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City of Toledo Environmental Service Department - Where Are You?

The City of Toledo has an Environmental Services Department that employs more than thirty people, yet we never heard a peep out of them during the water crisis. Ohio EPA has an office in Bowling Green that was involved in the crisis. What was the City of Toledo's Environmental Services Department doing? I have an idea. Maybe they were too busy having one of their daily potlucks or tanning themselves next to their rain garden.

NPR-No profit realized

In a press release issued Friday, National Public Radio announced one of the largest staff cuts in its history; 10% of the organization's 840 employees will be offered a voluntary buyout. The Washington Post reports that this is due to a "budding financial crisis," including a $6.1 million deficit. Due to filing laws for non-profits, we also learned that the Tea Party-bashing CEO forced to resign in 2011 was paid over a half-million dollars in severance and bonuses.

Trends in hate - Michael Coon of Holland Benefits Group attempt to quell free speech

"Far-left nuts" of Toledo, Ohio beware: should you publicly voice your opposition to the war in Iraq, voice your support for universal health care, or dare to criticize former Lucas County (Ohio) Republican Party chairman turned federal inmate, Tom Noe, you could be hearing from Michael Edward Coon, the 52-year-old white, Christian owner of Holland Benefits Group, a 24-year-old employee benefits consulting firm based in Ohio.


Owens Community College employees received a memo from the administration announcing a "projected budget deficit in excess of $7.5 million for the next fiscal year." The memo indicated that "30 administrative staff members are expected to not be renewed as of June 30, 2013."

This announcement parallels the University of Toledo's predicted $36 million deficit.

The Board of Trustees at these two institutions are guilty of malfeasance in not holding the employees who got the colleges into their financial messes--the high-level administrators--responsible for their actions.

Why eliminate $30,000-a-year jobs and not $300,000-a-year jobs?

Interestingly, Owens vice president of finance and administration, John Satkowski, came from UT in 2000 (where he held a similar position).

Owens and UT are institutions that receive taxpayer dollars, and we expect better guardianship of our money.

Foreign Company Invests In Good Paying Ohio Jobs

This is really good news for Ohioans.....Honda will build a new hybrid version of its Accord sedan in Ohio, the automaker announced today.

The company plans to hire 50 people and invest $23 million at its Marysville plant to support the new vehicle, which is scheduled to go on sale this fall. A plug-in hybrid version of the Accord built in Japan will be available in some markets starting next week.

Obama is more important than god--you better believe it--amen!

Remember the Constitution? Remember how we were all supposed to have the freedom to pursue our religious beliefs? That freedom went away with the advent of Obamacare.

Hobby Lobby, a company owned by a Christian family, filed a lawsuit challenging the Obamacare mandate requiring the firm to provide their employees with insurance coverage for the morning-after and week-after birth control pills. Although the Hobby Lobby owners indicated they supported other forms of birth control, these two pills were analogous to abortion, which the owners oppose.

As has been the case with the liberal judicial system, the court ruled against Hobby Lobby.

So companies no longer have the freedom to decide what benefits they offer to their employees--even if they are paying for it. Obama has rendered our Country unrecognizable. How any Christian could have voted for this man--well, it would have required a big dose of rationalization (or a skin-color trumping).

Southern Right-to-Work Leads the Way to Poverty

Nissan's new hires are $12-per-hour workers who are temporary for 5 years
Quote from Article:

TRAVERSE CITY -- About half the 1,000 new employees Nissan is adding in Canton, Miss., have been hired, but they are contract workers earning about $12 an hour and they won't become full-time Nissan employees for five years, said Bill Krueger, Nissan North America senior vice president in charge of manufacturing, purchasing and supply chain management.

Wisconsin? More Like WIN consin

"This is a disaster," said Mark Miller, the Wisconsin Senate Democratic leader, in February after Republican Gov. Scott Walker proposed a budget bill that would curtail the collective bargaining powers of some public employees. Miller predicted catastrophe if the bill were to become law -- a charge repeated thousands of times by his fellow Democrats, union officials, and protesters in the streets.

Now the bill is law, and we have some very early evidence of how it is working. And for one beleaguered Wisconsin school district, it's a godsend, not a disaster.

Op-Ed in the Washington Examiner- "Union Bosses Come First for Obama"

Foreign energy firms getting windfall of U.S. stimulus funds

Foreign energy firms getting windfall of U.S. stimulus funds
Money is used to buy turbines made abroad
By Brooke Williams Watchdog Institute

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 at 12:02 a.m.

China’s A-Power Energy Generation Systems lists a vacant office in downtown San Diego as its U.S. address. Brooke Williams

Online: Local wind-energy leaders explain why U.S. firms are falling behind in getting stimulus dollars on And for the workshop’s full investigation into wind-power funding, go to

Bob Latta on healthcare

As Congress begins its August district work period, the House of Representatives continues to debate the health care proposal introduced by the House Democrat Leadership. H.R. 3200 is a massive overhaul of our nation's health care system that will put the federal government in control of the health care of millions of Americans.

Ohio Hospitals Cannot Afford New Taxes

With Ohio’s unemployment nearing 10 percent, and Lucas County specifically nearing 12 percent, state legislators cannot afford to worsen the financial burden of Ohio’s citizens and businesses. As elected representative of the 46th Ohio House District, I will represent your views earnestly and support policies that will incite Ohio’s economic recovery.

Could this spell big changes for WSPD and WCWA?

The new owners of radio giant Clear Channel Communications will next week begin implementing a massive restructuring plan that seeks to cut $400 million in costs at the company, The Post has learned.

According to three sources with knowledge of the plan, the restructuring will include layoffs across the company's radio, outdoor advertising and international divisions as well as cuts to programming budgets and consolidation of back-office operations.

A precise headcount for the layoffs could not be obtained. Clear Channel has about 30,000 employees worldwide.

Should the Auto Companies Be Allowed To Go Bankrupt?

Diane Rehm had an interesting program this morning on the automotive industry, These were the guests:
David Shepardson (DS), is Washington reporter for The Detroit News. He covers the automotive industry, regulatory affairs, and environmental issues.
Stephen Moore (SM), is a member of the Wall Street Journal's editorial board and former President of the Club for Growth.

ORP: More Jobs Lost as Strickland Plays Politics

From the Ohio GOP:

A new state unemployment report today reveals nine thousand Ohioans lost their jobs last month while Gov. Ted Strickland spent nearly every day on the campaign trail.

Ohio's unemployment rate hit 7.3 percent in October, up nearly 20 percent from a year ago and continuing to reach levels not seen in nearly 20 years.

Ah, what the hell...What's another 10 Billion?

GM, Chrysler request $10 billion in aid: sources

NEW YORK/DETROIT (Reuters) – General Motors Corp and Cerberus Capital Management have asked the U.S. government for roughly $10 billion in an unprecedented rescue package to support a merger between GM and Chrysler LLC, two sources with direct knowledge of the talks said on Monday.

GM’s Alexis Rd. plant to lay off almost 200

Nearly 200 workers at General Motors Corp.’s Toledo Powertrain Plant will be laid off indefinitely Monday, three days after the plant ceased making its traditional four-speed, rear-wheel drive transmission.

Toledo Banner store donated to Cherry Street ministries

I went to Dan Rodger's seminar on helping the homeless. He
wants to see them get back into the job market and an apt. He has
strict recovery programs for those that want change in their lives.

Toledo Banner store donated to Cherry Street ministries

I'll beat Darkseid to it...

39 Whirlpool workers suspended over smoking lies

A Whirlpool Corp. factory in Evansville, Indiana, has suspended 39 workers who signed insurance paperwork claiming they don't use tobacco and then were seen smoking or chewing tobacco on company property. Now, some could be fired for lying, company spokeswoman Debby Castrale said.

Hundreds angle for jobs early at Bass Pro Shops' fair

There was a point yesterday morning when the most visible sign of metro Toledo’s struggling economy stretched more than 600 feet through a parking lot in Rossford.

Hundreds of people — many unemployed for months — began lining up before dawn yesterday as outdoor retailer Bass Pro Shops began hiring 250 to 300 employees for its 150,000-square-foot store under construction in Rossford.

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