Are we soon to witness the end of the petroleum era?

According to Dennis Gartman, a breakthrough in nuclear fusion by Lockheed-Martin is going to make petroleum go the way of whale oil. Here's the article from the Yahoo-Finance website:

The Financial Predators Among Us.

Just saw the Wolf of Wall Street and though it was billed as some kind of comedy but it really is an indictment of our financial system. The movie is based on the true story of a convicted stock market swindler named Jordan Belfort. This story is what underfunded regulatory agencies deal with and how the investor gets bilked while the criminal financial brokers continue to long win before they're caught (if ever). Recently Barron's weekly did a piece on Mr. Belfort. Turns out Jordan served 28 months of a 42 month sentence from his 1999 conviction.

Society needs to leave some white male judges and some white male teachers behind!

WHITE MALE SUPREMACY AND THE GOOD OLE BOYS NETWORK GONE WILD: Judge G. Todd Baugh of Montana, sentenced a 54 year old white male school teacher to serve 30 days in jail for raping a 14 year old female child, who later committed suicide. Time served will also be taken off of the 30 day sentence. The judge’s rationale is that the 14 year old child was, “a troubled youth, older than her chronological age.” He also stated, "Obviously, a 14-year-old can't consent. I think that people have in mind that this was some violent, forcible, horrible rape," Baugh said Tuesday.

Trends in hate - Michael Coon of Holland Benefits Group attempt to quell free speech

"Far-left nuts" of Toledo, Ohio beware: should you publicly voice your opposition to the war in Iraq, voice your support for universal health care, or dare to criticize former Lucas County (Ohio) Republican Party chairman turned federal inmate, Tom Noe, you could be hearing from Michael Edward Coon, the 52-year-old white, Christian owner of Holland Benefits Group, a 24-year-old employee benefits consulting firm based in Ohio.




New Black Panthers say: Zimmerman ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’

"Yesterday afternoon at a press conference Mikhail Muhummud and the New Black Panther Party circulated a “wanted dead or alive” poster for George Zimmerman for shooting to death a Florida teenager four weeks ago".
"The new Black Panther Party offered a bounty of $10,000 Saturday for the “capture” of a Florida neighborhood watch captain who killed unarmed teen Trayvon Martin".
“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” leader Mikhail Muhammad said after announcing the reward for George Zimmerman at a protest in Sanford, Fla".

Pierce O'Donnell Has Agreed to Serve Time in Jail for Funneling Illegal Campaign Money to Former Sen. John Edwards

Los Angeles attorney Pierce O'Donnell, who pled guilty last fall to funneling illegal campaign contributions to former Sen. John Edwards, joined prosecutors Wednesday in asking a federal judge to sentence him to 60 days in prison, reports LAW360

Judge Bridget McCafferty Conviction for Public Corruption Upheld as Request for New Trial Denied

Source: Law360

A former Ohio judge convicted of lying to the FBI lost a bid for a new trial Thursday in a case alleging she took bribes in exchange for fixing cases and helping to influence the award of government contracts.

Judge Bridget McCafferty


Is it a coincidence that Dan Burns, former TPS business manager, while working under Dr. Eugene Sanders who stole money from TPS pleaded guilty today at the same time Dr. Eugene Sanders was resigning from the Cleveland School system with 4 years left on his contract?

Dr. Sanders resigned because he wants to spend more time with his family???!!!

Seriously, Rich Iott, grow a pair and let her have it.

This is why Republicans have a hard time winning elections in Toledo.

They still play by the rules.

Rich Iott, get rid of the sense of chivalry that all Republicans have. This is WAR and your opponent will do everything she can to keep power over the masses.

Take off the gloves. Put out a press release asking for pictures of Marcy and Charlie Rangle shaking hands with Fidel Castro during their pilgrimage to Cuba to kiss the ring of Fidel Castro.

Ask the slimebag witch to explain why Americas Founding Fathers are like Osama Bin Ladin.

Marcy Kaptur Disorts Facts when discussing Foodtown

The Queen of PAC's is at it again. She won't defend her voting record in congress but will lie about Iott's involvement with Foodtown over 10 years ago. Truth be told she is a liar and is not the goody, goody polish princess she tries to portray. This election is for 9th district representative to congress not anything else.

Also, her PMA donor pleaded guilty and is going to prison and Marcy won't return the campaign donation.

Kaptur's PMA associate pleads guilty-Eleven count indictment on corruption

Magliocchetti Pleads Guilty, Warren to Lead CFPA and More in Capital Eye Opener: September 17, 2010

EX-LOBBYIST PLEADS GUILTY TO CORRUPTION: Paul Magliocchetti, the former head of PMA Group, will plead guilty to charges of corruption next week, the Associated Press reports.

TPS's Rhetoric and Reality: Coffee with the Fords, presents Lisa Sobecki TPS board member.

"Coffee with the Fords" presented an interesting guest today, none other than Toledo Public School Board Vice President Lisa Sobecki (soccer mom, democratic something or other and Boy Scout leader) discussing the upcoming levy that will put more money into the coffers of TPS.

ADIOS Kwame!

It's a start!

Former Detroit mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick has been sentenced to five years in prison, as of Tuesday. The sentence comes after Kilpatrick had violated the terms of his 2008 probation. He was originally convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice

NEWS ALERT: Driver, Victims Talk About Alleged DefectiveToyota Crash, Driver in Prison for Fatal Runaway Toyota Accident

Driver, Victims Talk About Toyota Crash
On June 10, 2006 Koua Fong Lee was returning from church with his family when his Toyota Camry hit an Oldsmobile at a St. Paul, Minnesota intersection, killing the driver and a passenger in the Oldsmobile. Lee is now serving an eight-year-sentence for vehicular homicide, but he has always maintained that his brakes didn't work. (ABC News) (VIDEO)

One church, four was home to four men convicted of sexual crimes against youth in Toledo

St James Holiness Church of God in Christ in Toledo may have a set a nauseating new low. The church has had four convicted pedophiles operating in ministry with the Pastor’s knowledge. But that’s only the beginning of this shocking story which truly symbolizes why drastic reform is needed in COGIC now.

The pastor of St James, William James, Jr. didn’t put the men out of the church, it took legal action against them to stop their predatory activities.

Tiger Woods, Christmas and Adultery

Toledo teen convicted in murder case now a city worker

Just saw this article on 13 ABC's website:

"He drove the getaway car in the shooting that killed Matthew Dugan
A teen convicted of being the getaway driver in a murder one year ago is now working for the city of Toledo.
A judge sentenced Dymon Bolton to four years in prison last December, but he was paroled in May. His attorney says he's working for the city this summer.
Toledo's hiring practices are unclear when it comes to hiring convicted felons. It's on a case-by-case basis and there's no set policy.

Everyone here take note: Law professor says Kaptur co-sponsored bill would make it a felony to post certain things here

A law professor is putting up the warning flag on this proposed law (HB 1966) and the very vague terms in it. It is being based on the tragic events that lead up to the death of Megan Meier and interestingly enough, the woman who intimidated Megan was convicted, so apparently current laws do work. One has to wonder then why this a one is being proposed. Read it yourself and see how alarmingly vague it is, how it appears to open up a whole can of worms if passed and how that could toss a bucket of cold water on free speech.
2 examples from the blog:

3 Obama affiliated get-out-the vote advocates guilty of fraud

I can't believe they will get off with just a fine.
Three staff members for Vote Today Ohio, an independent get-out-the-vote organization supporting Barack Obama, pleaded guilty in Franklin County this afternoon to voter fraud.

The three came to Ohio from states where Obama was likely to win in an effort to swing Ohio's electoral college vote toward their candidate, Judge Charles A. Schneider said. The judge gave all three 60 days in jail but suspended it if they paid a $1,000 fine. He also ordered a year's probation.

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