Artists in the 2nd annual Summer Shoe Drive.

Stikii welcomes a new dealer to it's exclusive family of distributors. Bon-Mimi

Stikii welcomes a new dealer to it's exclusive family of distributors.

Bon Mimi http://www.bonmimi.com/

We encourage our loyal fans to snap up the savings over our traditional MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) due to the buying power of the national e-retailer Bon Mimi.

This a limited time offer and their event will be ending soon!

Toledo’s Jasinksi Sausage Company offers FREE “Gourmet Kielbasa & Killer Griller Cookbook!

Since 1932, the recipe for Jasinski’s Polish Sausage, Bratwurst & Kielbasa have always been a family secret. Now, you can feature that same award winning meat in over 20 recipes compiled into a new collection of tasty treats.

Made with real meat, pure pork…no fillers, no additives, no msg…no kidding. Some companies cheat and try to cut costs by using ‘liquid smoke’ Jasinski Smoked Sausage utilizes “real smoke” and our fans tell us all the time that they can really taste the Jasinski difference.

Toledo-based Stikii asks, "Why can't shoes be fun?"

Toledo Edition Please Support Small Business Owners April 2012

Toledo-based Stikii asks, "Why can't shoes be fun?"
By Bonnie Gretzner
When it comes to shopping for toys or shopping for shoes, most kids will pick toys every time. Toledo businessman Joe Chew, who has two young children, thought, "Why not make shoe shopping fun?" Turning his idea into reality, in December 2011 Joe launched Stikii, which features colorful emblems kids can stick on their shoes.

Trimming the Budget on Clinics

The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department, in hopes to save and make more money, is hoping to trim part of the budget by at least $633,000 by raising rates in clinics and shifting people around hoping to not have to lay anyone off.

They are going to do this by first not cutting any services in health care but by slightly raising prices such as the sexually transmitted disease clinic, adult medical visits, and travel immunizations -- and is considering scaling back clinic hours. According to Dr. David Grossman, health commissioner.

Frogtown Breakdown (Print Version): Cornerstore and the cornerstone

Read the Independent Collegian's print counterpart to the second episode of our "Frogtown Breakdown" documentary series. We take a look at the food crisis in the inner city and what can be done to solve it.




TOLEDO, OH (Tyme Management PR GROUP) Brad McGlown 19, of Toledo feared for his life, and in currently in the Hospital after going to his barber shop and getting his hair dyed by using the product Bigen Hair Dye. Shortly after Brad got his hair cut and colored with Bigen Hair Dye at an area barber shop, his head started itching which quickly turned into pain and swelling the next day he then had to check into the nearest hospital "St. Vincent Hospital"

FINALLY! The Blade reports Iott's wannabe soldier dressup

For those of us wondering when the daily was going to report on Iott's affront to northwest Ohio's intelligence, here it is. Maybe they held the story for Halloween? Trick or treat, Richie.


Electing the Next Statist

From Ken Matesz, Candidate for Governor of Ohio

July 16, 2010

Many supporters of my campaign are aware that I teach classes about the US Constitution. In fact, my first public announcement of my candidacy for Governor of Ohio occurred at the very end of one of my classes last winter. A month or so later at a tea party gathering where I briefly spoke, one of my students came to me and said, “I really appreciate your class and everything you are doing, but I will not be voting for you. I have to cast a vote for the Republican candidate. We can’t let the Democrats stay in office.”

City Council Candidates Poll

What twelve City Council Candidates do you think will advance to the General Election?

According to NBC 24 here is the list of those who made the deadline to turn in their petitions:

Official Council-at-Large candidate list:

John Adams
Terry Biel
Joe Carter
Mark W Clark
Phillip Copeland
Jeff Cromwell
Tyrone Daniels
Rob Ludeman
Patricia Lyons
Adam J Martinez
Joe McNamara
Kevin Milliken
George Sarantou
Hans G. Schnapp
Terry Shankland
Constantine P. Stamos
Steven C. Steel
Steven L. Sulewski
Polly Taylor-Gerken
William J. Terry
Paul Tetuan

BASH AT THE BAY '09 - INDOOR/OUTDOOR Pool Party Hosted By Jacki- O

Bash At The Bay '09 Brings you INDOOR/ OUTDOOR POLL PARTY Hosted By Jacki-O in Toledo on Friday, July 24th 2009 Email bashatthebay@aim.com to find out the location


Thursday July 23rd 2009 | Comedy Show - Featuring by Comedian Shawty Shawty (9pm-Until)
Friday July 24th 2009 | Ohio Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Battle (10pm-Until)
Friday July, 24th 2009 | Indoor Outdoor Pool Party Hosted by Jacki-O
Saturday, July 25th 2009 | FREE Car & Bike Show at Promenade Park (2pm-6pm)

The Fallen Timbers Monument is Mad!

Fallen Timbers Monument
"Mad" Anthony Wayne, a Kentucky militiaman and an American Indian
Maumee, Ohio

Troy Neff Show: Rep. Robert Mecklenborg on bill requiring state records be kept in English

On the show, Mecklenborg talks about bill requiring state records to be kept in English.

Rep. Robert Mecklenborg

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