For the last hour and a half I have had to endure a constant barrage of fireworks from both east, west, and south. Nothing to the north. Anyone else hearing this?

I don't really like the sound of fireworks. Maybe I'm not a kid anymore. I guess I liked them as a kid although we didn't have them around home (dad believed in sparklers, and no missing fingers). We had a couple of guys that worked at the Main Post Office. One had tried to make a giant fireworks, and blew his hand off. The other was mixing some reactive chemicals together, and lost both hands in the resulting explosion.

Maybe the cops came to put a stop to it, though I didn't hear any sirens. Maybe they ran out of fireworks (probably spent the last of their welfare check on it). Didn't hear any loud bang, just the usually staccato of close together explosives (or gunshots). So maybe no one will be paying a visit to the emergency room tonight (dammit)!

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more in the South End this year than for the lat 3-4 years. My observation, anyway. They've been going off in the Reynolds/Airport area for over a month. Must be some people with bonuses to spend, or got different jobs and now have deep pockets.
Fireworks are NOT cheap anymore, like they were in the 50's-60's.



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Mortars BABY!!!!!

Just launched a few tonight with the neighbors as a warm-up for our neighborhood block Buffett BBQ, Margarita Balls, Bar Stool Racers, Jello Shots, Kids Games, Movie on Garage Door, Volleyball Party!!!

Might as well get used to it, because its that time of year. As long as I can remember from now until mid july its fireworkin time :p

In this part of town it doesn't seem to matter about "the time of year". I hear them off and on throughout the year (unless I'm mistaking gunfire for firecrackers). It does seem to happen more this time of year, but I've heard them in mid-winter (a month after New Year's Eve).

Old South End Broadway

Will be worse this year, because with July 4 on a Wednesday, I imagine the week-end before & after will both be considered July 4th week-ends - plus the time in between.

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