Speaker Boner's Jobs Plan Tweet

The true GOP Jobs Plan came out, and it's full of NOTHING, LITERALLY:


Here's my take on Boner's plan:

1) Talk a lot and do nothing
2) Endless Benghazi hearings to keep the morons riled up
3) Endless votes to repeal Obamacare
4) Shut down the government (again)
5) Hope the previous 4 are enough to get him and his buddies re-elected so they keep their jobs (instead of having to get new ones in the private sector).

Compare and contrast these Congressional Hearings

I'm curious at the treatment received by different people when ordered to testify at a Congressional hearing.

For instance, an IRS official who was in charge of the department that denied tax exempt status to groups with 'Patriot' or 'TEA party' in their name gets to yap about her side of the story, then tells Congress to stick it and walks out...

Things EDUCATED voters really do know.

Direct from Rasmussen, some of the lowest approval ratings for Congress. Even registered Democrats only give this load of Pelosi Congress a 17% approval rating. Please see the highlighted sentence for the only information Democrats need to know in this election cycle.

Congressional Performance
Voters Give This Congress Failing Grades
Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"No wonder voters want a new Congress ‘cause they sure don’t like the one they’ve got now.

Michael Miller: Iott should exit, stage reich

“Did you hear Rich Iott was thrown out of the Valentine Theatre last night? He was at ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ and kept yelling, “She’s in the attic!” — Overheard at Oct. 11 debate

Republican Rich Iott should bow out of the race for the District 9 House of Representatives seat.

S. 190 [109th]: Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005

Before some dolt tries to blame Republicans for the banking meltdown, look closely at the sponsors and co-sponsors of this bill introduced in 2005 and which NEVER made it to a vote because ht was voted down ACROSS PARTY LINES. And who is the majority in Congress?

S. 190 [109th]: Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005

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