Toledo's Best Kept Secret?

I cannot believe my pagan bodied ears! Girls, is it TRUE? I heard a vicious rumor that the incomparable pantless pastor of Toledo allegedly likes boys on occasion? The same man of the cloth that has bashed gays and issues related to gays for years? And is now leaning towards "acceptance" of such things?

Well grand momma always said that those who scream it loudest usually are - allegedly.

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What is the uproar between Obama, birth control, and the Church?

I truly don't understand the uproar regarding birth control, the Catholic Church, Barry Obama and his executive order regarding insurance.

It is my understanding that Prez. Obama issued an executive order that enforces part of ObamaCare that says health insurance companies must offer “preventive services” for free and that includes birth control?

And the Catholic Church does not feel that they should offer free birth control based on their moral beliefs?

Toledo's social service agencies are overwhelmed

This is a quote from the the prayer rally at the Valentine theater last night. Pastor Dan Fathergill of Washington Congregational church also said that for decades, local clergy have been territorial , and not liked to be around each other. He said the social breakdown in the community is great , and local agencies don't know what to do. He said the answer to drug and family problems are with the people attending the rally , if local churches can learn to work together.

Neighborhood Picnic on the Lawn 2008!

It’s official! “Neighborhood Picnic on the Lawn”, sponsored by Bethany Lutheran Church, Toledo Block Watch, and, GateWay Marketing Online is being held in August!

Community Organization/Solidarity Picnic Meeting April 24, 2008

This Spring/Summer Bethany Lutheran Church is sponsoring the largest intercommunity organizational picnic of its kind in the area to be held in front of the old DeVilbiss High School (3301 Upton Avenue near Central Avenue - Toledo, Ohio).

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