Mayor Mike Bell Discusses future relations with China

The Independent Collegian had an exclusive interview with Toledo Mayor Mike Bell regarding China. Read our article to see what the mayor had to say about future ties with the country.

Iraq expects to gross $55 bln in China oil deal

BAGHDAD, Sept 3 (Reuters) - Iraq expects to gross $55 billion in a new 20-year oil deal it recently renegotiated with China, the government said on Wednesday.
"Iraqi gross revenues obtained in the contract will be $55 billion, equal to 87 percent of total revenues of $63 billion," government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said in a statement.

Emotions flying high as China, others profit from sending U.S. flags here

As Sept. 11 approaches, many Americans will remember the day this country was attacked by terrorists by keeping the U.S. flag in their hearts and flying it at their homes.

But in a great irony, if you don't check the label carefully, you may find that the symbol of freedom waving in front of your house was made in a communist-run country, China.

Protesters take CNN to task over commentator's China remarks

LOS ANGELES - Chinese-Americans rallied outside CNN's Hollywood office on Saturday to demand the firing of commentator Jack Cafferty for calling China's goods "junk" and its leaders a "bunch of goons and thugs."

Cafferty made the comments during an appearance on "The Situation Room" that aired April 9.

Chinese Company wants to manufacture in.........Erie Township Ohio

ERIE TOWNSHIP — A Chinese company that makes environmentally friendly wallboard and construction materials is considering locating its first U.S. plant at a local business park, officials said.

Erie Township is by Port Clinton, near the old armory near Camp Perry

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