Student hounds prof running for Congress

MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich. - A politically conservative student armed with a video camera and a Web site is trying to force a Democratic congressional candidate out of his teaching job at Central Michigan University.

Economic development chief resigns


Shawn Ferguson, the embattled chief of economic development for Lucas County, resigned late yesterday to head off being fired today.

County Commissioner Pete Gerken said he planned to seek Mr. Ferguson

Bush Asks for $46 Billion More for Wars

Monday October 22, 2007 7:16 PM


Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush asked Congress on Monday for another $46 billion to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and finance other national security needs. ``We must provide our troops with the help and support they need to get the job done,'' Bush said.

Toledo's software spurs complaints

Several Toledo employees have weighed in on the debate over whether the city should expand a controversial $5.5 million billing program that began in its utilities department early last year - or pursue Mayor Carty Finkbeiner's proposal for more encompassing, and costly, financial software.

They include employees who handle water and sewer bills.

Here we go again... four years later.

This is starting to look like the leadup all over again to the Iraq invasion back in 2003. The rhetoric is beginning, using words like "obvious" and "World War III". Leading the pack is non other than Dick Cheney. It's getting very, very scary. And, by the way, gas prices are going up again.

From the AP:

Decision to end SWAT day shift raises alarms

Concerns are being raised about Toledo police's decision to eliminate the day shift of a specialized team of officers trained to respond to crisis situations, such as school shootings and hostage situations.

Obama wants official fired for comments

WASHINGTON - Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama said Friday the head of the Justice Department's voting rights division should be fired for saying voter ID laws hurt the elderly but aren't a problem for minorities because they often die before old age.

Scientist apologizes for hurtful remarks

NEW YORK - James Watson, the 79-year-old scientific icon made famous by his work in DNA, has set off an international furor with comments to a London newspaper about intelligence levels among blacks.

The renowned Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, where Watson served as chancellor, suspended his administrative responsibilities Thursday following the outcry, the laboratory said in a news release.

Religious conservatives face hard choices

WASHINGTON - Religious and cultural conservatives, a political force skeptical of the leading Republican presidential candidates, are caught in a tug of war between pragmatism and ideology.

"My head and my heart are fighting with each other," said Phil Burress, an Ohioan who has lobbied hard for federal and state bans on gay marriage.

The vexing choices facing these voters:


Jobe's lawyers want judge to move trial out of county

Water meter readers may look for code violations

Toledo's water meter readers, who visit every home in the city four times a year, soon may be asked to keep an eye out for housing code violations for the city's Department of Neighborhoods.

Ann Arbor to replace lights with LEDs

DETROIT - How many Ann Arbor city workers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Soon, none.

Instead, they will be installing light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, to replace about 1,400 street lights.

Turkey's Kurds fear Iraq incursion to fuel conflict

SIRNAK, Turkey (Reuters) - Perched on a hillside overlooking the mountainous northern Iraqi border, Kurds in the southeastern Turkish town of Sirnak are nervously monitoring preparations for a possible cross-border military operation.

Obama links faith to environmentalism

DES MOINES, Iowa - Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama said Sunday that his religious beliefs influence his plans for how to protect the environment.

Toledo City Council to vote on land-contract bill

A bill scheduled for a vote tomorrow in Toledo City Council would give housing advocates their first success in a long quest to require presale inspections of homes in Toledo.

The ordinance would require all houses sold through land contract - a small percentage of all home sales - to be inspected, and any flaws corrected, before the sale could be recorded.

Ethanol Industry Is Losing Clout In Congress as Food Prices Climb

The stalling ethanol industry wants Congress to mandate greater use of the biofuel. But many of the industry's former friends have turned against it amid soaring prices for corn and other grains.

Voinovich hears pleas for federal aid on infrastructure projects

Mr. Voinovich met with government and economic development leaders from northwest Ohio yesterday for a single purpose: to gauge which of their infrastructure projects most deserve federal funding.

But during the meeting, Mr. Voinovich offered an array of anecdotes that fell on all sides of the political aisle, including his quasiprediction for the country's next commander in chief.

Coulter draws fire over remarks about Jews

Conservative author offends CNBC host Donny Deutsch with comment

CNBC video
Coulter on Jews
Conservative author Ann Coulter tells CNBC host Donny Deutsch that Christians just want Jews "to be perfected," left. In the clip below, she explains her remarks.


CNBC video

Coulter explains herself

Purdue Coach Toledo Fan

Joe Tiller is a Toledo native but said he was not an Ohio State fan growing up.

"I was a University of Toledo fan," he said. "Columbus was a long way away for me.


Konop says he was left out of China dealings

Lucas County Commissioner Ben Konop said he's been upset for months over the county's top economic development executive's refusal to help him attract $3 million from Chinese investors for local businesses.

But what Mr. Konop didn't know was just how much help he could have received.

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