John Jennewine

Sylvania Township Trustee Election - 2013

Up for reelection are Haddad and Jennewine. I wrote a warm, sensitive but somewhat lengthy piece on the election and was about to post it, but then I fat fingered the keyboard and lost the whole business. Oh well. Here's the summary:

Penny Levine, D (Moonbat)

Sylvania Township Trustees At It Again

While idly surfing through The Blade I found that the three trustees from Sylvania Township are here to help us. Having suffered a temporary set back on the merger between the city of Sylvania and the Township and thus losing the chance to drive their constituents into the poor house with Draconian taxes, these three are now trying to shove mandatory resident funded waste management down our throats and lighten our bank accounts at the same time. Naturally it's for our own good. If the Township doesn't get more of our money, we'd risk straining ourselves carrying it around.

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