Awesome editorials and adorable kids! Thanks to the!

Have you heard of Stikii shoes? If you haven’t you are missing out. Stikii is a new kids’ shoes company located in Toledo, Ohio! When I say new, I mean new! Stikii was just launched on December 1st, 2011!
Curious about how Stikii shoes work? I sure was. I was first introduced to the company at The Toledo Baby Child & Family Expo last weekend. They looked like such a fun company. I wanted to be a part of it too! They even rolled a car up in the Expo building!

Mad Jack's Shack

The following is a public service announcement, courtesy of Chris.

After a few minutes of agonizing over my morning Bourbon I decided to start my own Blog, just to see what happens. If you're bored or curious, point your browser at Mad Jack's Shack and be amused for a while.

My thanks to Chris for the advertisement.

Northwest Ohio Microblog

I've setup a microblog just for Northwest Ohio. It's like a Twitter just for us. You can get to it at: Its as free and open as it gets.

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