violence after the Zimmerman trial

Do you expect violence in Sanford or elsewhere if George Zimmerman is aquitted? The Sanford police chief and mayor both do. What does that say about how they see the African-American population of Sanford? What does it say about you if you expect Blacks in Sanford or elsewhere to riot if Zimmerman is aquitted?
Do you expect violence in Sanford if Zimmerman is found guilty? Will the Euro or the Hispanic population riot as a response to the verdict? What is it about the two cultures that cause them to respond so differently? Enquiring minds want to know.

Bill Ayers: Obama Should Be Tried For War Crimes..

What? Obama's buddy and
"Former Weather Underground leader and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, who was involved in bombing the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol Building in the early 1970s looks to be selling out his friend Barack Obama.
Ayers, who claims to have written Obama’s Dreams from My Father, said that Obama should be tried for war crimes.

Knowing Ayers past, many of us will be thinking, “Hello pot, this is kettle…”

Tonya Craft Trial - Local Media Soap Opera Makes The Large Time

Tonya Craft, a kindergarten teacher at Chickamauga Elementary School in Chickamauga, Ga., is on trial in Catoosa County for 22 counts of child molestation and other charges. Since being arrested and charged in 2008, Craft has maintained her innocence. This whole time the Tonya Craft trial had been a local media soup opera up until Thursday, when NBC's Today show team descended upon Chickamauga to give local merchants' a pay day.

NEWS ALERT: Driver, Victims Talk About Alleged DefectiveToyota Crash, Driver in Prison for Fatal Runaway Toyota Accident

Driver, Victims Talk About Toyota Crash
On June 10, 2006 Koua Fong Lee was returning from church with his family when his Toyota Camry hit an Oldsmobile at a St. Paul, Minnesota intersection, killing the driver and a passenger in the Oldsmobile. Lee is now serving an eight-year-sentence for vehicular homicide, but he has always maintained that his brakes didn't work. (ABC News) (VIDEO)

Toledo Municipal Court Session at UT Enhances Classroom Experience

Area high school mock trial teams and University of Toledo paralegal students will get a first-hand look at the justice system when the Toledo Municipal Court holds a special session at The University of Toledo Thursday, March 26, from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m.

Judge Michael R. Goulding will commence court in UT’s Richard B. and Jane McQuade Mock Trial Courtroom, located in the Health and Human Services Building, Room 1419.

Politics 101: Don't try to rewrite history with someone who made it

There is something wrong with someone who writes to clarify the record, has the record rewritten on behalf of the “President of the Toledo Board of Education”. That sums up what Steven Steel tries to do in a response from a community member trying to clarify some misconceptions.

Priest investigated for quoting Bible in Canada

Priest investigated for quoting Bible

Targeted under human rights law where no defendant ever cleared

A priest is being investigated as a potential criminal under a
federal "hate crimes" law for quoting from the Bible, and he's being
targeted using a Canadian provision under which no defendant ever has
been acquitted, according to a new report.

Bird-Watcher on trial for killing a cat

James Stevenson is on trial for killing a cat. Apparently, the bird-watching James shot "Mama Cat" because she was terrorizing a local endangered bird. SwampBubbles poll to follow...


Jobe's lawyers want judge to move trial out of county

Top Jim Bishop Campaign Aide's DUI Trial

The top campaign aide to Toledo Municipal Court Judicial Candidate, Jim Bishop, was supposed to begin his trial in Judge Jensen's court last Tuesday, October 9th. Campaign aide, Gary Groszewski was facing a possible 18 months in prison for his 16th DUI conviction.

Is Michael S. Merphy for real?

I was aghast after reading The Free Press editor's column titled "Contempt for Court." Mr. Murphy was responding to a comment by Judge Ray in a hearing to determine whether the media should "have access to the trial" of Robert Jobe, the man accused of killing Police Detective Keith Dressel.

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