Even Liberals see double-dip recession coming. Obama worst president in history.

Even the Liberal owned Huffington Post website is admitting the Obama/Biden attack on the Middle Class is working. Obamas failures are bringing on a Double-Dip recession.

Economists See Increased Chance Of Double-Dip Recession
Huffington Post | Ryan McCarthy First Posted: 08-16-10 01:19 PM | Updated: 08-16-10 09:11 PM

Money sent across the pond???

Not a crusade or even a gripe. Just a reminder: To those 8000+ seat holders who crammed a butt-load of cash into Sir Elton John's traveling G-string tonight. Every night and all over this city, professional musicians sit down to play. They work, eat, sleep, shop, and send their kids to school here. Your money - spent in the bars, lounges and concert halls - stays here. Just sayin :-)

Bailout assistance turns profit

The Treasury turned a handsome profit on Bank of America warrants

NBER: US recession started in December 2007

I strikes me a bit, because all I hear the national radio wing nuts talking about is the "Obama Recession"...

I'm not sure how that was ever suppose to work, but maybe this will shut them up for a about 10 seconds...who I'm I kidding, fact never mattered before, why should they now.

California may need help from the Federal Government

This story out today - link to text of letter from Gov. Schwarzenegger

It's likely to be a bad day on Wall Street!

A bad day for the GOP on politics, bailout plan
Friday September 26, 5:16 am ET
By Charles Babington, Associated Press Writer
Uncertainty dawns after bad day for Bush, McCain and the huge financial bailout plan

Oil price soars

The price of oil has made a record jump to nearly $139 a barrel, amid reports it could reach $150 by July because of rising demand and political tension.

The spike in oil prices coincided with a dollar slump, plummeting share prices on Wall Street and US unemployment suffering its biggest rise in 20 years.

"We're kind of bankrupting this country"

Voinovich: ‘We’re kinda bankrupting this country.’

Hundreds angle for jobs early at Bass Pro Shops' fair

There was a point yesterday morning when the most visible sign of metro Toledo’s struggling economy stretched more than 600 feet through a parking lot in Rossford.

Hundreds of people — many unemployed for months — began lining up before dawn yesterday as outdoor retailer Bass Pro Shops began hiring 250 to 300 employees for its 150,000-square-foot store under construction in Rossford.

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