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THIS is why we need a REAL "Fairness Doctrine"

NOT the watered down version that Democrats want that only includes talk-radio, but one that includes ALL forms of media, including all of the media outlets owned by George Soros, MoveOn.org, The Huffington Post, PBS, Time, The Blade, Newsweek, etc etc.

Tune in here to learn of next weeks excuse for more job losses.

Last weeks excuse for job losses that the Urkle Administration is responsible for was some crap about the Verizon Union hacks going back to work.

This weeks excuse for job losses will be the earthquake.

Next week, the Urkle Administration will blame .....

Wait for it....

Hurricane Irene!
Yes, somehow those people displaced by Hurricane Irene will rush back into the unemployment office that lost it's roof and has sea weed on the seats, magically fire up the water logged computers, and start signing up all those people for unemployment.

Obama on vacation. "Dow has its best gain in 2 weeks"

No surprise here. Odumbo the Socialist Empty Suit Golfer In Chief goes on vacation and the Stock Market gains ground. PROOF that the quickest way to end this recession is to impeach the commie for Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. The Socialist promised to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Aug 23, 6:27 PM EDT
Stocks jump; Dow has its best gain in 2 weeks
AP Business Writer

"The Dow Jones industrial average jumped 322 points, its best day since Aug. 11, when it gained 423."

Americans dying in Afganistan, Japan in flames, Libya being bombed by US, unemployment high etc. etc.

While American troops die in Afganistan, while American pilots bomb Lybia under United Nations orders, with unemployment hovering around 10%, while Japan burns and those people suffer, while the price of gas approaches $4/gal, while people loose their unemployment after 99 weeks run out ....

The empty suit bastard child-in-charge plays soccer in Rio.

Look out Libs. The GOP investigations begin with Obamacare.


Look out Libtards. The GOP has grown some cohones and is starting the Congressional investigations with exposing Obamacare for the socialist lie that it is. Now America will find out who was paid off to pass Obamas healthcare takeover.

Nov 9, 5:03 PM EST

GOP investigators take aim at health care overhaul

Associated Press

Economy slowing as imports take over. Obama KILLING the middle class.

With Obama and Dimocraps in Congress putting MORE people out of work, American consumers cannot afford to purchase higher priced American made products of inferior quality just so some UAW Hack can continue to get Viagra for free.


Aug 27, 8:48 AM EDT
Economy slows to 1.6 percent as trade gap widens

AP Economics Writer

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