City promises

"The city of Toledo yesterday pledged to pay Erie
Street Market vendors money they are owed from sales of their
merchandise, Mayor Carty Finkbeiner announced.
The city took over day-to-day management of the Erie Street Market Nov.
13 after CitiFest Inc. announced it had run out of funds.
"The mayor understands the dilemma of the vendors down there and that

Toledo's future is talking today - Toledo's kids unplugged

When you want to get a pulse on the community, just ask the young people.

That's what I discovered when I spearheaded this project, suggested by UT's Dan Johnson, to ask teens from Toledo Public Schools to “Describe the Toledo you want to see in 2020.”

“No decision has been made,” Debbie Mallett

“No decision has been made,” Debbie Mallett said Thursday night of her son, the freshman quarterback — currently — at Michigan.

“Everybody thinks they know what Ryan’s doing. But Ryan has not made a decision yet. All these sources? They never came from anyone here.”


New Year, new council members, Subterfuge!

Toledo Councilman Lindsay Webb yesterday admitted
her first official vote in public office was part of a deliberate
deception over the council presidency vote.

CitiFest, Erie Street Market and who knows what is what, what?

Erie Street Market debate postponed
Some call for public input in plan for management

Foxes investigate raid on hen house

US Attorney General Mukasey has appointed John Durham, described as one of the nation's most relentless prosecutors, to begin a probe of the destruction of the CIA torture tapes. But this means the same Justice Department, formerly headed by the now-resigned Alberto Gonzales, one of the folks who authorized the waterboarding torture in the first place, will end up investigating itself.

Five dead on 1-280 Michael Gagnon of Adrian Michigan Responsible

Michael Gagnon of Adrian, Michigan, has fun, gets drunk, decides to drive completely wasted then murders a whole family and today will probably not remember any of it. 1 fun night, 2 moronic decisions, 5 people dead, dozens of people's lives changed forever.
Bethany Griffin's Myspace Page
See the beautiful photos of a family that is now destroyed. Truly sad especially seeing the photo of Vadi looking at you. Also from there:

Taking back for Christ - religion in politics doesn't matter?

"Huckabee stands by remark urging nation toward Christ

Steps to a cleaner Lake Erie

"Fourteen months after completion of a $48 million
addition to the city's wastewater-treatment system, Toledo's Bay View
treatment plant no longer dumps raw sewage into the Maumee River.

Wagoner Files Petitions for State Senate

State Representative Mark Wagoner today filed petitions to be a candidate for the 2nd Senate District in 2008. The 2nd Senate District includes Wood, Erie, Ottawa and western Lucas County.

Not a freedom fighter?

Marcy Kaptur takes a different tone on the muderer that killed Bhutto.

U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D., Toledo) released a statement condemning the Ms. Bhutto's assassination, calling her killers "dastardly perpetrators."

"Let us hope that her example will serve to light the way for Pakistan to join the community of nations in adopting the rule of law," Miss Kaptur said.

`Gospel of wealth' facing scrutiny

The message flickered into Cindy Fleenor's living room each night:
Be faithful in how you live and how you give, the television preachers
said, and God will shower you with material riches.

Bhutto targeted by many militant groups

US indirectly responsible for Bhutto's assasination?

"The weeks to come will determine just how severe a blow Benazir Bhutto's death is to Pakistan, but debate over Washington's role in the run up to this tragic day will continue well beyond that." http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1698562,00.html

A waste of Police Resources #2 Navarre's salary

Police Chief Navarre admits failure of his/Finbeiner's plan to plaster the sides of Patrol Cars with business advertising.

"Toledo Police Chief Mike Navarre thought it was the ideal situation.
But very few businesses liked the idea and even fewer agreed to participate.

Rice: Huckabee wrong about Bush policy - Is he?

CORALVILLE, Iowa - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stuck a toe
in the presidential race Friday, taking strong issue after Republican
Mike Huckabee accused the administration of having an "arrogant bunker
mentality" on foreign policy.

Ohio's unemployment fund may run dry by end of 2008

COLUMBUS - Ohio's slumping economy is draining
the state fund that provides benefits to jobless workers, and officials
fear that a recession could deplete it altogether by the end of 2008.
If that happens, employers likely would be asked to pay more in
unemployment taxes, and unemployed workers could receive reduced

Carty and Rodriguez

Finkbeiner said he got a call Dec. 16 from his friend, who said he had someone on the line who wanted to say hello. “There was a little silence and then the person on the phone said, ‘This is Rich Rodriguez,' ” Finkbeiner recalled earlier this week.

In Toledo it is illegal to throw a snake and other odd laws

In Cleveland, it's illegal to catch mice without a hunting license. It's also against the law for women to wear patent leather shoes, lest men see reflections of their underwear.

In Bexley, the installation and usage of slot machines in outhouses is prohibited. In Marion, you cannot eat a doughnut and walk backwards on a city street. In Toledo, throwing a snake at anyone is illegal.


Mayor Fires Chief of Police to Get Promotion for Her Son

I gave a few news people this story, and they sat on it - did nothing really. They didn't think it newsworthy enough I guess, or perhaps they just weren't that good of journalists to see past the 'not available for comment'. I do not know mayor Brown - I don't want to know mayor Brown.

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