And they say there is no inflation

Not worried about inflation?
When it comes to gifts usually it's what's on the inside that counts, but that's not necessarily the case for the gifts Edwina Rogers gives -- she wraps her presents in money. Uncut sheets of real, government-issued, dollar bills.

The Fed embraces inflation

The Fed is cranking up the printing presses to smooth over the rough edges in our economy. Meantime, prices go higher and higher. Gasoline is pegged to the dollar and that goes up along with everything else we buy. In 1920s Germany they took shopping bags full of money to the market to buy stuff. Is that where we're headed?

$4 a gallon means more for a beer

Oil reached more record highs last week. Hopefully, that gave pause to the folks who drive to their jobs at the U.S. Commerce Department, where they are enjoined to ignore the spiraling price of gas when calculating inflation.

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