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Fulton County Ohio: Nexus Pipeline coming to Swanton Ohio

Todd Grayson: Corporate Toadie, Koch-Sucker, Republican A-hole

Like most Republicans, Todd Grayson doesn't know when to shut his mouth (or shut off his computer and smartphone) when it comes to things like domestic violence and womens' rights.

Public comment invited on Col. James Schoonmaker interior paint and woodwork restoration project

The City of Toledo is making plans for the next phase of restoration for the historic Col. James Schoonmaker which is now part of the “National Museum of the Great Lakes” that opened this spring on the east side of the Maumee River. Grant funding has been secured to paint interior spaces located on three decks of the ship including: the Engine Room, Boiler Room, Fidley, Windless Room, Dunnage Room and Foreword Crews Quarters. Other work includes: restoration of fumed oak paneling, trim work and ceiling beams in select interior spaces previously not available to the public.

Craig Schwartz of says he may sue if I don't remove links to his site


My name is Craig Schwartz and I am duly authorized to act on behalf of The purpose of writing this mail is to get few of the links removed from your website which are pointing to These links are not created by us and we do not have any idea about it.

Pot Calling Kettle Black

I follow news out of Detroit daily becuase I grew up there, went to school, and worked in the city. It's shameful what Dem politicians with the backing of local unions have done to the city beginning around 1967 if not before. The war on poverty and the war on drugs both lost in Detroit.

Indicted Aaron Swartz Hires Keker & Van Nest

Aaron Swartz, who faces up to 35 years in prison, recently hired San Francisco-based Keker & Van Nest to represent him, according to court documents filed with the United States District Court of Massachusetts.

Attorney Matthias Kammber of Keker & Van Nest informed the court that Swartz's local attorney, Martin Weinberg, "will be withdrawing as counsel" and will be replaced by Cody Harris, Daniel Purcell, and top gun Elliot Peters, all of Keker & Van Nest.

Pink Smoke over the Vatican

Two more opportunities to see Pink Smoke over the Vatican, the
documentary on the ordination of women in the Roman Catholic Church!

Tuesday, August 28, 6 p.m.
at Sylvania Branch Library
6749 Monroe Street, Sylvania, OH 43560


Saturday, October 13, 2 p.m.
at Sanger Branch Library
3030 West Central Avenue, Toledo, OH 43606

Free and open to the public.. Discussion to follow. Info: Bev Bingle, 419-360-1217,

Prayer Vigil in Support of Catholic Sisters

"Toledo: A Sister City" Prayer Vigil
Tuesday, August 7, 7 to 8 p.m.
Rosary Cathedral
2535 Collingwood
Toledo, OH 43610

Praying for the Sisters and the Bishops, in support of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious as they meet in St. Louis August 7-11to continue discernment in response to the Vatican doctrinal assessment. Contact Bev Bingle, 419-360-1217,

How I Managed to Expose Alleged Embezzlement by Department of Justice's Third--In- Command Tony West, Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich, HUD's Ophelia Basgal to Unlawfully Benefit "Obama for America"

The following is a narrative describing the suspicious circumstances relating to non-profit entity CaliforniaALL (FEIN Number 51-0656213), Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich, United States Department of Justice's Tony West, Department of Housing and Urban Development's Ophelia Basgal, California Attorney General Kamala Harris, James Brosnahan of Morrison & Foerster, and Chris Young of Keker & Van Nest.

The narrative is divided to 4 parts: 1. General Introduction; 2. Introduction of Actors; 3. Fortuitous Discovery of CaliforniaALL; and 4. Factual Background Regarding CaliforniaALL.

Pink Smoke over the Vatican--documentary on women's ordination in the Catholic Church

Pink Smoke over the Vatican, the 58-minute documentary on the movement to ordain women to the Roman Catholic priesthood, will be shown on the feast of Saint Mary Magdalene, apostle to the apostles, Sunday, July 22, at 2 p.m. at First Unitarian, 3205 Glendale, Toledo. Discussion will follow. Free and open to the public. For more information, contact Bev Bingle, 419-360-1217,

‘I don't want presents this year. I want to donate 101 pairs of shoes to kids that don't have shoes!

HOPKINS COUNTY, KY (5/18/12) – For their birthdays, most 6-year-olds want presents and cake. Not 6-year-old Jasmine “Jazzy” Larkins (pictured on far right beside her mother, and older sister Lilly). Jazzy has requested something much different for her 7th birthday this year on June 9th.

Chevy Volt Is One Hot! Car

As the owner of a Prius I'm always interested in stories about cars using batteries as a power source for propulsion. I've had no trouble in the last five years with my first Prius and liked it so much I've purchased a second.
Some people wonder why I would buy a foreign car instead of one made right here in the good ol' USA by union labor. Here's one example.
Dec. 6 (Bloomberg) -- A U.S. House subcommittee will hold a hearing into reports of General Motors Co.’s Chevrolet Volt catching fire, a spokesman for Representative Darrell Issa said.

O$$upy Wall St. Realizes Democracy Isn't The Answer

Even in Zuccotti Park, greed is good.

Occupy Wall Street’s Finance Committee has nearly $500,000 in the bank, and donations continue to pour in -- but its reluctance to share the wealth with other protestErs is fraying tempers.

Some drummers -- incensed they got no money to replace or safeguard their drums after a midnight vandal destroyed their instruments Wednesday -- are threatening to splinter off.

Central planning usa style

The biggest overhaul to school lunches in the past 15 years is giving states heartburn. The federal government has mandated a healthier menu, and state and school officials are trying to figure out how to cope with the added costs.

At issue is the sweeping Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act that Congress passed last year at the urging of first lady Michelle Obama, who has launched a childhood anti-obesity campaign. The aim is to replace the junk food and unhealthy lunches common in many schools with more fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and less salt and fat.

Pretty Boy Bam Bam Wins His Debut Amateur Boxing Match Against Rubin The Hurricane Swain in Toledo, OH

Pretty Boy Bam Bam Wins his Debut Boxing Match Against Rubin The Hurricane Swain in Toledo, OH

For Immediate Release

TOLEDO, OH, June 12th 2011 (Team Bam Bam)— It was a phenomenal fight night at Central Catholic High School. Boxer Wayne Lawrence Jr. aka Pretty Boy Bam Bam a Toledo, OH native won a unanimous decision over Rubin The Hurricane also of Toledo, OH in the USA Boxing sanctioned event.

Live Stream: WGTE Town Hall: Alternative Energy

On Thursday, June 16 at 8:00 p.m., WGTE TV will host an important Town Hall event to discuss the developing field of alternative energy and its importance and viability as a mainstream energy source. Experts on wind, biomass and solar energy will join students and private industry officials to discuss the benefits and challenges of alternative energy sources.

Entertainment Industry Professional Scam Artist Hutch Daddy Dolla’s Does Free Gas Giveaway Scam During The Bash At The Bay 2009

Entertainment Industry Professional Scam Artist Hutch Daddy Dolla’s Does Free Gas Giveaway Scam During The Bash At The Bay 2009

(EXPOSEDIT) During the 2009 Bash At The Bay summer event in Toledo, OH. Event owner and coordinator Shermaine L. Hutchins better known to the industry and the people who he scams as “Hutch Daddy Dolla” brought another scam to the City of Toledo and Northwest Ohio & Southeast Michigan.

Hutch daddy Dolla is a former radio host who was fired and terminated from his position at HOT 97.3, which is Toledo’s biggest urban radio station.

After privatization, Indiana Toll Road's biggest difference is the price

By THEODORE KIM / The Dallas Morning News

ELKHART, Ind. – The welcome signs still say "Indiana." The truck stops sell the same greasy hamburgers. And the road still carries thousands of drivers daily across the far northern part of the state between Ohio and Illinois.

But motorists on the 157-mile Indiana Toll Road have noticed one big difference since it came into private hands: They are paying higher tolls for the first time since 1985.

Wolfman reneges on deal

"Wolfman" was notified by Certified Mail this week that he had posted lies about me and my resignation from WSPD and Clear Channel. I resigned voluntarily and any post stating otherwise is a lie.


Contact: Lance Crandall 419-309-7040; email:

5947 Fremont Pike, Stony Ridge OH. just outside Toledo Ohio

On Monday May 3rd, Keith Sadler a former UAW Autoworker (who lost his job) of Stony Ridge will be evicted from his home. But unlike many in a similar situation, Mr. Sadler intends to resist his foreclosure and stay in his home illegally.

"I am resisting this eviction through non-violent civil disobedience," states Sadler. "It's time to make a stand against this corrupt system."

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