black on black crime v white on white crime

TRUTH: Black on black murders are horrific and all black people are held accountable for this phenomena. White on white murders are also horrific but all white people are not tattooed with the label of vicious criminals. In the Toledo area alone there have been sensational white on white crimes. 1.The grandmother who killed her three grandchildren because she didn't want to give the children back to their parents. 2.The mother that killed herself and her 10 year old son. 3. The missing 18 month old. 4. The mom in Swanton who shot her 15 year old on Monday.

If You Don't Know Maybe You Should Just Listen

Questions have been asked about why there is no White is the answer.....step up and listen...

Who should be paid more teachers, firemen, police, or a high school educated talk show host?

Everyday our airwaves are polluted with the sounds of extremism. AM talk show hosts blather on about how union workers are overpaid and under worked. Really? Well through the wonders of the internet and the public record we can all now see through the haze of Speedy propaganda. I ask you should a talk show host who is on from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM 5 days a week with a high school education be paid between $60,000 to $65,000 a year? This is happening while our teachers, firemen, and police (all having higher education beyond high school) are being attacked by this station as being overpaid.

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