Natural Disaster

Sweeping legislation planned in the form of the ANAA act

The ANAA With the *Americans With No Abilities Act (“ANAA”), President Barack Obama and the Democratic Senate are considering sweeping legislation that will provide new benefits for many more Americans.

The Americans With No Abilities Act is being hailed as a major legislative goal by advocates of the millions of Americans who lack any real skills or ambition. "Roughly 50 percent of Americans do not possess the competence and drive necessary to carve out a meaningful role for themselves in society," said California Sen. Barbara Boxer.

The anti environment Gov Kasich meets with Toledo Mayor Collins over Toledo water crisis

Ohio Governor Kaisich votes down SB310
Ohio Gov. John Kasich Signs Nation’s First Renewable Energy Freeze June 13, 2014
“Gov. Kasich promised Ohioans he would protect Ohio families, create Ohio jobs, and champion clean energy technologies. By signing this devastating bill, he has decided to ignore the health and economic interests of everyday Ohioans in favor of big corporations. We need Gov. Kasich to be strong on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and green jobs to move Ohio forward.”

WSPD's water crisis coverage better than in 2010 weekend tornado non coverage

Went to listen to the weekend WSPD programming and was shocked to hear Fred Lefebvre giving live coverage of the global warming Lake Erie toxic algae bloom. The water crisis is being covered by program director Scott Sands unlike in 2010 when a killer tornado tore through the Toledo area, on a weekend, while WSPD news staff enjoyed the weekend off. Tuning in for about five minutes Marcy Kaptur spoke live about the problems she is having getting funding to upgrade our crumbling infrastructure.

"We lost contact with the plane." Really?

By John Rappoport

Air Algerie Flight 5017, from Burkina Faso to Algiers crashed, according to "officials."
Some of these officials state contact with the plane was lost an hour after takeoff.
You can probably remember similar statements about other doomed flights: lost contact. Wasn't that the case on 9/11?

"Lost contact" appears to cover all available means of communication. Nothing on radar screens. Radio inoperative. No transponder signals picked up.
In this day and age, with a blizzard of technology available to track and surveil, what is going on?

An Insurance Company Is Suing 200 Illinois Towns For Not Being Better Prepared For Climate Change

An Insurance Company Is Suing 200 Illinois Towns For Not Being Better Prepared For Climate Change
Quote from article:
"An insurance company is suing nearly 200 Chicago-area towns for failing to do more to prevent damages it says are linked to climate change, Reuters' Mica Rosenberg reports.

Hi. I've been banned from "that other site".

So yes, banned from "that other site" for daring to speak up to counter the racist/class-warfare comments and disrespect towards the OTHER victims of the north Toledo apartment fire (the residents). Or at least that's what I think, because of course there was no warning, no contact, nothing from that other site's admin. Because no matter how you slice it, to make the statement "What is there to gain on a multi tenant building in North Toledo. Call it a loss and let the insurance company take over." is disrespecting the unfortunate residents, the owner, and the neighborhood .

Bush Administration - Criminals

This site is full of 1% wannabes. You know who you are. You dumb asses want to pretend
that your something that your not. You all are a bunch of sheep that the 1% herd along to do their bidding for them. Now you wannabes want to pretend that the bush administration never existed. Well it did exist and was full of criminal activities that you sheep won't admit.
Read it and weep you right wing suck asses. Scandals List
Table of Contents for Complete List
Posted in: Hugh's List of Bush Scandals

Jihadist Group: We Started Arizona Wildfires.

"Oh the many facets of jihad! Now we’re seeing fire jihad in America. According to reporter David Barnett, a Palestinian jihadist group, Masada al Mujahideen, has recently claimed credit for the ongoing wildfires in Arizona in a statement that was posted to a jihadist forum on Wednesday.
The statement, titled “Masada al-Mujahideen Fulfilled its Promise and Attacked America Again After the Expiration of the Period with Fires that Achieved Historic Results,” was obtained and translated by the SITE Intelligence Group.

Toledo Sinkhole Swallows Car With Passenger Inside, Heavy Rains In Ohio Suspected To Have Caused Sinkhole

We should not be surprised when something like this happens. The City of Toledo has a very poor record maintaining streets and other infrastructure. How safe are any of us going to be knowing that a simple drive down the street may result in tradegy.

What passes for humor in some circles Incredible as it may seem a liberal comedienne (?) decided to try to make a political joke out of the tornado today. Of course afterwards she apologized so it's all good.

Cherrylawn Debacle

Toledo wants to be a "green" city so how does cutting down healthy 30+year old trees accomplish that goal? The residents of Cherrylawn woke up yesterday and today to the sound of chainsaws cutting down every tree on the street so the city can make way for new sidewalks. Many of the residents didn't want sidewalks, haven't had them for 50 years, and see no need for them now.
They are angry and rightfully so, but can't do anything now. They want to warn anyone else in a neighborhood like theirs what can happen. It looks like a tornado went through the neighborhood today.

On Sunday, February 17, thousands of Americans will make Forward on Climate the largest U.S. climate rally ever


The Toledo Blade
July 13, 2012
Letter to the Editor
Details of storm not disseminated
Alan Thompson
Heysler Road

June 5, 2010 tornado coverage

What Toledo Needs is Ed Schultz to straighten out the Misled here in Toledo: Stay Tuned!

Yes we need Ed Shultz here in Toledo to add balance to our seriously misinformed unbalanced local radio! Lets take a look at Ed Shultz.:

Why is the Ed Schultz Show hotter than a polar bear in Pensacola? Easy. Because he is so different from every other talk show host and TV host, and so much like the 3 million Ed Heads who tune him in for the unvarnished truth. He's a straight talking, no-nonsense voice of reason in unreasonable times.


TOLEDO, OH, June 20th 2011 (Team Bam Bam)— The Buckeye Cable Sports Network (BCSN) will premiere and provide an exclusive in-depth coverage of The Main Event and the highly anticipated debut fight of Pretty Boy Bam Bam Vs. Rubin the Hurricane on Thursday, June 23rd 2011 at 6:30 EST on “The Light Side Show”. The program will air for two weeks.

The Main Event boxing matches took place on Saturday, June 11th 2011 at Central Catholic High School. In Toledo, OH the card was filled with 15 bouts of either I or 2-minute rounds based on the age of participants.

Pretty Boy Bam Bam Wins His Debut Amateur Boxing Match Against Rubin The Hurricane Swain in Toledo, OH

Pretty Boy Bam Bam Wins his Debut Boxing Match Against Rubin The Hurricane Swain in Toledo, OH

For Immediate Release

TOLEDO, OH, June 12th 2011 (Team Bam Bam)— It was a phenomenal fight night at Central Catholic High School. Boxer Wayne Lawrence Jr. aka Pretty Boy Bam Bam a Toledo, OH native won a unanimous decision over Rubin The Hurricane also of Toledo, OH in the USA Boxing sanctioned event.

If you look to left you will see no shame (or dignity)...

Unless you've been living under a rock or have been completely consumed by the Royal Wedding, you have undoubtedly heard of the massive devastation that occurred this week in many of our southern states. Even more heart-breaking is that the death toll is now over 300. When something this horrible happens, it almost goes without saying, that we will see an outpouring of support ranging from prayers to material assistance. I know there were many prayers said around here last summer.

Unfortunately, it appears we won't see much in terms of support from the leftist hacks over at ThinkProgress.

Continued after the fold...

Yelling Fire In A Crowded Garage

GM union workers must be very proud of their latest product.
Chevy Volt REIGNITES !!!

The Hartford Courant
2:16 PM EDT, April 18, 2011

A fire apparently reignited inside the battery of a new Chevrolet Volt car early Monday, less than five days after the Volt, an electric hybrid, was involved in a blaze that destroyed a Barkhamsted garage where it had been plugged in for recharging.

Local authorities have been investigating whether Thursday's blaze was sparked by the Volt, but had not yet determined a cause when the fire rekindled.


Never let a good crisis go to waste (Emanuel) I.E Gulf Oil Spill, Japan's Nuclear Disaster. Now we might have a new leak in the Gulf, so now Dems can put a halt on oil as well as Nuclear energy. They want all wind farms to produce our energy, Buwhaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Oh! They have a 7 year moritorium in the Gulf for America, but the Brazilians can come here and drill for our oil...Isn't Obama wonderful....

The Blade Had Better Get Their Facts Straight

On December 1, 1974 Toledo was clobbered by a snowstorm that dumped about a foot of snow. During that storm some electric wires fell that caused the Kent Branch library to burn down. In last week's Toledo Blade it was reported that the Kent Branch was closing for about 20 months for renovations. The article went on to state the library was built in 1952 and was showing its age and was in bad need of repairs. The Blade reports many "facts" that are simply not true. The Kent Branch was rebuilt after the fire and reopened in 1975. Come on, let's get the facts right Toledo Blade.

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