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April is National STD Awareness Month

April has been deemed National STD Awareness Month by the Center for Disease Control in an effort to curb STD rates, bring attention to the problem and encourage people to get tested.

Trimming the Budget on Clinics

The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department, in hopes to save and make more money, is hoping to trim part of the budget by at least $633,000 by raising rates in clinics and shifting people around hoping to not have to lay anyone off.

They are going to do this by first not cutting any services in health care but by slightly raising prices such as the sexually transmitted disease clinic, adult medical visits, and travel immunizations -- and is considering scaling back clinic hours. According to Dr. David Grossman, health commissioner.

Why Obama and the Dems won't give up on "health care reform"

Any health care bill from Obama is a civil rights bill, that's all it is. It has nothing to do with health care but all to do with the over 100 new government agencies that will be created. Over 100 new agencies filled with union jobs that equate to imcompetence. Also in the bills are quota systems for all medical schools.

Obama's policies reflect who he is; they are the vehicles that masquerade as hope and change, which are the mechanisms for social justice and economic justice -- "meaningful legislation" through wealth redistribution. And now, through health care "reform," Obama will attempt to finish the job of applying positive liberties (what the government can do for you), ultimately attempting to forsake the Constitution, which is a charter of negative liberties (what the government cannot do to you), to apply the final judgment of the Civil Rights movement.

Children of Liberty - Health care and patients rights

We are hosting a screening of "End of Patients' Rights" produced by Conservatives for Patients' rights. This video shows what the ramifcations have been on England and Canada and what we can expect if we have a change of course. This will help you let people know WHY this legilation should be opposed and help with talking points. In addition to the video,

45.7 Million in U.S. Lack Health Insurance

Aug. 26, 2008 -- For the first time in years, fewer Americans lack health insurance.

The U.S. Census Bureau today announced that 45.7 million of us had no health insurance in 2007. That's 1.3 million fewer uninsured Americans than in 2006.

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