Occupy wall street

The REAL 99% have a protest scheduled for NOVEMBER 25, 2011

The REAL 99% have scheduled a protest for November 25th, 2011 and we invite other like-minded individuals to attend..

On Black Friday, watch for real Americans to be camped outside of retail outlets for the

Occupy Wal-Mart protest.

When those Americans who produce, who work for a living, who cannot take time off of work to spend unwashed weeks in a public park sucking of the teat of Mommy Gubberment, will gather together in order to throw their money at huge corporations just to buy a big-screen TV, Nintendo, I-pod, etc for themselves and their loved-ones.

"Time To Kill The Wealthy"

Top New York Lawmakers Get Chilling "Time To Kill The Wealthy" Email Screeds
BY Celeste Katz

Top state elected leaders have received anti-wealthy emails threatening widespread violence unless an expiring tax on millionaires is kept.

Our Ken Lovett reports:

"Hey King Andrew and friends! It's time to tax the millionaires," the email begins, presumably referring to Gov. Cuomo. The subject line on the missive is "Time to kill the wealthy."

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