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Mayor Virg Bernero Invites Volkswagen to Expand to Lansing

Mayor Invites Volkswagen to Expand to Lansing
LANSING (WILX)-- Will a new Volkswagen auto plant be the newest addition to Lansing? Republican lawmakers in Tennessee have threatened to take away VW's tax incentives if the workers vote to join the UAW.
Lansing mayor Virg Bernero says Volkswagen can just pack up and come to Lansing.

Scandal that involves Marcy Kaptur now developing, Democrats returning money- Local silence

The campaign finance scandal that Marcy Kaptur is involved with to the tune of 40k, is now causing some Democrats to return money. Today in the Hill is reporting some questionable behavior by the donor, the same donor that gave Marcy campaign contributions this past year. **On a side note, this story is a gut check for the Toledo Blade. For a newspaper who made a point about campaign finance scandals, this one involves Marcy and now they have cold feet. If they were to follow the path they so proudly highlight, will they apply it to Ms. Kaptur? Will they treat her with kid gloves?

Auto parts yard proposed

Auto parts yard proposed on Trail concerns Toledo neighbors, city

As a resident of the South End this proposal of a Junk Yard off Spencer Street concerns me greatly. No matter how you look at it Pull-A-Part is still a junk yard.

Google announces free in-home wireless broadband service

Came across this today on the Google Web site. This may toss a wrench in Toledo's plan for city wifi. They are offering a tiered system: free for 8Mbps, $9.95 for 16Mbps, and 32Mbps for $24.95. Sounds cool!

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