Mike Bell

Mayor Mike Bell Discusses future relations with China

The Independent Collegian had an exclusive interview with Toledo Mayor Mike Bell regarding China. Read our article to see what the mayor had to say about future ties with the country.



Wilkowski fires back at Bell by saying, "There is a Good Old Boys Club in Toledo that has had too much power for too long. It’s called the Mike Bell for Mayor campaign and it is
run by Tom Noe Republicans like Bob Reichert and disgraced Finkbeiner Democrats like John Irish. That’s not what I call independence."

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Republican Mike Bell?

The street is buzzing like Jim Moody's cell phone with talk of Mike Bell running for Mayor as a Republican. Ex-Mayor Donna Owens is advising Bell and ex-GOP boss Bob Reichert and party financier Bob Hadley are hosting regular meetings of Bell supporters (including Betty Shultz) at Reichert’s Dorr Street Cafe. Some believe that Bell is looking at the Mayor's race as a launching pad for a run for statewide office and sees the Republican Party as the most logical vehicle for his ambitions.

Should Bell run as a Republican?

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