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Occupy Toledo Quits

Is it twew? Is it twew? Occupy Toledo after eating all the snacks in the house and hiding out in Wolfman's Mom's basement has decided to call it a day?

Who is Newt Gingrich???

I wondering if Newt is a progressive, or is he just stepping over to gain support. Some of his statements have me questioning who he is, he supports Andy Stern, and he condemned Romney for earning his wealth through capitalism. He also stated that FDR was the greatest President. FDR, Andy Stern, anti-capitalism = Progressivism to me..Progressivism = Socialism/Communism

Obama says remember who we are....The Virginia Company of the British Crown.

"In 1604, a corporation called the Virginia Company was formed in anticipation of the imminent influx of white Europeans, mostly British at first, into the North American continent. Its main stockholder was King James I and the original charter for the company was completed by April 10th 1606. The Virginia Company owned most of the land of what we now call the USA.


What a hoax, and just imagine the millions that actually believe what he is saying. Did you see his intensity when he said it? What a joke, pass are bill or rapes and murder will increase. FBI statistics show a drop in crime, They used the right word when they said they wanted to be more transparent... They are very transparent to me..

Give me 3 reasons for SB5 and 3 against.. Lets clear this up...and see who comes out on top..

Let,s see where the chips fall ....time to get you swamp bubble intellects reflections and opinions at the same time...

Council voted 9-3 to confirm Perlean Griffin, the city's director of affirmative action

Can you believe this!!! Hahaha, where is Mike Bell's head?

Da Blade says: "In other business, council Tuesday night:
•Confirmed several of Mayor Bell's directors and commissioners. Council voted 9-3 to confirm Perlean Griffin, the city's director of affirmative action. Voting against were Mr. Waniewski, Mr. Collins, and Mr. McNamara."

Hey ZEIT You Will Like This One

One of BLAGOJEVICH's charges are he defrauded the people out of honest services.. Sounds like the same thing Obama is doing shouldn't they all be prosecuted.

How Muslim world feels about Obama: disappointed

awwww how could this be not the Great and Mighty One, he is one of them....

Does Toledo Mayor Mike Bell pander to blacks and reward race hustlers?

...the controversial payouts to two former city employees who claimed they were fired illegally by former Mayor Carty Finkbeiner were not settled last night.

Council put off for at least two more weeks voting to approve $300,000 for Dwayne Morehead, former co-executive director of the city's youth commission, and $150,000 for Perlean Griffin, formerly director of the Office of Affirmative Action.

Perilous Times of the Gentiles!

Black Monologue on Race?

A Revealing Moment for America

After hurling inflammatory remarks, charging highly professional police officer James Crowley of being a racist and making uncouth comments about his mother ("Yeah, I'll speak with your mama outside"), Negro Harvard Professor Henry Gates, Jr. - seriously lacking self-control and discipline - has the chutzpah to preach to America about race!

The Leftist's environment of disdain for law

Owning the tragedy

Over at The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg snipes at gun-control interlopers who want to stake out a claim to yesterday's Holocaust Museum shooting. JTA's Ron Kampeas comes to their defense.


When white schools go black

...One principal is quoted as saying: "They [Black South Africans] hear that the [White] school has a 100% pass rate and they trust the white set-up far more than they trust township schools because there are no unions, no strikes."

Black schools are therefore emptying and closing, whereas white schools are overcrowded. However, this is a self-defeating, temporary practice. As soon as there are too many black pupils in a school, the standards start dropping, discipline deteriorates and the results plummet...

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