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He goes on to say the misery that millions of people around the world face is rooted in a society we live in, capitalism, where a few who rule profit from labor of the vast majority of the population. Van Jones’s “American Dream” movement. And, wouldn’t you know it, most of these rallies had a heavy socialist and anarchist presence, The International Socialist Organization is committed to building an organization that participates in the struggle for justice and liberation but the rally was sponsored by leftist and Marxist groups.

Wolfman review: “Kids Aren’t Cars,” sponsored by WSPD dismal failure

Empty Theater Pictures, Images and Photos
“Kids Aren’t Cars,” documentary sponsored by WSPD radio and highlighted in the Toledo Free Press was a roaring failure. Empty seats adorn the Maumee Indoor Theatre last night. A virtual no show by Toledo. Just goes to show WSPD is entertainment only. No one takes the station seriously. Wolfman gives it (1) star.

Fred wspd say's he has no problem with Chinese invesments in Toledo, do you????

I have a few, how about I don't want to eat with chop sticks, have one child, speak Chinese, or be thrown in jail for speaking my mind, although we are on our way to doing just that, restriction of speech that is. Yes you can say this might be farfetched but allowing the Chinese to invest in Toledo is somewhat of an entitlement/bailout, I thought some of us were against entitlements and bailouts. Why can't we find our own money to invest, because we are broke? Why?, the people who depend on entitlements are broke as well.

Here we go again, just when you think we have someone thats turned away from the progressive model...

Mayor Bell wants to raise water rates, next will be taxes and whatever else he can do to balance the budget. Bell is a one term Mayor, he will do whatever it takes to balance the budget regardless of what the people have to say. Same with Collins, just when you think he is on the right track and makes sense, he proposes a 30,000 donation to the symphony, Progressivism runs this city......Don't be fooled by that Independent affiliation, that (I) behind their names, especially when making suggestions like raising water bills and giving away 30,000 dollars of our money....

Soros collapsed the Sterling now he is after the dollar... The end is near......

George Soros is behind the decline of the dollar, America stands in the way of One World Government, he must collapse the dollar. Prepare now.......

The Rally To Restore Sanity

Jon Stewart Explains The Purpose Of The Rally To Restore Sanity

Don't Forget To Vote Democrat, And For All The Levies, So They Can Keep Stealing Our Money......

For those of you who see the corruption in Toledo, make the change and don't fall for this crap oh! its for the children, or we won't have any transportation (Tarta) or any other idol threat to get your money....... Send a message Tue, the buck stops with the people....

Why did Kaptur say no to WSPD?

Why did Kaptur say no to WSPD?
Toledo Blade letter-to-the-editor
Sunday October 24th
Quote from letter written by Laurie A Bahnsen:
"It makes sense to have WSPD-AM, 1370, sponsor an Iott/Kaptur debate before the Nov. 2 election. But I was told by Brian Wilson, a host on WSPD, that Miss Kaptur refused. If Mr. Iott has no problem participating in debates sponsored by The Blade and the Toledo Free Press, why did she refuse a WSPD-sponsored debate?"


Fred Lefebvre Toledo Ohio Avowed Hippie

Fred in the 1960s

Fred now
Thanks for the picture of you in your hippie days and your lifestyle at that time. A person's past gives valuable insight to the future you .

The Toledo Blade letter to the editor: Irony of Iott's jobs platform

The Toledo Blade ~Where WSPD comes to find its news~
August 8, 2010
Irony of Iott’s jobs platform

Recall first year of high school

Future Michigan Governor Virg Bernero supports American auto workers. Rich Iott would vote against auto worker bailout.

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The Middle Class in America Is Radically Shrinking. Here Are the Stats to Prove it

The Middle Class in America Is Radically Shrinking. Here Are the Stats to Prove it
Posted Jul 15, 2010
From The Business Insider
Editor's note: Michael Snyder is editor of

The 22 statistics detailed here prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the middle class is being systematically wiped out of existence in America.

Doomsayers disputed

The Toledo Blade Opinion June 28, 2010
A certain portion of the population responds to every hike in a city fee or reduction in a city service by saying: See! It's no wonder people are leaving Toledo in droves.

Problem is, they're not.

According to the latest estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau, Toledo lost fewer than 500 residents between July 1, 2008, and July 1, 2009. That's hardly a flood, and it's better than how Akron, Dayton, or Cleveland fared over the same period.

Who is Benny

Benny the new Jet
44% (4 votes)
Wolfie the old Dogboy
56% (5 votes)
Total votes: 9

Next Mayor

George Carlin ~ The American Dream~

Come Welcome Our American Idol!

The city of Toledo's Parade for Crystal Bowersox Friday, May 14, 11:30a.m.
Parade starts at the corner of Washington and Summit streets, moves north on Summit to Madison, concludes inside Promenade Park. FREE & Open to the Public Crystal Bowersox Concert at Levis Square following the Parade (corner of Madison and St. Clair). Friday, May 14, approximately 12:30p.m. (45 minutes of original and cover songs. Sponsored by The Toledo Blade).

Thoughts and comments

I just wanted to get some feed back....Let us know what your think. I cut up these radio interviews. Thanks to Denny and Fred... we appreciate everything. ( my apologies for this not being better... but have had interviews to work on)

Another Financial Planner has his day in court

Ex-radio host facing April 29 jury trial for assault charge

Troy Neff behind bars! Who would have thought...

A trial date has been set for a former radio host who was involved in a December road-rage incident.

Troy Neff, 40, of Curtice is charged with assault, a first-degree misdemeanor, for the fight in which he was stabbed by a Tennessee man.

A jury trial was set for April 29 after a plea agreement could not be reached Thursday between Mr. Neff's attorney, Drew Griffith, and William Connelly, Jr., a Wood County assistant prosecutor.

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